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Project Participation

It is the way more made right to reinventar the school, giving meant to its purposes and objectives. It must represent the commitment of a group with one determined trajectory in the educational scene, presenting clarity on the forces and the limits of its integrant ones. To be legitimate, the necessary Project Pedagogical Politician to have the participation of all the educative community, directly or for legitimate and also democratic representation. Indispensable it is that to the front of its construction it is the pertaining to school direction, exerting its leadership in the collective, mobilizing and stimulating all to the participation, sharing and guiding. The pedagogical project is not a set of plans and projects of professors, nor only a document that deals with the pedagogical lines of direction of the educative institution, but a specific product that reflects the reality of the school, situated in a context ampler than the influence and that it can be for influenced it. (Fertile valley 1998, p.21) Elaborated in set, the Project Pedagogical Politician articulates some dimensions that must be placed in practical, with this the pertaining to school space is a place of debate, taking of decisions, quarrels, where they allow that employee professors, parents and pupils explicitem its interests, its claims.

The participation favors the autonomy of the school. According to Peter Demon: Participation is a process in the legitimate direction of term: infindvel, in constant come-the-to be, always if making is in essence autopromoo and exists while procedural conquest. Enough participation does not exist, nor finishes. Participation that if imagines complete, in this exactly starts to regredir. (Demon, 1996, p.32) the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school can initially be understood as a process of change and anticipation of the future, that establishes principles, lines of direction and proposals of action better to organize, systemize and to mean the activities developed for the school as a whole.


The next stage – working draft. It represents a detailed study you approved conceptual design of interior design. In order to satiate its content, you must make the selection of all the necessary finishing materials, select windows, doors, furniture, sanitary equipment, home appliances and etc. To do this while working on a design project provides a number of trips to designer salons. All agreed with you from the list above will be reflected in the drawings of the working draft. Preparation of the working draft of interior design – it's pretty tedious work, based on compilation of the calculations and the development of structural elements.

The result looks like a pack of more than two dozen plans and statements from the plan of dismantling barriers to sweep the walls with the layout tile, ceiling plans, lighting placement, the explication of flooring, the plan of arrangement of furniture and others. Drawings and statements designed for professionals who will translate your ideas into reality. A detailed list of the working draft plans can be explored on the page design project. More prosaic, but they are not less important work in the creation the new interior of the house or apartment is to create a project engineering services. We are talking about the numerous calculations, diagrams, drawings and plans for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitation, electrical equipment, CCTV, burglar and fire alarm systems, cable lines (TV, telephony, Internet, home theater, home automation system, etc.) To ensure that all work is performed well by the designers, is carried out supervision. At the time of construction it is often necessary to make certain changes in the job.

Furthermore, variants are possible when there is a need to replace one type of decorative or construction materials on the other. In this case, you need to quickly adjust to the drawings, which will get rid of unpleasant consequences. Great importance when creating a new interior design cottage, house or apartment is decorating. At this stage of work as more important than ever the talent and creativity to a designer. After all, on his shoulders lay down selection and placement of lighting fixtures, textile design (Bed linen, tablecloths, curtains and drapes), selection of paintings, sculptures and accessories.

Search Engines Map Sitemap

Do not trust registered in the search engines bots, better manual registration can imagine. So, go through the search engines: It is recognized that Yandex is the first in Russia among search engines. Joined: If your site unique content, to which, incidentally, we should strive always, to the index Yandex it falls fast enough for 5-7 days. If not – have to wait for indexing month, maybe longer. This is due to many factors, but you must constantly post links to your site in directories of sites, bulletin boards, forums, etc., and then time hitting the site in the index is significantly reduced. Google – the main search engine in the world, but yet, the second in RuNet.

Although it is difficult find someone unfamiliar with Google. Registration in Google: / addurl When adding a site to Google there is no guarantee that the site will be immediately in its index. As a by Yandex, indexing, Google must wait long enough, however, plus it is that you can quickly index your site by posting a link to it from any well-known for the Google site or popular forum where his robot comes often enough. Immediately when you add a site to Google to create a sitemap sitemap.xml and add it to the panel webmasters in Google. Rambler is a very popular search engine in RuNet. Registration in the Rambler: / doc / add_site_form.shtml site, you can register using spetsformy registration if it is in Russia and cis countries.

Hypertext Markup Language

If you are new, but really want to create a website, the first thing you need to learn Hypertext Markup Language html. On the Internet there are many textbooks, but the best html tutorial you can find the link above. html language is very simple and carefully studying you can easily master it in a few weeks. Incidentally, most web-masters know no more than 20% html tags, but this in no way prevents them from when creating sites. After learn html, you can further read textbooks on languages such as css php and javascript.

Knowledge of these languages can greatly help you. Once you learn html you can begin to self-site creation. To create a website you likely to be useful skills in working with such programammi as dreamveaver and photoshop. These programs are very common in the Internet and you can easily find them. You can also read an introduction to Dreamweaver. When your site is fully prepared you need quality hosting and domain for your site. The domain should be vivid and memorable, and most reliable hosting service.

I do not advise you to place the site on a free hosting – it's not worth it. Desirable to choose expensive and high-quality hosting, in fact superfluous, such hosters can guarantee the security of your information. Do not risk your website because of some 2-3 thousand rubles a year. Once the site has been posted on the Internet has come the most time to do promotion, but more on that another time.