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Countdown to this rebellion begins in 2010 and only those who know encompass and stimulate the sense of the universe, will surpass the border of the 2022. The political leaders of Spain and America must agree in proclaiming the generic benefits of this Hispanic contribution to the world, the first globalization, which is an unquestionable reality. Everything you live today was born thanks to her. Spain, where the Sun was not put generated, in that way, the effective global advance and by This Madrid deserves to be the capital of the planet. But money corrupts the weak and the globe is warming in different senses. At the end, the six billion human beings more or less computed shall be divided, from now, ventre that epically exceed the 2022 and the pests that even degenerate Earth. Unique roads to end corruption are the goodness of the bravery and the culture, none of the technological progress as based on false premises. Evil is reached through the fervor for the money and technology only dehumanized. This is the proposal to the political leaders of Spain, in the first place and all and each one of the leaders of each and every one of the Nations, as well as to UN Organization that will be reinforced with this natural ideology.A historical and cultural output that favors the human being, born anywhere.

Cone Crusher

Rock, ore crushing and grinding is an indispensable process of a concentrator, the purpose of materials processing for the next dressing a certain size and full dissociation. The crush effect will directamente affect the mineral separation can normally, as well as the level of product quality, good or bad, and technical and economic indicators. Crushing energy consumption generally accounts for only grinding one-third of the total energy consumption of the crushing and grinding higher. Therefore, the lower broken product particle size, to achieve more crushing less grinding is one of the many concentrator to reduce device power consumption, an effective way to improve economic efficiency. Mine broken equipment chosen the most advanced patented crusher technology GP200S cone crusher to replace the old cone crusher, crushing equipment selection has a unique HP500 Cone Crusher. At the same time, the broken and broken bits, respectively, supporting the automatic discharge mouth conditioning and other equipment in accordance with the optimal allocation to the expansion and reconstruction requirements.Proved by the test run, the mine s broken system will not only improve the stability of the crushing operations and significantly reduces the final crushing product size, to achieve the goal of more broken and less grinding and expansion, but also efficiency reduces the production costs, increased profit over a hundred million dressing. The cone crusher is used in metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical block machineand silicate industry, raw material crushing, crushing ores and rocks of medium hardness above. The cone crusher crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform particle size suitable for Cone Crusher broken and crushing all kinds of ores, rocks.

Mining cone crusher plays a tremendous success, not only the yield of the final crushing product size 36 than the transformation of the former, and so that the broken handle than transformation of the former increased 44. We network Star provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase ball mill and other products from our company. As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, enterprises credit and product quality. portable crusher:


The boy goes for the first time to the place and helo microphone in hand speaking there to the acclaimed multitude and. They have already created a page Web where until the moment 130 thousand Egyptians have signed granting to him the authority to be their spokesman. Wael Ghonim grasps the light that comes from the moment. Its destiny cannot be predicted. Will eat it revolution, will make history or it will become the symbol of the ephemeral moment, perhaps as the protagonists keys of French May.

He knows it to nobody, but the boy of the social networks lives the own emotion on all that one that is protagonist of that fact unforeseen circumstance, telluric, magical and catastrophic that is called revolution. " Shock of civilizaciones" , they return to repeat the absurd ones that does not hear the voice that cries out by a general principle of the human: freedom. " The confusion of La Paz " the absurd ones whisper that believed in the definitive tranquillity of the dreams after the aim of the Cold War and the supposed establishment of unequivocal a world order. " Peligro" the absurd ones exclaim that perhaps hears that the shout requests democracy, thinking that for the Arab town its practical accomplishment was improbable and, still more, a desire nonnested neither in their culture nor in his psiquis. " Danger islmico" they argue the absurd ones that perhaps maintained the democracy and the freedom outside those borders of their control thinking that the unique way of to practice it was to the prostituida way to which they have reduced. " Fatalidad" they remove anxious those that used the Islam like argument to maintain to hereditary dictatorships in the power, while the originating extremists of Iran cry out by the establishment of an Islamic regime, extremist, theocratic and dictatorial like which they practice, since I have read since it not without rage of a professor high authority of an Iranian organism the establishment of the democracy in Egypt would be a true calamity since the country would become an imperialistic base of dominion of the western powers. .


Papa did not know to measure, when he gave, simply gave. In the city of Merida one lady received from my father some economic aid, this one in one go gave to its son, a boy of about thirteen years, asked to him it raised that it, that she did not have the average ones to do it. Papa took the signs, and a telephone number of a well-known of the seera mounted, it in its light truck and to the other day it appeared with him in the house. That night to the morning we had a fourth brother, the new familiar situation did not last much, to the two weeks a day that all we went to a marriage, of return we found our new completely drunk brother. Some of the bottles of our bar were dry. When the finishing the drunkenness my father contracted him somebody so that it took of return his mother. Passed the experience, we had to listen to the voice of my mother who repeated until the fatigue: I said it to you. From that same moment and in future, we returned to be the same three brothers of before.

My father all their life believed in an ideal: God. Soon it lived dedicated to his greater cult: its wife. I have read novels, history, stories of love. It was incapable to prove mouthful without it to have offered first a his wife and soon to its children. It seemed abierto book, he did not count, reviva his history.

Until its eighty and four years its memory overcame since it had reason use. It could narrate an event and detail the contour with luxury of details. It had patience for all, and all had to him patience. Unfortunately it was only in his last year of life that I could give some physical sample him of the love that always I lavished to him; ramos two magnets that were repelled by too much love, respect; what I thought of him, worried to him, and being the allowed boy of my mother, nape of the neck wanted to interfere.