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Magdalena Development

But organize themselves politically and administratively, is not only thinking about one geopolitical and territorial division, but being modern, connected and projected into the future through productivity and competitiveness with the challenge of globalization, enabling a sustainable economic development. This society cannot remain in the abandonment and driving its economy by hand, generically; They must pick up the back yard and put it forward to exploit it, using primary sources are available to establish a large industrial economy and convert to the zone in the producing and exporting huerta de Colombia, creating a democratic culture of water, agriculture and tourism, that is, to everyone, to the point of raising it to national and international competitive market field, and why not, in pole of development in the region. Do not or they can continue wasting opportunities come offering both national and international cooperation and financing by pews or the same private investment sources, that should be opening doors, invite you and encourage you to invest in macro projects that you can deploy production systems by cycle, mass and large scale to exploit the economic potential existing in this region, and that any industrialized democracy of the ORB and country of the Middle East or Department of the coast envy and wish I had, which, without having a very generous and provident nature have reached high levels of income per capita. Since the birth of our history, it has been shown that the waters, both seas and rivers have been which have allowed and have given course to development, even to the discovery of the new world, and the Magdalena river has been no exception, because by this the Spaniards arrived to the big cities of Colombia where large companies and industrial infrastructures have been establishedwhich used it as transport of polluting wastes and discriminated way shipping, and of which we are its recipients and recipients, which, for all they serve is to cause harm to our ecosystems.

Company Sales and Revenues

Basically, it’s the moment in which sales or total revenues of a company are equal the total costs of the same, generating a situation in which the company does not win or lose, but that over that point the company begins to win and lose if you step off of the same. To calculate the break-even point, it is necessary to decompose total costs in fixed total and total variables. Also, the volume of total income or monthly actually sold production, you must know the unit price of the product. These variables have the following composition: total fixed cost: composed of costs and fixed expenses: salaries of owner, general expenses, administrative expenses, other expenses. Monthly production volume: that is the volume of a single type of product sold per month. Unit price of the item: is the selling price to the public. Total Variable cost: Is the cost of materials + labor force corresponding to the current production level. Deduction of Formula of the point of balance leave, from the following premise: that the total revenue (It) they are exactly equal to the total costs (TC), presenting what was said in the form of equation of equality will be the following: It = Ct.Does (1) on the other hand, we know that total revenues are the result of the product of units produced and sold (XV) for the price of the product (PVU), representing this equation as follows: It = Xv? PVU.(2) In addition, the total cost (TC), is the sum of the total fixed cost (Cft) more TCO variable (Cvt), whose equation is represented in the following way: Ct = Cft + Cvt.(3) Note 1: The cost fixed Total (Cft) is a value that remains constant regardless of the level of production; that is, for example: If there is 10,000 units of a product in the month, or none, the total fixed cost will be exactly the same value.


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