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Installment Loans – Beware When Effective

Installment loans for banks in general are an extremely lucrative business. Although some vendors now advertise "Mini-interest", it should sound when the bids to be true to always be critical. Namely, the devil is often in small print. By law, banks are obliged to promotional offers to always specify the effective interest installment loans. The effective interest is to make offers of different suppliers for similar borrowers, as opposed to the nominal interest rate should be in fact more effective aliquot with any credit charges are included. In fact, while some internalized within the costs with effective, but costs such as partial payment surcharges, estimated costs, or can not taken into account management fees. Loosely worded it could be said therefore that the effective size is similar to a toothless tiger. Furthermore, it is also often the Accepted usual that a balance still due to be completed must obtain the loan. TheInsuranceTSRD then jumps in when the borrower to the demands of the lender can not comply, it serves the bank as a risk hedge against bad debts. Strictly speaking, therefore, would have the payment protection insurance – if it is a condition for lending – also in the calculation of effective interest are involved, but this is not the case in practice. For promotional purposes, such an approach would be entirely inappropriate, because the attractive would soon disappear "Mini-interest". Likewise, it is customary to sign a backup for when signing a transfer to installment loans. This essentially says nothing else than that the debt-financed property only passes into the possession of the borrower if the entire loan amount including interest on borrowings is paid off to the last cent and a further security measure on the part of lenders.

Talk: Antonio Molina

Talk: Antonio Molina Ant n (Molina Consultores) Template: UNLOCK / REASON Att. Mr. Luis Mella. (ENSAD) I found your answer and I thought I understood what I stated. In my extension in the description of both the highly educated, as the experience was to indicate that the discipline of commercial due diligence, must be conducted by professional experts contrasted. My initial view was that as a good painter, you have to explain or name your tables, or a good singer his songs, or a research and discovery work, felt the urgent need to dwell on history. But what it is to an article for commercial due diligence for dissemination to the wider society and to rectify is wise, I apologize for not having performed initially and I have undertaken to adapt the text to the constraints required. I hope that with this change can be unlocked and returned my IP and my ing page.Proposed text to : The commercial due diligence, is the set of checking research or strategic business area of a society of knowledge essential for a potential investor in the process of evaluation and assessment of an investment in a company. The commercial due diligence used allows the analysis of competition, knowledge of the dynamics and size of the market where it operates, the positioning of the target market, review of the strategic lines and the internal structure of the company to address the future. An effective program of commercial due diligence and market helps negotiate better, to prepare a proper integration, be the complement of the financial quantification and be an effective aid in the definitive assessment of the society. To carry out a proper commercial due diligence is necessary to have highly educated professional economic – financial as well as demonstrable experience. Signed. Antonio Molina Ant n July 2, 2008. Att. Mr.Luis Mella (ENSAD). Dear Mr. Mella (ENSAD). Just today I found that had proceeded to erase ing wikipedia Antonio Molina Ant n (Molina Consultores) and Antonio Molina (Molina Consultores) for the concept of common purpose. I regret that it has interpreted the article as much discussion as a position with particular purpose. I do not know what their training (may be a computer) but in any case deserves my respect, because among all want to do a wikipedia quality. So I decided to enrich the free with a new concept, which brings something different and socially important. I am referring to the commercial due diligence, which produces Molina Antonio Molina Ant n or consultants in the process of buying and selling of businesses.First you must indicate that the following “MOLINA”, “ANTONIO MOLINA” MOLINA consultant “and” MOLINA AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS BUSINESS STRATEGY “are registered with title registration (registered) in Class 35 of the Spanish Patent Office and Trademark Office. I sense that you have found such names as individual names. Also, know if you know the subject matter of the complex processes to be followed in the purchase sale of companies, but sensing the speed of the “deleted” one might infer that it has been interpreted as a particular purpose. Gladly we indicated that such processes are long and technically complicated. In one process, known as due diligence, involves only the legal and financial terms. The great innovation, social contribution and technical enrichment processes purchase and sale of businesses conducted by Antonio Molina Ant n de Molina Consultants is the “commercial due diligence.”It determines the position estret gica and commercial organizations, alongside and in combination with the usual financial quantification. It is an ideal complement and support for owners and managers of the organizations involved, as well as financiers, lawyers, tax advisors, auditors and practitioners relacioandos with the process. We are thusfaced with something innovative, necessary, and you begin to teach courses in colleges of economists (eg. Barcelona, etc). The emphasis on history, experience and training of Antonio Molina Ant n is practically the originator of this technique and discipline, after intervening in buying and selling of multinationals (eg. In Germany) is the complexity of the process requires of experts and proven experience. (NOT LOOKING FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, BUT THE EXPANSION AND GIVE ACONOCER these disciplines, by contrasting EXPERTS, resulting in better social and technical complex procurement processes THE SALE OF COMPANIES).

