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2 .- Shares

2 .- Shares in contracts in Rome. The action (Actio) was another essential element of contracts in Roman law. Actions relating to contracts are in personam actiones in which the applicant bases its claim on a contractual or criminal, which could be direct and inconsistent. Examples include: “Actio direct mail: Direct actions were those that had the cror against the debtor, from the moment of concluding the contract, such as.the ‘actio certification (which pursues a specific object, a sum of money or thing), the “actio ex stipulatio” (which is the cror when the object was neither money nor goods involving a generic but do), the’ Locati actio “(which is the landlord against the tenant), the” direct commodati actio ‘(to achieve the return of the thing given on loan), the “direct depositi actio (ara require the depositary of the return of the thing deposited) the “direct mandati actio ‘(to require the president’s office accounts), the’ actio direct collateral (for the owner to recover the thing given as security), the” actio negotiorum direct gestorum (to demand accountability a business manager).

10 Principles of Bill Bernbach about advertising

William Bernbach, he studied English literature and on leaving college, his first job was writing speeches of Grover Whalen. Then he began working in the advertising world, being its first agency Wintraub. When World War II began he had to spend two years in the military. Upon his return he accepted the post of creative director of Gray. In 1950 Ned joins Doyle and Dane and form Max Doyle, Dane Bernbach, now known as DDB Worldwide. So far, still governed by the principles of its founding principal, seek emotional and not rational advertising. The 10 Principles of Bill Bernbach Bill Bernbach escribi n not any books on how to make a good ad, the consumer influence or improve a product’s image and sales. Bill was just a advertising, creative. And I knew that the ads do not have rules or agencies, manuals. That talent development in freedom, the public expects you to tell something new, be creative and that imitation is suicide. Bill did a lot more than a book, rules or manual, left us their ideas to enhance the talent crativo, which he called “my principles.” And here they are: 1. Go to the essence of the product It expresses the essence of the product in the simplest terms of its main competitive advantage. Do it in a tangible and memorable. 2. Turn your product into the protagonist of the scene (whenever possible) Conserguir is tremendously effective and that your product is recalled, because the element of provocation is at once the item you sell your product. It’s easy to say but hard to do. 3.Art and the text must be integrated Should be designed as a single unit and should be developed as one. 4. Advertising must have vitality A exuberance that we call personality. When advertising has personality, is different and persuasive. We must strive to get that spark in all our advertising. 5. It is useless to use a trick It is almost futile to try to use an advertising gimmick. Unless this same trick to tell the story of the product. 6. Tell the truth First: That it is a great trick Second: You will go to heaven. Third: It will be a good business, because people will believe you. 7.

Help the victims of Earthquake in Chile

An earthquake of 8.8 degrees of intensity shakes the Andean country, killing at least 700 dead. The earthquake took place last Saturday, at 3:34 local time. It mainly affected the city of Concepci n and Santiago left without power.Although there is not specific data on the damage, we can get an idea of the consequences of the earthquake to see the debris, landslides and power outages that are spread around the country. Yesterday I contact Patricia Garcia from InspirAction , a movement of people who denounce the scandal of poverty and help eradicate it, in a practical and realistic in its ongoing fight against climate injustice. The reason why contact is to tell me about the most important campaigns that are taking place: Aid to Chile by the earthquake and an international movement to demand commitments to Europe with Climate Change. I leave you to quote what Patricia told me: We are mobilized to collect and send all possible assistance to Chile , while we assess the situation and coordinate emergency responses first, we opened the gifts generic page .We will be receiving any contribution through this page or call 902 027 077. The reason for this post is making a APRA aquelllos invitation to all who wish to contribute their bit for our neighbors in Chile (Today for you, tomorrow for me) who want to make a monetary donation to assist the victims of unexpected event, can do so from the following link: un donativo/euros This tragic event leaves us thinking that no one has bought life, much less the exception of cases like this, so I invite you to think of these facts and put our hand on the heart to help where we can.

Business Plan The

Business Plan The business plan also called business plan is a document that specifies, in written language, a business that intends to start or already started. It sets out the general purpose of a business, and market research, technical, financial and organizational, including topics such as marketing channels, pricing, distribution, business model, engineering, localization, organization chart, capital structure, financial evaluation, funding sources, necessary staff along with their method of selection, the philosophy of the company, legal aspects, and its exit plan. Generally considered a business plan is a living document, meaning that one must be constantly updated to reflect changes not previously foreseen. A reasonable business plan to justify the expectations of the company’s success is key to securing financing and venture capitalists.It is usually made by entrepreneurs, managers, or when an entrepreneur intends to start a business. In this case, is used internally for management and corporate planning. In addition, use it to convince third parties such as banks and potential investors (eg. The business angels or venture capital firms) to provide funding to the business (1). This plan may be a commercial representation of the model to be followed. It brings together verbal and graphic information on what the business is or will be. It is also considered a summary of how the business owner, manager, or entrepreneur, try to organize a business work and implement activities necessary and sufficient for success. The plan is a written explanation of the business model of the company to be put in place. Usually the business plans are obsolete, so a common practice is its constant renewal and updating.A common belief within business circles is about the true value of the plan, dismissing it too, however it is believed that the most important is the planning process, through which the manager acquires a better understanding of the business and of the available options. The Business Plan is a strategic document with two main functions: 1. To determine the economic and financial viability of the business project. 2. Will mean the first image of the company before third parties. The main applications that presents a business plan are: It is a very useful tool for the team of promoters and to detect errors and properly plan the implementation of the business prior to the start of the investment. Facilitates obtaining bank financing, as it contains the forecast of economic and financial statements of the business and properly informed about its feasibility and reliability. You can facilitate negotiation with suppliers. Recruitment of new partners or collaborators.


