Monthly Archive: March 2013

Eroski Consumer

Before selecting an application of literacy, necessary to verify that its contents are adapted to the capacity and maturity age for the child with whom you will be working. Its use is to be effective, it is necessary adult accompanies the student in the learning process, help you with potential difficulties and correct the errors committed. Multimedia resources Eroski Consumer has selected some of the interactive materials more interesting available on the net to start the little ones in the process of literacy in a fun and entertaining way, as well as didactic: literacy adapted (read): this material, awarded by the Ministry of education, consists of a set of 23 multimedia applications to facilitate the learning of reading skills and basic writers, from the initial phase to the entrenchment. You can work with them from the Web or download the application on your own computer. Literacy Learning: is a program dedicated to learning and consolidation of the process lectoescritor in last year’s child and the first primary students. It is also indicated for pupils with special educational needs.

His numerous games and interactive exercises have a high visual component and are organized into four levels of difficulty. Notebooks of literacy: this web page includes an extensive collection of tabs for pre-school education, with basic exercises of graphomotor, movies of sequences of the right direction of writing, primer for learning the vowels and notebooks devoted to literacy. Its author, Lourdes Garcia, includes an interesting tutorial for your application in each section. Helps literacy (ALE): published by the Junta de Andalucia, this application has five sections to improve the knowledge of literacy around spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension and word processing. The Zoo of letters: the project, developed by teachers of children, aims that children learn to read and write in an entertaining way, familiarizes them through the characters of the zoo with the letters and works literacy based on the characteristic of each maturity.

The resource includes songs and stories that make learning fun. The cave of tragapalabras: a multimedia application designed to support the process of reading and writing in students who started in reading, those who become familiar with writing and others whose mother tongue is not Spanish. Consists of a guide to teaching and the other to learn how to use each of the games.

Sound Courses

The only thing that separates a professional editor from anyone else is a course of Final Cut live in a world full of images. Still images, moving images. Images in color or black and white. Visual stimuli of all kinds. Photographs, videos, films, reproductions, designs. We are in full company image. A representation is worth a thousand words.

Now more than ever. And walked towards a world in which it will not do but increase. In the world of moving images, that is, mainly, television, advertising, Internet and cinema, the Assembly is extremely important. Like words, according to the intonation of who uses them, they may mean one thing or another very different, depending on how those images are treated Mounter relocate a particular message to all those who see the end result. To achieve this, computer programs that Final Cut is the King are used. Because of its excellent results, but also by its easy operation. So much so, that anyone who makes a final course cut, can be engaged professionally editing videos.

Sound courses: each maestrillo has its Final Cut booklet also you can edit sound and blends to create a complete audio-visual work, but there are a thousand sound courses to exclusively dominate this discipline. Among the programs that are used for this, surely protrudes above the rest Pro Tools, but it is not the only one. Or much less. You have to know the most used program, because most sooner or later, a professional sound will end up finding inevitably with him, but this is like everything else.