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Your MySQL Define

Under a new record, now you can display a variety of additional elements can be disable unused entries in the writing of items such as Custom Fields, Trackbacks, write protection password. When you publish your writing, you can now set an option that would fix a record on the first page of your blog, the following entry will be published below a fixed record. Repository plug-ins. In WordPress 2.7 to install the plugin it will not need to download or where to look for something, although the developers to embed an opportunity to find and install the plugin through the administration panel blog. And now you can download the plugin archive Web-based blog, which also simplifies the installation of plug-ins. Advanced Configuration of pictures that you publish, you can adjust the size of images by default / stextbox We collect and create the database. Call it like markb192_7, the name does not matter in the future, at each site, it will change any password, too. File wp-config-sample.php rename to wp-config.php, and put this in its data base of MySQL.

define ('DB_NAME', 'markb192_7'); / / The name of the database – the database name MySQL. define ('DB_USER', 'markb192_7'); / / Your MySQL username – database user name MySQL, usually the same name as the base. define ('DB_PASSWORD','………'); / / … and password – the password. Below is a paste, and in some older versions of any proposals in English TN SECRET_KEY. define ('AUTH_KEY', 'Installation and use of this product denotes your acceptance to the terms set forth in this agreement'); define ('SECURE_AUTH_KEY', 'You have purchased a license to use the code, and not the code itself' ); define ('LOGGED_IN_KEY', 'The byline displayed at the bottom of each administration interface must be left clearly visible and may not be modified in any way'); define ('NONCE_KEY', 'You may not re-redistribute these scripts in whole or in part in any compilation, archive, or in any form whatsoever without express written permission '); What does it do, you ask? What is SECRET_KEY? In a nutshell – for security.