Ferney Alberto wants to identify an innovative business idea but like many entrepreneurs eager to create company has few monetary resources to develop your business idea which is not yet clear, so you search for the source more adequate funding and seek support for the consolidation and maturation of their business idea. Your mission is to help Ferney Alberto to take appropriate decisions supported with real arguments. 1. To find an innovative business idea with high technological and especially productive. Rta / the idea would be a company dedicated to the production of industrial packaging for paint, since today there are many shops selling paintings, but there is never touches buy packaging and packaged in garbage bags also are determined to put a lid mowers and easier to open packaging boxes such as bitumen 2.To identify funding options for obtaining capital for business creation and how to access them. Rta / the alternative is the seed, using our state sena trainee for a plan of work is excellent and fully comply Determine where to go to for advice Ferney in technology and innovative. Rte / they call your sena where there are plenty of trainers and trainees with large capacity, and nowadays also has a great resource like the internet 4. Using technology to apply to a product, service or process within the undertaking of Ferney initiative. Rta / in this company used the lessons learned in the Seine, such as die design since we decided that the package will be developed in five parts and the manufacture of these dies is needed, the parts are: 1.The cover which as its name suggests is responsible for sawn container and this goes on the neck 2. The neck which is responsible for air tight with the lid and the neck is glued to the body 3. The body is a rolled sheet which will give the height of the container at the top is fixed to the neck and the bottom of the bottom 4. The bottom line is the bottom of the pack 5. The mowers that is responsible for more easily open the container, to have a clearer idea of this is like bitumen which boxes to remove the seat with the neck using this call mowers 5. Establish which of the following three groups is the most advisable for Ferney Alberto internationalize your product and why. 1. Europe 2. Asia 3. United States Rta / MARKET FOR ALBERTO FERNEY is best AFTER U.S. BECAUSE OF THIS BEING ONE OF The most industrialized countries has a great GAMA INDUSTRIAL TRADE WHAT YOU PERMETIRIA FERNEY OPENING OUR PARTNER IN THE AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL FIELD. U.S. offers to Colombian exporters to participate and take advantage of one of the richest and most dynamic markets in the world. The United States has traditionally been one of the most important trading partners in Colombia, in 2007 our country recorded exports of U.S. 10.373 million to this country, implying a growth of 7.5 from a year earlier. Additionally, since 2001 foreign investment from the United States has maintained the first position within the countries that have invested in Colombia. With regard to tourism, American citizen travelers accounted for 22.2 of foreigners who came to Colombia in 2007. 6.Select the payment methods you could use Ferney Alberto for commercial transactions with the group selected and the requirements under each Rta / With the idea followed by a need to create a stable business is suffering to compete at regional and national level and to evolve and adapt to new technologies and above all protect the environment with an ecological design in project undertaken by the fund chose not to touch to pay a high interest rate but to create a business that meets completeness and compliance with the objectives outlined in the plan negoci n to generate new jobs and help students to facilitate teaching as practice. This fund helps us generate start-ups to improve the quality of life of people and not remain as mere employees but to give this legacy to future generations to excel. 7.

Finance Basics

FINANCE 1 .- DEFINITION: They are a branch of the administration to study the generation and management of a company, individual or state of the funds it needs to meet its objectives and criteria that have their assets.It is the optimal use in terms of quality, quantity and timing, both the sources that provide the funds as the use made of them. 2 .- TYPES: PERSONAL FINANCE: Are the activities of persons associated with income, saving, investing, among others. It’s how we interact with our environment using the search money. PUBLIC FINANCE: Discipline is the collection of revenue and expenditure management, public debt, price policies, rates made by the state through different public sector institutions. PRIVATE FINANCE: They are related to the functions of private companies operating under the theory of optimum productivity for profit maximization.

