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Jose Orlando Melo Naranjoa

Chances are that at some point felt cornered and on the verge of extinction. As to mechanics had to attack in groups. Noting that his enemies, a group formed by wild beasts. Ceded territory, and that meat from such animals providing them Serb, began to form groups of attack, but mechanically, not reasoned, or imagined. a As the herds were becoming more and larger, your enemies or those who devoured. They were quickly subdued by the crowd. a Then he began attacking each other, as some groups were much stronger and more vicious. Away to the weakest, which unfortunately had not developed to improve their bodies, and other ceded easier to be killed and persecuted.

Why early man became more jealous of their territory and began to cover larger areas of it. And how dimly appeared representing those leaders? Jose Orlando Melo Naranjoa a 1 Here's how it could have happened: as each group of primitives had some of their own, which had good physical condition and did not finish to attack his opponent to kill him. They achieved no purpose to terrorize their own group. And to experience again and again that the survival instinct drove her to flee or similar jobs to yours, let them raise the heat, taste, smell, touch, smell and sight. A feeling of strength, security instinctive pleasure of sexual reproduction and as many of the same species. Once formed these powers, each experience they represented an imaginary illusion, like the dreams that we remember with great difficulty.

Classic Design Combined

Their new Volkswagen you find in the dealership Christl & Schowalter in Freising Freising, 10 September 2013: Volkswagen uses in the new golf variant as in the golf VII all benefits and innovations of the modular transverse box (QMB). The highlights of the new golf variant at a glance: new body proportions as well as comprehensive comfort and security systems, while profit of 100 litres of storage space up to 105 kg less weight, new chassis technologies and fuel savings of up to 15% through new petrol and diesel engines. In the new golf variant electronic differential lock is offered for the first time as standard XDS +. It prevents slipping of the inside wheel and enables a still more precise target and sportier cornering ability. In addition, for the first time the adaptive chassis control DCC with driving profile selection can be ordered (inpidual or eco). The / drivers /-in can thereby choose between normal, comfortable or sporty chassis tuning.

This is done by means of a button on the center console. In addition allows the Inpidual’s travel profile inpiduelle setting Persians parameter. Of course, there are also the tried and tested, lowered by 15 mm Sport suspension as an alternative to the DCC (with 10 mm of lower body). The new golf Variant can be ordered Christl and Schowalter at launch with seven gasoline (TSI) and diesel engines (TDI) at the dealership. It varies the range between 63 kW (85 HP) and ranges up to 110 kW (150 PS).

The stop start system and the Rekuperationsmodus are installed as standard on all engines. Variant, there are the golf with classic 5-and 6-speed transmission. Alternatively, when almost all engines, a 6 or 7-speed DSG are ordered from us on site in Freising. All four TSI petrol engines (77 kW/105 HP, 90 kW/122 HP, 63 kW / 85 HP; 103 kW/140 HP) are efficient.

Benefits Of Control Of Anger

Control of anger in young people, is becoming more important these days. Much is heard about changes to juvenile humor, hormonal disturbances and problems of youth. Anger is just another emotion, such as joy, sadness, love and fear. But when all the other problems affect only ti, anger also affects those who are to your around. This is the reason why this has been taught for a long time, why is that we must learn to control anger. Be young only always will be a pleasure.

However, in this stage where you are witness to the greatest number of fluctuations of emotions with great frequency. Those things that seemed to be correct above, seem to be bad now and the things that seemed to be wrong before, now are correct in their opinion. These frequent mood fluctuations, lead to a wrong path. If you take the anger management advice from youth, could be repaired roads and see once and for all, the constructive path. There are so many things that they induce the anger in you, as they can be: lose a game, the behavior of his friends or the rigidity of their parents or the discipline in your school, etc. It is at this time of life where should wish to take full advantage of it.

It is at this point in life that you want to be independent. It is at this point in life you need anger management techniques, to cope with changes in the environment. If you start practicing anger management, assumes that you will learn self-control strategies. This is a powerful tool that will sharpen your wisdom, while the subject to emotional changes. Practiced it will teach the correct point where your domain itself should be placed when the body shows signs of getting angry. Just prior to you angry, is hot and red face, his heart starts beating hard and feel a stretching of the skin, this is where to begin to be controlled. You must learn to control their feelings at this stage to prevent future damage. The important thing is that you can look out for having an alternative to control and try to get away from the situation. If you have problems with uncontrollable anger, there is no shame in asking for help. There is nothing wrong with admitting his problem and seek help to leave it. If you want peace in your life, then you must learn anger management techniques. It will show you how to convert your life in a quieter, only by changing their behavior. Alfonso Mancilla Pardo original author and source of the article

Old Tree

Today, by chance, wanted to the destination that you will find me, after so many years, again with you first .mi great love-you said my name calling me, and I sounded so distant, and at the same time so familiar, that, as if suddenly opened the casket of my memories I couldn’t do anything other than surprised, greet you with a simple kiss on the cheek- and the words left your mouth presurosasas if they wanted to make up for lost time, and told me about you, upon your life without me, thy daughters, which could have been mine, your separation, and so many things, while I looked deep in your blue eyes, recalling., my first love-no longer saw you as before, Coquette, with your blond long hair, with your lips with shine, put on the sly, and I thought, with fear, that to me nor your would see me as before, and when you asked, and you?, as are you?, only could say foolishly., I, well-we said goodbye with another simple Kiss, and without giving us the possibility of another meeting, to which neither of them forced, you alejaste, my first love, as before, like when you llegabas late to your House after our appointments, and as before you gave back to give me your farewell by hand, my great love-had hurt Me more than what supposed encounter, and almost without wanting to, I began to retrace my steps, as returning to a time gone, and I was looking foralso almost unintentionally, the square with the old tree complicit in that time- and I found you, as an old friend, you were there as always, and look in your crust, also the beloved name was there, surviving to step the time.-in silence, I mentally involved with you, old tree in my neighborhood you have in the bark the name of that girl in another time I loved….It was all beautiful then, the Street neighborhood jugueteaba and laughed under the light bulb, and you all shaky, because to the swear you mentias me, I put thousand excuses for not kissing the cross.-my first love!.- And I went, feeling so old like you, while the cold of the night, had dampened my eyes.-author: Victor Iglesias Gois original author and source of the article