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Common Notions About The Weldability Of Metals

Welding – a complex of several simultaneously occurring processes, the main ones are: the thermal effect on the metal in the weld areas, melting, metallurgical processes, mutual crystallization of metals in spot weld fusion and crystallization of the metal. Weldability – a feature of metal and metal to create a combination for a given welding compound, which meets the requirements stemming from the exploitation product and its device. The complexity of the concept of weldability of materials suggests that in assessing the weldability should take into account the relationship of welding technology in product design and welding of metals and materials. Weldability of many indicators. Measure of the weldability of alloy steels used for the production of chemical equipment, is the ability to produce welded joints that would ensure special qualities – strength at high or low temperatures, corrosion resistance. When welding dissimilar metals weldability criterion is the possibility of education in the United interatomic bonds. Homogeneous metals are joined by welding without the complexity, while some pairs of dissimilar metals are absolutely not form a compound of atomic bonds, for example, welded copper with a crown, or titanium with a carbon steel.

Significant indicator of the weldability of metals is the ability to avoid in the welded joints hardened areas, cracks and other defects that adversely affect the work of the welded product. All this suggests that no single criterion of weldability of the metal. Weldability of metals analyze the physical and technological points of view. Thermal effect on the metal in the weld areas, and the melting process expressed by the welding of his regime. Technological weldability is the ratio of metal to a specific method of welding and the regime. Physical weldability seen occurring in the area of fusion welded metals processes, so there-in-one weld.

Convergence of the particles and create favorable conditions for their interaction is the chosen method of welding, and the flow relevant chemical and physical properties of processes expressed in the joined metals. These properties of welded metals make them a physical weldability. Metals can be either the same or different features and chemical composition. In the first case in terms of chemical composition and properties, it will be homogeneous metals, in the second – mixed. All metals have homogeneous physical weldability. Properties of heterogeneous metals sometimes can not provide the necessary flow of chemical and physical processes in the fusion, so the metals do not have the physical weldability.

Viiv Media Center

With Viiv Media Center starts the new era … devices such as televisions, stereos, DVD and MP3 players to be a Viiv-enabled media center PC connected. No more problems with different audio and video formats. By-performance computer, a film for the TV should be recoded and played while in the next room playing music or surfing the Internet. Viiv (pronounced like “Waif”) is an initiative of Intel, PC is finally establishing itself as a center of the entire multi-media installation in the house. Specifically, Viiv is the sum of hardware (computers, appliances, remote control, etc.), software and services. So that is only part of a Viiv technology, but contains rules (specifications) that must comply with all relevant devices and services. This ensures that even “worst case” user can operate the device without having previously dealt for years with media centers.

In addition to the media capabilities of the PC of course still offers the opportunity to work as a normal PC to Text, image processing, surfing, etc. to serve. On the device side is Viiv for a particular combination of device components, which follow all the specifications laid down by Intel, so they are compatible with each other and provide sufficient power. Viiv PCs are already in the forms, “All in One” device in the form of a flat screen TV, normal PCs in the usual beige boxes, hi-fi equipment in optics to mini-PCs that are barely larger than a Book. The advertised by Intel Viiv Design Challenge, a competition for the best design of Viiv PCs goes into the final round at the end of April, Intel will be the winner of the design studies.

Google Maps

The use of a lesser number of Chips also it is essential to reduce the size and the weight of the devices. New resources, as accelerating graphs and receivers of GPS, had had separate beginning as Chips, that increase the cost of the devices and, consequentemente, had made with that they were restricted only to the devices most expensive. However, with passing of the time, Chips manufacturers as the Texas Instruments and the Qualcomm had started directamente to offer to solutions with the new components integrated to the main controller, what she reduces the costs, opening the doors for the same use in the devices simplest. He is from there that they become popular themselves, as is to happen currently with Chips GPS. , Of course component to work simultaneously he means electric a consumption higher.

One of the great problems of the devices of the current generation is low the autonomy of battery when using a net 3G. In the majority of the devices, the battery does not last more than what two hours in situations where the necessary device to transmit given continuously, as when using smartphone as modem and when unloading of an archive ISO, for example. Also if it applies also the applicatory ones that they transmit a volume considerable of data, as in the case of Web navigators and applications that use the GPS, as Google Maps. This problem of the autonomy afecta all the devices 3G of the actualidade. Independently of the manufacturer or the model, practically none obtains to exceed the mark of the two hours of continuous transference of data being used the net 3G. One is not about a defect of projecto or lack of optimizao, but, simply, because in a net 3G exists more work to make and more bits to transmit. New projectos of controllers, optimizaes of software and the migration for new techniques of production will go to reduce the electric consumption throughout the next years, but the problem will not be decided of the day for the night.