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A new BSA qualification in accordance with UV Protection Ordinance (UVSV) offers information about all necessary adjustments one must be offered from November 1, 2012, in the operation of UV tanning equipment (tanning beds”) mandatory on the respective user fine-grained skin type determination and dosage planning by qualified personnel. This includes also the introduction to the safe operation of the UV irradiation unit by the supervising staff. Numerous technical requirements that are to be added. That concerns in addition to pure tanning beds or bathing establishments which have on UV irradiation equipment, appropriate fitness and health studios and Spa facilities. What technical and there are other constraints? Since August 2012, no tanning beds may be operated in Germany, which exceed an erythemalen value of 0.3 W / m2.

No may be provided with access more people under the age of 18 to UV irradiation equipment. Otherwise threaten sensitive fines of up to 50,000. Who runs a UV Irradiator, has loudly UV protection regulations to ensure that UV protective goggles in sufficient numbers will be made available and by the personnel of the operator a such goggles offered to each user and each user before using a UV irradiation unit. When the irradiation of users and users with a UV irradiation device that allows design variable distances of the irradiated person to the device, care must be taken, that the required minimum distance; This can be ensured by a mark or a structural measure approximately. The UV-irradiation device must have an emergency shut-down, which immediately stops the radiation and by the user or the user during radiation treatment can be easily reached. It must be ensured that in Erythema-effective radiation of more than 800 joules per square meter the UV irradiation unit itself shuts off (forced shutdown). What does this mean for the use of UV-irradiation devices? To ensure that the customer in his individual Dosing schedule to comply with held data, can be used, for example, on a map close supported system.


Bio gas plant manufacturers WELTEC BIOPOWER from Vechta offers a new technology which facilitates participation in the balancing energy market for plant operators. INSA stands for intelligent switch and regulates the power feed-in power regardless of the electrical energy generated. Thus, biogas plants can take part significantly more economical than previously in the balancing energy market. The German power market is located in the change: changes in energy production and consumption require an increased need to control energy to provide grid stability. Decentralised power plants, such as biogas, score here, because they can easily reduce their power or turn up. This high degree of flexibility will be rewarded when participating in the balancing energy, by deriving additional revenue potential for plant operators. Still some uncertainties exist about this form of marketing and many questions to answer, for example of the type of control and the heat centers in down-regulated power supply. As complex as the subject of control energy the mechanics of the INSA is so easy.

In the case of intervention of the operator uses the electricity generated by the CHP INSA and converts it into thermal energy. The resulting heat is fed by means of a heat exchanger in the existing heating network. The entire biogas plant remains unaffected in this process and is still self-sufficient, since the control unit of the power marketer in INSA is built. The demand for electricity in the network increases again, resting INSA and the original energy flow has been restored in a matter of seconds. The benefits are extensive: by INSA the CHP continue in the future even under full load, if the operator requires no electricity. As biogas plant operators can meet continuously and with full power their heat delivery obligations. Conversely, this also means ensuring an undisturbed fermentation process.

Also minimizes the wear on the CHP, because there is no constant on and off of the motor. Plant operators must now but don’t think that INSA the Most of the day in operation is. In the balancing energy, the intervention of the operator often take only a few minutes up to maximum of 1 hour, but for the system can be obtained several times on the day,”explains Jens Flerlage, specialist for direct marketing and control energy at WELTEC BIOPOWER. It is also important that the Stromvermarkter can be accessed through its control unit only on INSA and not on the biogas plant. The intervention be carried out automatically, smoothly and without costs for the operators. Due to the very short response time, INSA can easily operate all rule services demanded by the market. The innovative technology that has been certified by several environmental assessments, has compact dimensions, is maintenance – free and wear-free, and can be retrofitted without planning permission. WELTEC BIOPOWER estimated the payback period of investment on an average of two years and can deliver promptly the innovation.