The “Xunta de

The “Xunta de Galicia” is ready to prepare an Institutional Participation Law that provides that the employer Galician as the “unions” CC.OO, UGT and CIG receive a mountain of money that will leave the public purse for a reason quite simple but expensive: get to participate in bodies or public companies to protect their interests. Galician employers receive 1 million euros, while the three “unions” will get another milloncete euros to spare. As in the Xunta fian fine, clarifies the news that this line of 2 million, “not subject to the subsidy regime … and be compatible with the right of their representatives to the allowance, as cost aid and attendance, I could relate to personally “. Among the “unions” CC.OO, UGT and CIG is not that they think this rain of public money a gesture of limiting their independence, that is!, But rather a recognition of their role as intermediaries of capital and the State because it occurs as the political parties. “We also have a voting audience, who are our members and workers who support us “…. Sting these “unionists” from S.I already receiving a mountain of public money in grants by different routes (central and autonomous government, Concellos, County, courses, grants in union elections, local bucket at the expense of public institutions …). Furthermore, they lie like villains. Trade union membership with the syndicate majority “is minimal, as they themselves recognize, and lack of militancy is more every year, because, as everyone knows, there are now concentrations of stewards and not affected by problems labor. The corrupt union gives each day a step towards its prestige. With this new standard promoted by the Ministry of Traballo is clear that the cronyism between “unions” and parties is complete, despite their declarations of independence from political powers. With initiatives like this and how are you gullible we can be sure that trade unionism, understood as an advocacy tool of proletarian interests, is in danger of extinction to be replaced by a “new unionism” management policy submissive, dependent of politics and away from the defense of people who work for a living and earn a salary.

It All Starts Today

1. Film prints The film, despite being a bit harsh, it does show the reality that exists in some areas not so distant from ours. It makes us see all the problems existing in social reality in a very considerable influence in the education of all those children who attend. Unemployment and lack of professionals are some problems by passing the education community and they face every day together all members of a school, and not just the director of that. 2.What we have impacted more pictures There are several more images that have impacted me: The girl who is telling Social Services’ mother Leticia, who are addressed by the work and they have hundreds of problems like yours. The wreck occurred at school and how to fix it are left to clean up and collect all education professionals and mothers who wanted to collaborate. The moment they are Valeria with her son in the car and was told the mother complains that you never say nothing about her father and not be recognized.Both enter into a discussion in which the boy goes on to respond and using very strong terms. The situation so critical that the family lives of Leticia, whose house is without power and the mother is an alcoholic. Such a situation so desperate with the problem of unemployment leads to provoke her mother and her children to death. 3.Throughout the film we hear texts and n off borrowed from daily protagonist, remember the phrases that you call more attention The phrase I remember best off is one that asks: “What keeps us here “, “Love, children ” Furthermore, a phrase that even if not in perfectly well-off memory, which the director says: “For children are only good words to say I’m hungry, I’m cold.” 4. What style encuadrar as film this movie The film is clearly a drama because of the rawness and reality of the events that occur.Moreover, the film is set in a real place, so we can say that it is based on real events. Importantly personally see it more as a documentary than a pel c cula, as the texts and drawings off in sequence and make em see it. 5. In the movie, those fighting the administration, the consequences of unemployment and socio-economic difficulties How are each of the protagonists Contra unemployment and socio-economic hardships of trying to fight one way or another the families and governments, but as they are overwhelmed never end up doing nothing special. The only thing you try, you are looking for solutions and never really gives up is Daniel, who is a tireless fighter. 6. How the figure of Daniel exerts director of the nursery Lebvre Daniel is the Director of a school in which problems accumulate due to adverse situations as they pass by their families.

Digital Solidarity

The digital solidarity should not be perceived as a charity, but as a major challenge of economic development …. We the African countries can not be wrong in our digital revolution … What we need are computers and not money. Abdoulaye Wade, Pr sident de la R publique du S n gal.


North Korea itself as a self-reliant socialist republic. However, it yields a pronounced cult of personality of Kim Il Sung, the founder of North Korea and the first and only president of the country-and his son and heir Kim Jong Il. After the death of Kim Il Sung in 1994, it was not replaced but he was appointed Lord President of the Republic and was buried in the huge Kumsusan Memorial Palace in central Pyongyang. Kim Jong-il’s supreme military commander, chairman of the National Defense Commission and head of the military committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, but until July 1995 had not taken a formal head of state and party, left vacant the death of Kim Il Sung. The highest organ of State is the People’s Assembly with 541 members.One of the backbones of the country are its armed forces, consisting of 1,127,000 troops, according to 1993 data, and other revolutionary forces, among which highlights the Peasant Red Guards, with 3,800,000 troops, and troops Security under the Ministry of Public Security and counted with 115,000 troops. In October 2006 North Korea detonated its first nuclear bomb, despite the significant threats to that effect was received from the United States and other countries. Back then prepared strong sanctions against the country. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin with Kim Jong-Il. On 18 December 2006, talks resumed in Beijing, China. A new round of talks was held on 8 February 2007 in Beijing, where North Korea demanded compensation energy.On the sixth day of six-party talks, the delegations of North Korea, South Korea, United States, Russia, Japan and China signed an agreement in Beijing with the first steps for denuclearization of North Korea. In return, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea would receive energy aid equivalent to one million tons of oil and financial compensation. On 4 October 2007, after a meeting of Heads of State of North Korea and South Korea signed the Declaration of Peace and Prosperity by both sides reflected those agreements in June 2000, expressing their desire to overcome the armistice of the Korean War to sign a definitive peace and North Korea was willing to abandon its nuclear program.

