Monthly Archive: June 2013

San Sebastian

Bilbao municipal houses spend an average of 189 empty days when a tenant leaves. Responsible for municipal housing of Bilbao have made public the data that reveal that municipal dwellings of the Basque capital spend an average of months empty while they change of tenant. 165 Free housing, only 16 are currently available, since 63 found in procedures for procurement and many others in reforms. From public administration considered that it is difficult to shorten this time longer than when the process is intended to all floors offer certain guarantees before being occupied. Once an apartment is vacated, the Middle by conditioning are 110 days, and the next 67 days are dedicated to fine-tune the floor and signing the contract. Although the portfolio of flats for social rent in Bilbao is one of the most important of Spain (3.736 floors), currently are 8,000 people registered as plaintiffs. The award of the second-hand flats are made through a computer program that analyzes depending on different criteria such as surface, lift availability and the age of the plaintiffs. Even so, should take into account the overall percentage does not reach 5% of social rental apartments in Bilbao, an average of 10.5 houses per thousand inhabitants, against the 1.5 of Madrid and San Sebastian 5.9 and surpassed only by the Cadiz with 17.4. Source: Press release sent by Montse.


Quantity and quality of trophies. Feeders, ponds and depending on the vegetation of the farm, can make an approximation to the number of animals watching the sunrises or sunsets. Open farms there will be what is trust by what they eat, where tread or conditions that gathers for the encame of cattle. Prepare the stain. Within a same building may be different zones with different characteristics. Each spot has an optimal date for your celebration. There are farms with natural food, which should give them when they fall to the ground.

Others are warmer, more harsh winter are loaded on dates, and others, for various reasons, are better at a certain date. Polls the market to fill the posts. Keep in mind that organizing a monteria is even much more exciting to participate therein as montero. Mark the positions. Respect safety laws and mark the positions where do not have any danger with each other. Place them where cutting or tightly close the stain and covering the best steps that have the animals. Once seen and marked each post, teach you to a person responsible for that will be the day of the Monteria bidder. Auxiliary personnel.

Hounds, guides that direct to these hounds, bidders, drivers, staff collected the hunt from his Abbot to the landing, cooks, and all the necessary personnel, will have to explain their function and synchronize the work of all of them. Evaluate the monteria. Prepare planes, envelopes for the sweepstakes, the information you are going to give to each montero, councils. Plan schedules: appointment, breakfast, sweepstakes, order of output of the armed and the hounds loose. Permissions. Administrative procedures that must be performed and which can suspend a monteria if not done correctly. Comply with regulations gossan, both movements (covered arms, in silence and in time) as in posts (which are not kinked or moved positions) and in the marking of parts (which are not pulled trophies, etc.). Wind direction: when you modify the order of output of each Navy or if the hounds have the appropriate vehicle for reaching the point designated for his release. Go with optimism because of all the ways it’s wild animals with an unpredictable behavior that may break the patterns and make things come out as they were not planned.


Curious is that in principle when formalises a mortgage loan, personal, et. a very common practice by the Bank when granting it is suggestion or even the obligation of hiring life insurance and curiously safe said contracted with the insurance company designated by the banking entity. We must indicate that no legislation that requires when it comes to formalise a Constitution of a life insurance loan, similar to the insurer nor be imposed by the Bank there is. The Bank of Spain thus recognizes, in the case of concluding life insurance the real reason to hire him would give security to your family in the event that the risk materialized it, occur since it is uncertain that the insurance is required. The excuses which tend to put the banks when it comes to formalize what are you going to offer best conditions if you link an insurance that you sell them or that the insurance will impose it even coming to tell the employee of the branch to the client that is required; or one of the two: they are lying you either they themselves believe that it is obligatory due to the ignorance of the topic, blindly believe that the Bank does not lie in any event in the course of deciding to take out insurance linked to a loan, the borrower has the right to appoint the insurer by mutual agreement with its lender, in this sense, article 40 of the Royal Decree-Law 6/2000, of 23 June, on urgent measures for intensification of competition in markets for goods and services expressly stated: credit institutions and other financial institutions should be made expressly in fact sheets prior to the formalization of guaranteed loans with mortgage on immovable property intended for the purchase of homes that subscribe to the right which assists the borrower to designate with individuals, by mutual agreement with its lender, the person or entity you are going to carry out an appraisal of the property subject to the mortgage, the that will be responsible for administrative management of the operation, as well as the insurer which, in your case, go to cover contingencies which the lending institution requires for the formalization of the loan.