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Turkey Turkish

If you have not visited a Turkish bath, you were not in Turkey! The Turkish bath is different from the Russian, although here too the steam basis. The Turkish bath typically has several pools of different temperatures and massage table. Men and women bathe in different rooms for tourists there are exceptions in some time. The interior is very luxurious Turkish bath, because even the Prophet Muhammad announced a campaign to the bath compulsory, saying: "The heat increases the fertility of the hammam and, accordingly, the number of admirers of Islam '! The main attractions include the Sultan of Istanbul Topkapi Palace, with its courtyards and famous Gate, St. Sophia (Hagia Sophia), where you will find a wonderful combination of Christian and Islamic religion, this building is one of the architectural wonders of the world.

Sultanahmet Mosque ("Blue Mosque") was built in seventeenth century and has six minarets covered with beautiful blue tiles, hence the name of the mosque. Grand Bazaar in Istanbul – is also one of the main attractions. It is best to take a stroll through the market in first half day, drink a cup of tea, watch the lively trade. Here you can buy all the gold, carpets, spices, jewelry, bags – everything is bought and sold here: but remember that there have to bargain and very easy lost. Best hostels in Istanbul in Istanbul a lot of youth hostekov, and it is very convenient.

There's a pleasant international atmosphere, young people from all countries exchange experiences and information, and you find employees who speak foreign languages. Art Apart Hostel is centrally located in the heart of Sultanahmet, you will find many bars, cafes and restaurants! Hostel itself has a spacious and clean room, and all you need for a relaxing pastime in Istanbul for only 600 rubles. Chillout Cengo located on the street Istikal (Istiklal), famous for its clubs and bars.

Best Sports Weekend

Prior to coming to rest in Demino. About this I do not know. Now, I regularly relax here. How is my acquaintance with, and what it is, for those who did not rest here. TSLS Demino – is a comfortable casual ski lodge recreation.

It is located in the Yaroslavl region, near the city of Rybinsk. (Distance – 20 km). Actually, if we measure the distance from Moscow, it is relatively close, you can get a few hours – longer collect things. Thus, enough about the distance. Ski Centre Sports and Leisure Demino (so it is full) can do much to compete with the Moscow Center of sports and recreation, and in many respects different from them. The main thing I knew, before traveling to, this is what passes here for World Cup ski races. Incidentally, on TV, constantly watching him. So, taking a companion, went out of Yaroslavl in TSLS Demino for the weekend.

Hour drive and we drove to a marked pointer in a wooden building with a bear. He by the way with a pair of skis, joy, direction. By car slid off the road and rolled down. There, because that is a recreation center Demino on the Volga river in the valley. We drove to the hotel I want to say that the pictures on the Internet did not disappoint – the rostrum, trails, restaurant, hotel and cottage complex on the site. In addition, Sport Hotel offered us rooms, as well as book Cottage. The place was small, all busy, should have been earlier booked through booking service. Okay, have room for 2 at the hotel for 2 days, farewell to five thousand. Comfortable room, but it's not the point. July in the courtyard – now they want to stretch their muscles and fat drive. Noon, we rode bikes – thank God, there, where to turn. Excellent rolling hills and mountain bikes. movies, tennis – all this we have tried. From the middle of the day to evening squeezed out of time, or rather of himself, all to the last drop. By the end of the day, terribly twisted stomach, I wanted to eat. Well in Demin, a restaurant and marina cafe Champion. Prices in the restaurant, it seems to Muscovites are satisfactory, in the same cafe – miserable. Supper and side, more on that day, we were not able to do anything. The next day, getting up in the morning to early to not waste time, they went to shoot in an interactive shooting gallery, but before breakfast. Never played like. Enough fun and modern, to shoot a steel screen with a pneumatic gun and airsoft gun. Competition in the ping-pong and movies waiting for us. Excellent! Foot-and-then already sore after yesterday. This day was the least busy, feeling tired, even though it is not clear came to relax. Lunch and to put off home. Again, work, work. Sorry to say goodbye to an active weekend, but it is necessary. I hope that my subjective very short story will interest you, and you follow my report. Just do not get carried away much.

