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Poured Floors

High quality dry mix for self-leveling floor Glims-S3X. The desire to equip their homes, creating in him a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, bring into the house warm, it is clear to every one of us. Primitive people warmed their caves, carpeting them with animal skins, civilized people are laid floor fillers 'Glims-S3X'. Poured floors are no longer a novelty that can afford only very wealthy people. To date, this method of heating space is quite affordable and widespread. The only thing that should be paid great attention – this device is a cement-sand screed for underfloor heating.

Buying even a highly reliable system of floor heating, you can still overshadow the anticipated expectations, making low-quality ties, resulting in the floor can crack and begin to issue specific 'crisp' sound. The main causes of cracking of cement-sand layer are substandard ingredients mix (cement, sand), the proportions of non-compliance or a bad batch of the solution has, an excessive amount of water in the solution and much more. All of this can be avoided by using ready-made mixes for special self-leveling floors, where all ingredients are dosed and used special polymer and mineral supplements. In this area, decided to help the end user only company 'Trade partnership' – the biggest Russian producer of self-leveling floor Glims-S3X. According to the company have established partnerships with the manufacturer of high-quality dry mixes under the brand name 'Glims'. And also attracted scientific capacity building of the university leading the country (MSSU), resulting in a unique on Product Specifications – dry mixture to warm floors 'Glims-S3X'.

Together with leading engineers and GLIMSa technologists and specialists mssu (IISS) has developed a detailed instruction preparation and application of the solution 'Glims-S3X' placement for filling the floor. The attractiveness of this product lies in the uniqueness specifications. Basic properties of self-leveling floor: high adhesion strength, operating temperature range from -50 to +70, the device does not require expansion joints, the thickness of unlimited, environmentally safe. Scope leveling floor: floor fillers are used for leveling uneven surfaces (roughness of 10 mm or more) and the device heated floors in dry and moderately humid (bathrooms in homes) premises. Dispensed manually (kneaded using a mixer) or by continuously running high-performance mortar pumps, such as Putzmeister MR25, MR35 Material consumption: 7.5 kg of dry mix to 1 m (with an average thickness 5 mm). More information about the self-leveling floor GLIMS-S3H. Self-leveling floor tu 5745-010-40397319-2003 – 0380 / 1 Production technology of works: 1. a) When the layer thickness of 15 mm: the ground surface must be dry, firm, free from dust, dirt, paint and oil stains, etc. Clean surface (cement screeds, concrete) must be primed with Primer glims. Highly absorbent grounds primed twice. Primer is a brush with hard bristles or spray, and b) at a layer thickness of 15 mm: the surface is dimmed film or waxed paper (as a separating layer), the joints are glued with tape around the perimeter of the room to the wall is attached metal edge strip. When possible entry of moisture from the ground up, you need before starting work to make waterproofing sealing slurries glims Vodostop. 2. Beacons for self-leveling floors set the overall level of the floor. 3. Preparation of solution: Manual method: dry powder fill into clean water at the rate of 0,24-0,25 liters of water per 1 kg of dry mixture (6,2-6,3 liters per bag of 25 kg mixture) and mix thoroughly with a mixer (with a special attachment) until smooth state. Solution stand for 2-3 minutes and then re- mix well. The solution is in working order at least 15 minutes after mixing; Mechanized way: a slurry (Putzmeister MR25) or their analogues, it is desirable to use Rotomix8 settings on the water depends on the screw pair. 4. The solution was poured evenly over the surface of the floor and further accelerate the valve inlet mixture. Carry out further work with the use of decorative materials, subject to bending when exposed to moisture, after complete drying of the floor (7 – 14 days depending on the thickness of the layer under normal room conditions). Device features heated floors, depending on the thickness of the heated elements must be at least 20 mm. Before switching on the underfloor heating self-leveling floor must be completely dry during application and drying of the material substrate temperatures and ambient air must not be below +5 C Packaging: paper bags of 25 and 40 kg (net) Shelf life self-leveling floors: 12 months from the date of manufacture. Bags with a mixture of transported and stored under conditions that ensure the safety of packaging and protection from getting wet. There are different polymer and mineral supplements. With them, with minimal use of water can achieve very good ductility of the solution. That is, we came to the conclusion that in terms of flow of water to dry mixture can, bypassing all subtlety and subterfuge technology to promote products, to determine how much dry mix is good, no matter what its manufacturer claims. In turn, it should be noted that among the recommended mix for the warm floors based cement binder, the dry mix 'Glims-S3X' consumption of water for mixing the most basic. You can verify this by comparing the specifications of dry mixtures of leading manufacturers, which are written on the packaging and are publicly available. And finally, you should select the last important aspect inherent in the dry mixture 'Glims-S3X'. It is known that when heated screed is expanding, and cooling – is shrinking. In this regard, the dry mix ' Glims-S3X 'have developed a unique mineral supplements, and calculate their optimal proportions, the use of which in the mixture gave the most minimal coefficient of thermal expansion. For the convenience of the dry mixture to underfloor heating 'Glims-S3X' jointly developed to the preparation and use of dry mixes 'Glims-S3X' under floor heating device 'Glims'. Following paragraphs of this instruction is guaranteed high performance screed for floor heating. Due to the presence of a mixture of special minerals and polymer additives reduced linear expansion ties that may arise when it is heated. Thus, getting heated floors, and, accordingly, a mixture of the device under these ties, it is imperative to take into account the factors outlined above, or go the easiest way – to buy a heated floor and a mixture for its devices Glims-S3X, so more than what you'll be very pleasantly surprised at their reasonable prices.

