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Search And Removal Of Viruses On Its Own

While I do not know anyone who would not directly or indirectly affected by the actions of computer viruses. Antivirus companies want a lot for their products, which did not provide adequate protection. The question is, why bother then buy antivirus software? All that has been created by man can be destroyed, this applies to both anti-virus and to viruses. Human trick is much harder than the program. Therefore, this article describes techniques detection and deactivation of the viral software without having to install anti-virus. Preface Remember there's only one thing, the value that we can not ignore / break / trick – this knowledge, their own understanding process. Today I will tell you real examples how to detect and catch on your computer Internet worms and spyware.

Of course there are many kinds, but I took the most common and decided to write about what was in my practice, so as not to say something extra. If you are lucky to find tell you about macro viruses, backdoors, and rootkits. So before you start, I should mention in this article deals only with operating systems nt, connected to Internet. I myself is win2000 sp4, viruses catching on winxp pe. So we go to the fugitive, and then a detailed analysis of the system for worms and spyware. A cursory inspection, we simply obnaruzhaem a program and localize it, a detailed analysis already underway at the file level and processes. There I tell about a wonderful program petools, but all the time.

Various Thematic Forum

No one will argue that now, in our turbulent century, many people in an effort to multiply the wealth, spend their time. And as a result, to communicate with friends, going to the cinema and much more, remains the least that he was anything lacking. Here, in this case, and comes to the aid of the almighty Internet, but now it has access to virtually everyone, the people behind the communication goes on all sorts of forums, chatting in chatrooms and so on. Almost every day forum is becoming more popular form of communication with people, displacing a real conversation. Creates a lot of different forums, they appear in different countries and cities, those offers a forum, do not count, no matter Ukrainian or Russian forum is a forum in any case, everyone will find something useful just for myself, that it becomes interesting. Forums can be divided into Specialized and general choice is up to the user – that it attracts more and more.

For example, often make the city forums, such as Kiev and , a forum where you communicate on topics that affect all parties city life, from breaking news to the most popular establishments in town. Like other cities in forum can be called a very common method of communication. If the talk about the pros virtual communication, it is worth the following. Now forum provides an opportunity to find a buddy with the same interests and can be a communication into something much bigger. And for people who are in real life is difficult to build relationship, the forum can be very helpful, since communication online can express themselves the way you'd like to see yourself. Important is the fact that communication at any forum does not require specific training and any attachments also, if there are moments that this forum is not interesting, it can always be changed. Anonymity – it is a very important aspect of virtual communication, it can be useful if the issue being discussed is very schekotliv. In addition to communication on the forum will provide an opportunity to expand his knowledge in any field, and, share what you know yourself.

Also at the forum, everyone has an opportunity to create their theme, which is most close to him. Or ask a question, it is very exciting, but in real life to ask it did not work. As the saying goes, every barrel of honey is sure to fly in the ointment, virtual communication also has its own imperfections. One of the drawbacks is that, when communicating virtually very difficult to convey emotions, today's technology has not yet reached it. This makes communication , because often want to express the maximum their emotions. But, thanks to the many emoticons, the issue was partly solved, they can transmit a lot of emotion. Yes, of course, the forum – this is an excellent outlet for people who have to constantly be home. A vivid example, young mothers, they can not afford to leave, say, on a visit. On the Internet, they can discuss issues that relate to children, motherhood, share experiences or get advice. Especially want to note that various forms of virtual communication, including forums, greatly expanded the scope of communication for people suffering from serious illness. This is considered important and useful factor in favor of online communication.

Team Fortress

Trolling – the act of use or abuse of game mechanics: a technique originally unintended by the game developers for a specific purpose or otherwise disturb adversely affect the progress of other games player. Troll, players are usually built from a kind of "sloupokov or deaf. Never answer your mats in their direction, and other popular . map of all "Troll" – is 2fort. If you just say: This is a springboard for obtaining Lulz. In this article, I want to show you the most popular ways of "trolling" The first way: Mic Spam The most popular method has always been there-Mic Spam. Mic Spam – spam server channel audio through a microphone or a special program.

In general, the spam uses popular songs (in English. Language) and / or annoying sounds. The second way: Where are the docks? And at the docks trol! If you like, when you yelled obscenities the whole team – this method is for you. But all is not so simple. What is required of you as of griefers? – Sami docks, you can not pull out, so it's best to ask friends / acquaintances for help. – Remove the docks of the enemy to his base (on the second floor near the spawn, where you will be harder to kill enemies) – Then you can give docks engineer (griferu!) and let it built up in the corner, paying no attention to matting, flying from your teammates. – Do not reply to them all! – You can use the "Mic Spam" for a complete pleasure. The third way: Medic, it's a spy! The easiest way. Imagine the situation: in your base runs an enemy spy and sapit "everything but after it runs your doctor and treat it, but in the end still gives him uber and then you certainly not, he does not do it, funny? Arrange to meet friends somewhere outside the base, dial Huber and in front!

Audio Editor Small

Love to hear DJs sets? Personally, I love Van Bury, but his mixes for 2 hours usually, and that's the problem. Or rather the problem is that when zakinesh such set on the stick so that the wheel listen to, or if the same flash player cram, you have to either listen to the whole, or to switch to that or otherwise. It turns out that constantly listen to only the first 10-20 minutes of 2 hours. Means to cut a long mp3 file into pieces. What? with him overtake mp3 to wav, and then encoding back? – Neee, long and tedious it all.

But the way out was found! MP3DirectCut – is small in size, but functional editor of MP3 files. The main feature of this program is that it allows to work with audio files without decoding, ie, opens the MP3 as it is and do not wait any occupation there interest. Thus, delete, insert, copy, split music files is performed without loss sound quality and a significant gain over time, relative to decode MP3 file and its subsequent processing. Another pplyus MP3DirectCut – the opportunity to work with large files. In the main editor music file appears as a visual graph, with whom he is working. It is also possible to change the sound volume of audio files.