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Erosion is a serious problem and can lose 30 to 120 cm of Coast each year. The effects have costs to the environment, ecosystems, erosion translates into loss of habitat as the coastal wetlands that deteriorate. Plants and wildlife that depend on these ecosystems are affected negatively, economically, the loss of these ecosystems to leave coastal areas most vulnerable to damage from storms and storm surges. Causes 1. One of the main causes of erosion is due to urban development, habitat replacement often results in an increase in the amount of impervious surfaces such as roads, parking lots and sidewalks.

Normally, the vegetation would slow the flow of surface water but is not possible given the increase in impervious surfaces of the current. The water can travel faster and in greater quantity. Effects 2. Erosion removes the surface layer of the soil, often removes the seeds that exists within soils. Can also enter the toxins of the applications of pesticides and fertilizers in the waterways. Erosion also carries the possibility of the introduction of contaminants into water resources. Heavy metals and toxins remain dormant in the soil of wetlands as part of the sediments.

Erosion alters these layers and the emissions of these pollutants in surface waters. The impact is measured on the basis of the toxicity of chemicals and compounds that enter the water. Importance 3. Sediments have other negative effects on aquatic resources, their excess negatively impacts on streams and Lakes preventing infiltration. These aquatic organisms depend on clear water to feed. Impacts can affect aquatic life in the ecosystem by removing the compounds at lower level of the food chain. Warning 4. When erosion is continues, also includes risk of flooding. Without suitable habitat and with the increase in impervious surfaces, more areas become vulnerable to the risk of flood. Prevention / solution 5. The best solution to avoid problems of soil erosion is the maintenance and restoration of the habitat. For example, planting strips of protection on the banks of streams, defenses in gabion, geotube built with geosynthetics, anti-erosive meshes, protective mats.

New Billing System

After the entry into force of the new electronic billing system, 200 companies in this State have been forced to close its doors, leaving Bill nearly 500 million pesos, as noted by Pablo Martinez Apango, Chairman of sector Arts graphic of the Chamber national of the industry’s transformation. Similarly, he said that market turnover in Mexico, was about 5 billion pesos for years, of whom Puebla approximately participated with 10 percent. The area of graphic arts in Puebla, which is conformed by thousand two hundred companies, which in turn, overall approximately 1,300 jobs. Of these companies, 1000 have been devoted to the topic of billing but another 200 have been left without work once that this new rule will be applied in the business sector of the country. On the other hand, there are also companies that have seen the need to migrate to other business systems to not see the need to close. Given this, Pablo Martinez was considered urgent to form a cluster is graphic arts for the entity of Puebla, since through it, access to funds could be achieved to increase the possibilities of purchase of machinery.

The Ecosystems

Thus, it is important to know what the vision of the world that it will depend on that we are able to guide our goals and educational efforts. In short, the human being is more than technological processes: thus, education is a process capable of awakening consciousness. In this context, it is important that we realise we need an ecological education to be able to aspire to a sustainable, unique, society that can guarantee our survival in the long term quality of life. Unfortunately, schools currently not educated to preserve the environment, but, paradoxically, to hunt it; It realizes that the educational processes that use these schools already are inadequate to educate with the need for a sustainable society. A diagnosis made by the Presidency of the Republic points out that an alarming aspect of education in Mexico is low efficiency academic, while other are the educational content for the practical life in the culture of the students. So, being that education should assume as a rewarding experience, in the everyday reality becomes a routine without real meaning. For issues like this, there is no doubt that students will continue preying why not have transformed, not feel or recognize its link with nature, they don’t feel love or respect by this or by animals. We must bear in mind that sustainability is one of the seven ecological principles that organize the life of the ecosystems, natural or social; Thus, it is imperative to achieve a sustainable society us justify the convenience of having an educated community, since a society with culture is heading to become an ecological community, which educates for public accountability and promote new consumption habits. It is important that we take conscience in the sense that sustainability is a way of life based on the principle that there is enough for all if we all accept living with enough.