AFL Solvents

The most famous of this group of solvent – solvent 647, which is used for dilution nitroenamels, nitro lacquer and other coatings. Solvents, washing should say a few words about the so-called diluents and diluent, which, although not able to dissolve, however, widely used for breeding, dry paint pigments and dyes gustotertyh dilution. These diluents include linseed oil and various emulsions. However, it must be remembered that their use should be carefully observe a dose, because in excess of the permissible actions can permanently damage the paint. In order to get rid of the old and no longer need to paint coating, special washing – SP-6 SP-7, SD and the AFL-1, proven in action in the paint and varnishes. Wash the SP-6, which is a solution of PVC resin and wax in the mixture of active organic solvents, used mainly in order to quickly and it is easy to dissolve the paint based on acrylic, epoxy, resin and other perchlorovinyl. Causing wash the surface with a brush or a brush, wait about 40 minutes, then start schischeniyu paint. A mixture of active organic solvents, thickeners, and baking powder – Remover SP-7 – looks like a white emulsion and acts much faster – within 10 minutes after application of the old paint is destroyed and can be removed.

In addition, SP-7 a few economical wash SP-6, since the removal of one square meter cover it requires less. To remove old paint from metal surfaces, use a special remover SD which is a mixture of organic solvents. This clear liquid is within 3 minutes after the application starts its operation for the removal of old oil and varnish coatings. Oil paint and the paint on the nitrate Cellulose is literally 20 minutes easily wash action of the AFL-1. However, it should be noted that in order to achieve the desired result, have very generously spend money – 250 grams per square meter In addition to washing away of funds that are sold in stores, to remove oil paint can be used "popular" means – self-made structure. This will require a 10% solution of ammonia, 1 quart of water and 2.5 kg of chalk.

Ammonia dissolved in water, after which there is added chalk. Very thoroughly mixed up the mixture, it is applied to the surface and leave for 3-4 hours. During this time the dye absorbs the solution, and easily separates from the surface. All solvents, diluents and wash – the dangerous substances in the application that need to be careful: use of protective gloves, gauze bandages, or respirators, and goggles.

The Effect

A combination of two different binders and the appearance of sooty thermal product of one of them has the effect of scoring and embrittlement of the film of liquid glass, which allows to relate obtained mixture as legkovybivaemyh along with mixtures on synthetic resins. A series of studies with one of the possible compositions of liquid-polystyrene molding sand: silica sand 95% (by weight, and here etc.); waterglass 3% polymer polystyrene 2% (as 40% solution of polystyrene waste in gum turpentine). The strength of this mixture on the compression on a wet after blowing CO2 for 1 min. exceeds the capabilities of its determination to the standard lever-operated device that is much higher than 1.25 kgf/cm2, and the strength of the mixture on a wet tensile is equal to 0.04 MPa. As the characteristics of these mixtures with vybivaemosti zhidkostekolno-polymer binder was adopted by the strength of samples in the gap, depending on the temperature of the drying process and taking into account the CO2 or CO2 without treatment.

Option purge the CO2 provides for fast-curing mixture, and this is its main advantage. It should be However, while recognizing the regularities of physical and chemical hardening of the binder, that the strength of this mixture is explained by gluing granular silica gel. But, according to AM Ribbon 'strength bonding the filler grains of sodium silicate glassy film is many times higher than the bond strength of silicic acid gel. " It is therefore advisable in some cases, casting practices, especially in the individual manufacture, use this opportunity serious hardening of the mixture by drying it, including after the purge of CO2.