It’s over!!

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Archeology foundation for the first social and the first Latin American …

In 1974, the publication of “Archeology as a social science” of the Peruvian archaeologist Luis. G. Lumbreras resulted in academic Latin American countries a stir, this due to the high expectations and good theoretical articulation that this work presented. From historical materialism is essentially trying to shape a response to general problems in Latin America from the global archaeological theory.This alternative view involves a series of reformulations of the theory “traditional” as it attempts to encompass the social reality of prehistoric peoples to a higher level and on the other hand, address social and political needs of what it is for the study of prehistory and how it connects with various social actors, being the issue, in the Latin American context of the seventies, of vital importance for intellectuals who formed an active part of the movement of Latin American social archeology, as the same Lumbreras, Gandara, Lorenzo, Montane, Bate, Matos, Sanoja among others.In fact, the meeting of Teotihuacan in 1975, with participation of those archaeologists and others, produced a manifesto which sets out the main points concerning discussions about the “Latin American social school” and how this should be presented theoretical and politically to society and social science Archeology as present throughout the world. Part of the plan of action agreed at this meeting was the creation of a magazine called “Social Archeology”, in consideration of the need for autonomous media of American influence. Furthermore, these first thrust into the lead and 80 ‘to the creation of the Andean Archaeological Gazette “and” South American Archeology Bulletin.


ANCARES IS A RIVER The title or heading above may resemble something pretentious, but that is not the interest pursued. Simply, it must be assumed that in the 50s of last century, was reduced to Cand n Ancares, that is, the more territory marked by the Sierra that originated this watercourse.However it was coming the 70’s, I believe that political and administrative reasons, where this name began to be applied to other neighboring municipalities: Fornielles or Fornela, Balboa and Cervantes. Already, with the access of Spain to the then European Economic Community from 1 January 1986 on spurious grounds and to receive Cohesion Funds and Regional Development created the false label of “The Ancares” including finally a total lack of criterion or town councils as Corull n Baralla, something did not happen with the first two European Support Scheme (Leader I and II).Or local entities, rather, were in the area of the Sierra del Caurel or area of influence of the River Navia. TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: Among the exponents of the high quality and variety of the municipality of Cand n, with respect to tourist attractions of any kind, should be brought: – The Lookout Pallozas and Balouta. – Cui a Lake. – Miravalles Peak, the summit of the Sierra. – Su rbol parish church, built with stone masonry, fixing a total harmony with other buildings that were built with the same material in the same way as the fence surrounding the walled temple. This means that the job of mason had a certain relevance in these parts. THEORY OF SETTLEMENT: Ancares was the first place or location where you disembark the migrating herdsmen in their search for fresh pastures every summer abundance. In season, all forms a mild climate and environment, between hills flattened and eroded amid a friendly and welcoming nature. This boost to some of these men decided to lodge and settle in these lands and they cast their roots and make your life. The story has hinted that transmitted the primal core was inhabited Villasumil. If, indeed, know with certainty the conditions that awaited them, many of these people had not been settled in this territory.He teaches the popular saying that we must go “four winter months (in summer) and eight in hell (for the snow).” However, the situation might not be as extreme: the contribution and economic gain provided by the livestock of the villagers made good businessmen, active in fairs and markets. They managed, for example, after a few hours of fuso, achieving pressing combs from the hives that were used and appreciated for the manufacture of candles and candles.

Direct transactions “business-consumer”

Direct transactions “business-consumer” or “business-customer” The pioneers of this strategy B2C are the personal computer manufacturer Dell and the wholesaler, also American, book, music and other products B2C E-commerce also called Low-Calorie is a form of sale with great potential for long term currently being developed as the distribution sectors of food and consumer items. Thus, the large distribution chains supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores already have their own websites for sale via the Internet. B2C also applies to financial institutions and any other company to establish direct business relationships with their customers via the Internet.The success of B2C electronic transactions depends on the reliability of payment systems, often through cr cards, in other cases they allow other forms of payment such as cash on delivery, cash or using services provided by other companies such as PayPal. In Colombia, an additional form of payment to cr cards is the debit on-line savings accounts and flows directly into banks.