Garnet Pressure

Toward those crushing materials which have high volume of thick materials (the size is bigger than that of discharging mouth) and big ratio of the biggest feeding ore and width of vibrating feeder, it needs to finish large crushing ratio and have low productivity vice and see. More crushing less grinding efficiency is more significant, reducing the overall power consumption broken ground; high frequency and high-breaking form the perfect combination of the crushing chamber, so that production models of the crusher than other high yield even more, which greatly improved the material particles The role of laminated broken, broken product uniform cubic. Insurance hydraulic, hydraulic adjustment and hydraulic clean cavity used to make operation more convenient, easy to automate, easier maintenance. The hydraulic system automatically adjusts the working pressure, crushing cavity inevitable sometimes crushing pressure of the material into the super-pressure regulating system automatically starts, the pressure relief protection, automatic discharge opening enlarged, so that things cannot be discharged through the discharge opening broken machine, aims to protect the equipment. The hydraulic operating pressure is low. The equipment hydraulic system working pressure is relatively low (not a high-pressure hydraulic system) and host of the hydraulic pressure on the smaller parts, the hydraulic system is more durable and stable. Alluvial garnet grains which are rounder are more suitable for such blasting treatments. Mixed with very high pressure water, garnet is used to cut steel and other materials in water jets.

For water jet cutting, garnet extracted from hard rock is suitable since it is more angular in form, therefore more efficient in cutting. For typically shallow nickel deposits. The limonite rests atop the saprolite, is cheaper to mine and the first to be followed by the saprolite extracted. The Owers usually can be easily mined and extracted using an open pit mining techniques using simple truck and shovel operations. No drilling or blasting is required.

Little beneficiation is required other than drying and screening and sometimes limited crushing of oversize material. In particular, the lower part of the saprolite ore is often lumpy and requires to crushing reduces it to the required size specifications. As the Garnet s application in industry you should use our garnet garnet ball mill and crusher. When you get the primary stone of garnet, it is always in different types of big block, so the garnet need to be crushed sieved and graded into various sizes and thus coated abrasives of various fineness are prepared. In the process you may be use the jaw garnet crusher, impact garnet crusher, cone crusher, vsi crusher, mobile garnet garnet garnet crusher, etc.

Autoresponder System

The benefits of having an Autoresponder functioning for you: allows a track to the undecided, sending messages (tracking emails) well structured until the confidence (or urgency) is generated to finally buy. It reduces practically to zero percentage of returns. If after each purchase a series of messages is sent to the buyer: first by thanking your purchase, then providing further information about the product or service purchased, offering us to solve any problem that may arise, doing some unexpected gift your sales on the internet will increase in a large percentage are getting satisfied customers who trust in you, to have shown have the sufficient knowledge, and a desire to your consumers. A satisfied customer once again to buy from the same site. Don’t you do it? It can also be used to send free reports, courses for deliveries, or even your newsletter. The system automatically posts to your subscribers and is responsible for sending them the information at intervals of time that you see.

All of these are just some of the possibilities for using an autoresponder. The limit is actually in the imagination of each. You can even sort them by different campaigns as by example, clients, new records, or products if you have multiple products you can do campaigns for products so you will know that products have increased demand. You might have a group for those Subscribers that have not still an order, for example, and another for those who have already made a purchase. This allows two types of different approaches with different marketing strategies for each group. The Autoresponder System can help to build confidence in the products or services that you offer. Well planned, could make a system of effective technical assistance. For example, you could program an Autoresponder with answers to frequently asked questions about one or more of the products, then sending the information to who requests it.

Last Judgment

Dear all: The first entry that I posted on my blog was, in reality, the Christmas message that I sent by email to friends, family and colleagues. The truth is that, before the proximity of religious celebrations, I started to receive multiple messages of congratulations and good omens and decided I also send my greetings Christmas people to my around. Unfortunately my message ended up being too little Christmas, and in it, my current feelings about the importance of religions in the Western world was too explicit. It is at times like this (when I sit down to write something on the subject) that I discover that my system of ideas has gone away from my youthful agnosticism (which, in turn, already have had removed definitely Roman Catholic catechesis of children), and is located increasingly closer to militant atheism. I can say that, today, I have no doubt that religions are not only the biggest brake that has the progress of humanity, but are also responsible for a good part of the vices that lead to perpetuating the injustices in the world. There are who enjoys the attack that I do to our hegemonic religions and you think join me in denouncing to the narrow-mindedness of the cultures that grew up in the shadow of the three major monotheistic cults, but at the same time, it celebrates the richness and complexity of Oriental cults as Hinduism and Buddhism that speak of reincarnations and magical multicolored worlds. Sometimes, these people (those who feel a magnetic attraction for New Age gondola in the record stores, and the stands of aromatherapy in supermarkets) forgets that, for example, Hinduism imposes a social organization based on caste which regulates virtually all forms of social interaction and even tells its members what kind of foods to eat, and no matter how allowed or prohibited is a food, you may not have entered into contact with a person of lower caste.