Buenos Aires

Only It’s a gateway, largely dependent on preferences or vision of the world of the scholar of the issue. Thus the things, and always working at the level of hypothesis and under the conceptual umbrella of the sketch, affirm that the theme implies a positive value judgment and its consequent negative value judgment. In other words: some kind of demographic devolution is good for the Argentine population and demographic concentration phenomena are not desirable. It goes yours in this sense, that the demographic concentration is an entrenched feature of the contemporary Argentine population. This concentration that is not only demographic: is the result of happening in these geographies since the arrival of settlers and Spanish missionaries from the second half of the 16th century. It is related to human settlements in certain geographical points and available natural resource endowment. Already by the beginning of the process of emancipation in 1810, the city of Buenos Aires, He had gone through two hundred thirty (230), a position of pre-eminence over the rest of the other eleven cities originally founded and obviously to the well-founded after the creation of the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata in 1777.

To consolidate this situation had contributed the trade and the settlement of the colonial bureaucracy. Such bureaucracy would have continuity from 1810, and this isn’t alien figure of Manuel Belgrano, who had taken over the Consulate of Buenos Aires, since its inception in 1794. This institution fulfilled functions today performed for statistical, planning and development agencies. Shortly after starting the emancipatory saga, they would begin the objections to not only demographic concentration in the city of Buenos Aires. Thus the patriotic society lodge; Jose Gervasio Artigas, and Jose de San Martin, already postulated that Buenos Aires was not the capital of the new nation. This idea crosses all the Argentine, and events even in our days, in different global contexts and sadder technological developments, there are who still postulating that idea.


The search for this article is delve into the theme of the breast augmentation and meet women with the concern of resorting to a breast augmentation, the various options of the market as well as the dangers and benefits of certain modern techniques. Frequently asked questions about breast augmentation: what are the options on the market? Today many alternatives for an enlarged breasts that supern exist widely the results that a woman could get with the classical mammaplasty.They are offered from corsets to the growth of breasts, bras, creams and pills. But while the supply is plentiful and options are much wider to make 10 or 15 years, it is important to understand the difference between what it has to offer and also find out that it is truly effective when talking about breast augmentation. Still the mammaplasty the merjores options? Definitely not. Two years ago, there has been a significant decrease in the ques refers to the use of breast implants to generate the coveted breast augmentation. This is due to pharmaceutical science and laboratories have focused their attention in search of products that satisfy this demand.This is how we find products like for example the BUSTAP.

It is the only natural product that generates internal and hormonal changes at level female, by modifying the levels of progesterone and attacking the breast of the woman to get a reaction of immediate volume. The results studied in more than 20,000 women have been surprising, coming to an effectiveness of 99.9% in the tested cases.There are also other products to generate an increase in breast but nothing as good as the bustap since the others are not natural products and you don’t know that disorder could generate in the future. But then is there the possibility of non-surgical breast augmentation? Of course it exists! It is what they are trying to clarify with this note. The breast augmentation and are breast augmentation price related and is for this reason that people no longer wants to pay sidereal amounts by a risky operation by implementing a mammary prosthesis.There is the posibiidad recourse to bustiers siliconised, which simulates having large breasts… Stay very well with the dress but then when one is naked still feeling poorly and is for this reason that this option is usually not a favorite of the people.Sale massive Telefonica products offer bodices to make the female breast grow gradually. This option has a bit more successful but not being something effective the method effectiveness can not be ascertained.

If you would like I can get BUSTAP? For bustap we recommend you visit their official site. Previously it would be interesting to visit some interesting articles on the subject in question breast augmentation there you will find all the information needed to access the product and in addition you will find many truths that the surgeons don’t want to admit on growth of breast operations. We strongly recommend you to read them.I hope that our article have liked everyone and we will continue writing to keep them abreast of developments on this subject.

How To Retrieve To Your Ex In 30 Days Or Less

Finish with a girlfriend definitely isn’t fun for anyone. It is very strange when both parties feel good when a relationship ends. When your girlfriend ends things with you and want to retrieve it, the situation may become extremely tense. This does not mean that you do not recuperaras it. If you can do it. Just think of all the people who have done it before. There is no reason why think that you do not you can do it too. Recovering in 30 days or less to your ex One thing on which you think is in the fact that women and men have very different reactions when it comes to things that have to do with relationships.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that both think alike. You have to be willing to learn a little bit about female psychology and know what they make them do what they do. Understand that you have to achieve to attract her to retrieve it is essential if you want to be with her again. Also you must change how you think about it. You have to have the fresh perspective, as if she were someone who you just know.

If you do not do this, you think in the past, and the things that she could have done to annoy you. You have to see your ex as a new woman who gives you pleasure to conquer for the first time. This will cause you to take different actions. If you think that someone is who only know for the first time, you have tried it in a special way and not make the same mistakes that you did at the time of completion with her. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again.