This is guaranteed

This is guaranteed by Article 91 of Act 633 of 2000, which states: “All Web pages and Web sites operating from Colombia on the Internet and whose economic activity is commercial, financial or provision of services shall entered in the Register and to provide the Tax and Customs Administration DIAN, the financial transaction information in the manner required by this condition “(The words crossed out, were declared unconstitutional by the C.Constitutional Judgement C-1147 through 2001) To determine if the website or the website is of Colombian origin, the Constitutional Court has pointed out, that will take into consideration the place where the originator (merchant) has its place, if the originator does not have a place shall be account the place of habitual residence (read article 25, Law 527 of 1999) , ie the domain and ends in. co or. com. net. biz etc will take into account where that message is issued data (website), but does not undermine other types of criteria to determine the origin of the web page or website. The obligation of this record and provide information to the DIAN, the person falls on both natural and legal economic activity is related to financial services, trade and services.Now, is obliged to provide this information to the DIAN The Court said “… it is necessary to reiterate that the line of duty to inform the DIAN about certain transactions performed through web pages or websites must be accomplished in the manner and for the purpose established by law” ( Judgement C-1147, 2001) . Finally, what happens to the website or websites whose purpose is purely informational In this case, there will need to register in the commercial register, since they are not developing their business directly through the web page or website, they are simply describing the services they offer, but not worth the web page service provision or development of economic activities mentioned above.(See Concept 05,046,273 SIC 2005)

The Withholding Tax

After the reduction of savings and the increase in sales tax exemptions now comes a new hammer to the German savers. The flat rate withholding tax takes in all of 2009 generated income from investment income. The withholding tax rate is 25% plus solidarity surcharge and church tax (added up 28%). Particularly affected are investors to achieve the gains from the purchase and sale of securities or fund units. These were previously exempt, if the holding period was at least 1 years. The withholding tax for equities will also contribute to the eventual dividends. These have been taxed according to the half income. Advantages arise only in fixed income securities, or fixed-income investments. This previously had to be taxed at the personal tax rate. If this above 28%, this means a saving, since no investment is required for these capital gains. Makes it particularly hard savers on low incomes who save for retirement conscious. Fund savings plansabout 20 or 30 years were previously exempt. In future, the expected profit decreases by almost one third. This is in clear contradiction to the statements about the need for private pensions. Effective exactly those to be punished, which today have deliberately decided not to use to generate an acceptable income in old age. A tragic side effect of the withholding tax will be the increased inflow into tax efficient products. This is often not very transparent and cost deals typically generate low returns anyway. A proverb says, like the German dispensed to 20% return, when he reaches 10% tax benefit. How true is this phrase that shows the number of life insurance contracts in Germany, this is higher than the population. The problem of poverty in old age is reached in the coming years, new dimensions, there are ways out for the vulnerable little. Taxation point of the lowest forms of investment remains generally reserved for those who already own property

Employment Agency plays with the need for people

Looking for work Beware of scammers Thousands of Peruvians are seeking a stable and profitable work. A company that will provide safety at work and provide them with career development according to their performance. In Lima there are more than 53 companies registered with the Ministry of Labour for regular operation, on the other hand we find other companies under the name of employment agencies without regard to defraud the business need of the people. This is the case of the General Services Enterprise Scorpion SRL located on Av Garcilaso de la Vega No. 911 Office 401 Lima Center, is dedicated to defraud people who come to her for a job . The company operates as a pseudo employment agency to which daily attend low-income people in order to obtain employment in one of the companies identified by the pseudo agency. Making our customers believe their work together. More than one person comes to the agency through ads placed in various newspapers in the capital, hoping to get a working place in which to play. Upon arrival at the company, the person must meet different requirements of payment. First make the payment of 5 soles for the concept of data sheet. And in turn pay 39 soles for the right placement. Then tells you that back in as soon as possible to make a further payment of 39 soles for the right recommendation. Then you must also make a payment of 30 dollars per certification. Having paid an aggregate of 108 soles to the company Scorpion give you the address of the company where you work.Once in the company that allegedly hired you, the scammer is in vain to find the right payment for placement because the contracting company denies any link with Scorpion and says that if you go directly to the company can get a job. By attending to the tribunal found that the company Scorpion General Services has a record of more than 20 complaints of fraud defendant accused of being the General Manager of the company Mart n Juarez Humberto Andrade 09,904,871 DNI who was detained in prison for the crime Lurigancho of fraud in 2006. But because the company continues to operate through the years if you are over 20 complaints against him.How has been closed and why was renewed municipal operating license Why the authorities have taken action in this matter Evade Taxes in SUNAT The Scorpion General Services Company LLC in May 2006 had a total debt in soles 32.530.00 SUNAT. In July of that year was incorporated as a good contributor. Currently, sales notes issued to all persons who blindly pay for a job. Also every time you made the payment, issue a bill of sale, which is requested as a requirement to make the next payment. Leaving without a supporting document to the person cheated in order to claim their money back. According to SUNAT, Scorpion SRL company is registered, but should issue receipts from sales notes and not making the payment of their irresponsibility tributos.Por Scorpion Company, SUNAT has the right to seize property or close the local.