Monthly Archive: November 2011

Wonderful Origami

Origami – an exciting experience not only for children but for adults. Incomparable satisfaction of your own custom toys. Craft Origami, made by the hands, sweet heart, cherish it. Let figure was made even for extremely simple origami. Homeland origami is considered to Japan – the state of the Rising Sun, selfless samurai, geisha, elegant and delicious cherry blossoms. However, despite the fact that origami is a Japanese cultural heritage of the people, it takes roots in other Asian countries – China. In this country was invented technology of paper production. At the beginning of the paper used for writing the text, then it began to draw and collapse of her origami.

To perform origami figures usually take a square sheet of paper, painted two different colors on both sides. It is not compulsory condition. You can take a solid color and leaf. The square is not randomly chosen as the basis of origami, as in ancient Japan, the square was considered the embodiment of peace, located under the dome of the sky. Therefore, it can forever change the square and transformed, embodying a number of new forms. The main thing in this art is not the end result, but the process of folding origami patterns. Already in the early stages of its existence, origami Japanese used in various ceremonies.

For example, boxes of Sunbeam, which are made by a simple diagram origami, were used for offerings to the gods in the temples. Different schemes of origami from simple to complex. Eventually expand the subject schemes of origami. Penetration of origami in Western countries contributed to a surge of development that shows in our world paper. Gave impetus and technical progress: in the schemes began to emerge origami crafts aircraft, space ships and water, and more. Learn how to make origami and chat with fans of the art online portal to be There are also various schemes origami. Over time the scheme origami wandered all over the world, getting all the new shades, define the cultural and national peculiarities of different countries. Origami – a fun and useful way to implement free-time thing for the soul. Paramount in the development of techniques of folding paper toys – this want to plunge into the multifaceted world of origami.