Savings Bank

You do repairs and got to the bathroom or a device for "washing of the body?" Choose the type of plumbing you plan to use, you need to advance – some plumbing fixtures require specific training premises. So first of all think about what you install – shower or whirlpool bath, and then – how to ensure the necessary conditions for this very moody plumbing. Suppose an application object your strength – a shower area in the locker room at the gym. Will determine the fixtures: shower trays in place, which in this case would increase the estimate, will increase operating costs due to breakage and increase the time of harvesting, as well as increase the probability of getting visitors to injury, you decided to do just tilting floor. In this case, firstly, should be designed right angle: and that the "hill" did not happen, but so as not to swamp formed. Second, before laying the floor tiles should be seal the advance a system for drainage through a special "traps" in the floor and laid out a way to clean (audit) of sewage communications. Third, do not hold any tile anyhow, warns bank forum – it should only be antisliding. Pay great attention to grout for floor and wall tiles – that was waterproof, resistant to Effects of fungi and easily washable.

Silicone grout may seem the best solution, but it is not – they are not firmly hold the seams in the floor and badly washed. Advance is to determine the types of shower faucets, since There are species that use a hidden wall mounting liner for multiple items, such as controller, top and bottom watering. A hollow walls after sticking the tiles – a very risky activity for repairmen. Here and deposits Savings Bank will not help! Source: Omsk – News and Events


Experts give 50 percent of the success of this project. And if it will work, I could produce the same amount of electricity as a small nuclear power plant. Operating principle geothermal power, Iceland makes geothermal energy into electricity in two ways: from the well Steaming temperature 600 F, which is fed directly to the turbine, and a more efficient method, which gives supercritical water from deep wells, making steam that drives a turbine. The natural supply of supercritical water and turning it into electricity, would be like to transition from diesel to jet fuel. To assess the benefits available to natural supercritical water, we say that the majority of power plants and nuclear power plants also produce supercritical water before generate electricity. Power stations produce thermal energy produced by burning coal or radioactive decay of isotopes to the water in a sealed tank turned into a supercritical state.

The process allows water maintain high-energy intermolecular bonds in the liquid state until it flows through the pipes, with almost zero resistance, as a gas. Two and a half miles of underground water heated by magma to 1100 . At this temperature, it usually exist as pairs, but a lot of pressure keeps it liquid. And if the water is released to the surface in the supercritical state will retain almost all its energy. But engineers will have to redesign the existing heat exchangers, so that they can operate with high temperatures and resisted corrosion. Then the power plant running on natural supercritical water could produce up to 500 b megawatts of electricity, along with a small nuclear reactor or power plant at half capacity. But unlike them, geothermal power plants using renewable and virtually no comprehensive source of energy, with zero emissions. Prospects for development of geothermal energy in Iceland now uses its geothermal potential is only 20 percent of the total possible.

If they had exploited all the resources of the island only in the usual way, we could produce 20 gigawatts of electricity per hour per year – as three nuclear reactors. Iceland uses geothermal energy to start from the beginning of the XX century. On the island there are five district heating geothermal power plants with total power capacity of 420 MW, which produce 26.5% of all electricity in the country, and 90 percent of their heating and hot water is heated by geothermal energy. Possible But the problems of such a large project, there are serious problems and risks. At worst, it can release and leakage of water under high pressure, then unrestrained fluid flow will sweep the whole rig, which happened to One of Iceland's projects in 1999, then, because of the failure of valve used to isolate the source in case of ejection, there was an explosion, which left behind a crater 30 meters wide. It is also possible that deep-water containing hydrochloric acid and the liquid for several hours without any problems melt steel. Also, the drill may stumble directly to the magma, or skip supercritical water, then you have to leave this area and drill elsewhere. Iceland established its own project using geothermal energy, which may be an example for countries with similar terrain. Japan and Italy are open about their potential supercritical water, but Iceland is the first country has made a big step in the use of geothermal energy. News of science and technology