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The use of science and technology as mechanisms of institution of being able is one of the boarded questions and as the citizen perceives this power she uses and it. In the third chapter it tells its methodology of research, that was divided by quotas in accordance with etria band, sex, level of escolaridade and socioeconmico level considered by the author as average level. ' ' Applied in the city of Campinas, the questionnaire searched to evidence some ideas on science and the technology enters a certain living social classroom of the calls noble quarters of the city. This clipping justifies for being this layer of the population that one that has greater access to the scientific information and of scientific spreading and for being, thick way, the escolarizada layer more of the society. (). Of the 162 interviewed people, distributed for 20 quarters of high and high middle class of Campinas (grifo mine), 86.4% had had some contact with a course of superior level (complete, incomplete or after-graduation). The remain, 13.6%, completo&#039 had attended a course the average level; '. (JCOM 2 (3), 2003) It presents the graphs in percentage, starting with the research for the choice of the phrase that better express the science concept, passing for subjects, for me characterized as controversial, as: if the world of science cannot be understood by common people, if the government does not have to intervine in the work of the scientists, the Internet is a new form of cultural domination and if the Internet increases the social disigualdades. The results of the graphs are also presented of linear form, some readings of the graphs with arguments of Vogt. Problems Conceituais and Metodolgicos: the approach Ricyt and OEI and Research of the Public Perception of Science In accordance with the text, the communication mechanisms are associates to the concept of public perception, therefore, these mechanisms are responsible for the content diffusion that can propocionar impacts in attitudes and expectations in relation science and technology.

Internet Experiences

Almost 4000 professors of the public schools of Pernambuco and the Federal District are part of the initiative. Through a.m.i.g.o.s they share experiences, difficulties, solutions and used materials of education in the classroom. A.m.i.g.o.s comes being used for the Alliance Interacts as tool of exchange of experiences and dissemination of knowledge in its vestibule of mobilization of ONGs. About 700 users of diverse institutions they are part of the initiative that has as objective to share chances, projects, proclamations and experiences, to disponibilizar notice related to the subject mobilization of resources, to assist in the mobilization politics of the institutions, as well as assisting in the resolution of the problems frequently found by the ONGs in the daily activities. 6. Conclusion We are, therefore, ahead of a new partner-economic scene, in which the information is key for the development of the organizations and serves of base for the interpersonal relations. The social nets also allow to interpersonal communication and between person company, that is, the called group customers, come close themselves to the company arguing on it or the market, thus the group finds solutions in accordance with excellent or the desire of the market. The company supplies tools to stimulate the creation and fidelizao of the customers and when receiving the solution from the group the company if adapta and uses to advantage the information comings of the communities. One of the characteristic greaters of the social nets is the speed with that the information are shared. The democratization and freedom allow the users of the net to make of the Internet an environment without barriers, where each one is in the control and knows what it wants, with proper and individual choices, each one starts to choose its preferred sources of reading and knowledge, thus new business