Bottomline Technologies

The company expands its presence in the DACH region and shows leading solutions to customer communications and content integration PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire, United States, 24 September 2013. Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY), a leading provider of cloud-based payment, accounting and banking solutions today announced its participation at the DMS EXPO, September will take place from 24 to 26 in Stuttgart. The event represents an important part of Bottomline’s strategy to expand its presence in the DACH region and to support the extensive growing customer base here. Bottomline will present its award-winning solutions that allow companies to manage inbound and outbound document processes with a central system and automate. Organizations take over control of the most important stages in their critical business processes. Data is managed effectively throughout the entire document life cycle and thus increase business productivity. Allen Jones, regional manager for roof at bottomline Technologies, explains: transform represents the next step in the evolution of document creation and customer communication. Companies can streamline the flow and distribution of documents and data within the Organization as well as externally.

How successfully companies capture information, manage and deploy, has a significant impact on a company’s operational and financial results. It is therefore imperative to implement this properly.” Bottomline will demonstrate also his newest solution for content integration: transform filer, an intuitive solution, SharePoint seamlessly connects with ERP, payment and other core business applications of the company. One of the main problems for companies that use SharePoint, is to enable users to manage their content quickly and easily and to pass on. Many companies also find it difficult to extend the use of SharePoint to richer business processes; Transform filer allows users to quickly and easily Access to information, avoid duplicates, and concentrate on the actual task without ever having to leave their primary business application. Transform filer can increase end user productivity by up to 30% which corresponds to 2 half work hours per employee per day.


In the construction market There are hundreds of suggestions on how architecture and on designs, and yet we suggest that the most simple: a log or cobbled cottage house with the oven-stove. In this suburban home to live from April to November in the year construction. When buying a log home you should immediately take care of the foundation. From the construction site to remove topsoil. Block or boulder foundations with good dry soil may be based on the surface. It would be good right away, along with holiday home foundations, to determine the position of oven and put it to her sunken concrete foundations at 40-50 cm, a height which finally determine when you will put a permanent oven.

For your home oven is sufficient foundation in terms of size 120×80 cm (see 'Heating stove. From the foundation to Dymnikov ). The walls, as already mentioned, cobbled or timbered. Beam cross-section of 15×15 cm in the log the walls of the groove width prokonopachennogo must be at least 12-15 cm Floors were supported with wooden beams, joists in the construction of floors with areas for insulation. Roof – krutouklonnaya, not less than 45 deg.

To allow further use the attic for the unit loft building. Roof – soft asphalt as a temporary deviation in the 45 deg. it will last 10-12 years. But you can immediately put an asphalt roof piece, a reproduction of tile or share, such a roof is not much more expensive, but much prettier and last for over 25 years. Ceiling – wood, plank on the beams, taking into account insulation, sound insulation and operational burden of the future of attic space. Windows attic and the house immediately available with double glazing. The doors and the attic at home as well insulated and reinforced. In his first year in the fall of the house habitable.

Web Promotion Techniques And Optimization

Let’s face it, locate our website at the top of search engines may take some time and effort they have decided to include some promotional techniques with which we have obtained good results both online and offline: 1 .- Classified Ads. On the web there are millions of pages where you can advertise your products or services offered for free, however to get good results should be published approximately 100 advertisements a day from Monday to Friday, this task you can take 2 hours but with practice you can do it in less time.

Currently there are softwares with which you can publish hundreds of ads in just minutes, even if it is not recommended as the most effective way is to do, is manually, the idea is not to waste your money buying these programs. And where can get the web addresses of pages of classified ads? In this link you can find over 5,000 addresses where you post your classified ad FREE! And now placing ads on the boards classifieds? To advertise the first step is to access the main web and find a link to your nuncio anode a , aggregate nuncio , a publicara or some similar message. Before inserting the notice is necessary to select the desired category, for example if you are selling software or e-Books e-commerce could reach the category of a economic and businesses , a Internets , etc.Finally accede to a form where you enter your personal details, your listing and you click the submit button.