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Data Crossing

The last stage was the crossing of data, such as topographical conditions, outflow, localization of the residences and distance for attainment of the type of used device in accordance with tables 1, 2 and 3 of the bibliographical revision. 6,0 RESULTS AND QUARRELS the survey of the property inquired the positions, heights and geographic coordinates of the houses and devices installed in the stream. The height enters the captation point and the devices presented an unevenness of 2,20 meters, surveyed with the aid of the metric trena. Between the devices and its respective reservoirs the unevenness was surveyed with the GPS, having calibrated itself its altimeter in accordance with the known altitude of the place. The hydraulical sheep is the 13 meters of unevenness of the reservoir, while wheel d? water was to the 25 meters of unevenness.

In the distance of the tubing it was measured with aid of GPS program. Wheel d? water was long-distance of 450 meters, while for the hydraulical sheep, 100 meters of distance of the water reservoirs, (FIG.6), as orientaes of Stano Jnior (2007) and Azevedo Netto et al; (1998). 6,1 Outflow for drive the knowledge of the amount of available water for drive of the device, and the outflow allowed for captation is ones of the requirements for installation of any hydraulical equipment. In the Stream of the Cachoeirinha the outflow of the water course was esteem in the period of estiagem for the method of the regionalizao of outflows, established for the IGAM. In the visit was surveyed it outflow of the canal formed for the water slide bars that go for the hydraulical sheep and wheel d? water. This all possesss the constant outflow during the year, which had to the slide bars of the water course. The canal possesss width, depth and length of, respectively 0,22; 0,095 and 0,54 meters.

Hard Drive Technology

SSD drives are affordable for the private bar of computer use more popular and more and more. For several years, SSD (solid-state drive), i.e. Flash memory offered hard drives as an alternative to traditional data sources. Launch of first SSDs were the prices hardly compared to the available disk space. Now the manufacturer on the 4th and 5th generation arrived, visible to customers to better technology and falling prices. Hard drives the famous consumer electronics manufacturer Apple is used as an example of the growing popularity of SSD: work in all new ultra portable notebooks SSD hard drives, memory is used in IPods, IPads and IPhone.

Who thinks about buying an SSD, should inform about pros and cons of the technology. The data storage is done in solid state disks by semiconductor memory cell, similar to in USB sticks. As with conventional hard disks there is no mechanical disks in SSD. A failure or data loss due to mechanical failure is so unlikely. SSD are disk so predestined hardly compared to shock prone for mobile use. However, semiconductor cells have a limited life time, only a certain number of write operations on each individual cell can be performed.

Most consumer SSDs use memory that is 3000-10 000 x rewritable depending on the manufacturing process currently MLC. The manufacturers make sure that through the use of sophisticated control chips in normal use no SSD failure due to wear of all memory cells can be expected. The most important advantage of SSDs compared to traditional hard drives is the enormous increase in speed. Using new memory technology information hard disk within a fraction of the time read out by an SSD, need the conventional data stores. The computer starts faster, all programs are called in less time. The SSD technology is gaining market maturity and popularity, although still comparatively high cost. Although the press describes regular product defects in new models, which can result in potential data loss, most owners swear by but use of a SSD: the advantages of the technology are so serious that a normal disk usage appears to be barely conceivable after using an SSD.

US American President

As of now, the search for products is even easier and clearer the Verpama AG has overhauled its online portal. The site now more modern, easier to read, and user-friendly than ever before is wrapped in a new design. On more than 130 bases, customers and business partners for information about all products and services. In particular, the navigation and display the product detail pages have been significantly improved and now better support customers as business partners in finding according to the desired information. Technically, the solution was implemented with Drupal (, the world’s leading social publishing system. “Drupal is at, the Web page of the US American President, as well as for some of the largest and most modern Web sites ( of the world.” Glove, CEO of Verpama AG and the Anolim team achieved through close cooperation between Mr Claude rapid implementation. The short implementation time and the high To meet quality requirements, we have employed the SCRUM development methodology of olim GmbH.

SCRUM encourages the achievement of objectives in a very flexible manner and allows a fast response time. Supporting our innovative project management and issue tracking system was used. This allows also a high transparency for all stakeholders in addition to project planning, the time – and issue-tracking and integrated documentation. In olim GmbH: Anolim (absolutely NO LIMits) is a creative advertising agency, is breaking new ground for the online acquisition of new clients with Web solutions and technologies. These are the areas of online sales, marketing & communication in the focus of our work. In the Centre of our cooperation is the understanding of the needs of our customers and a high quality which is achieved through optimal coordination between design and development processes.

Tradition Meets Future Technology

Swiss LOEB group his department store in Bern with Bizerba equips scales from Balingen/Bern, June 15, 2010 the traditional LOEB in Bern entrusted his scales on the latest technology by Bizerba. In the newly designed departments fish and fruits and vegetables installed three PC scales of the K-class series of the technology manufacturer Bizerba LOEB. LOEB wants to serve its customers fast and competent customer service is available for the company and its employees in the first place. The modern Bizerba touch screen scales for the self-service have been programmed so that consumers will no longer have to look for the right button. He simply enters the number of the desired product on a keypad. Also a picture of the selected article on the display of the scales appear immediately next to the weight and price. LOEB was supported AG in the programming of the Obrecht technology The touch screen scales from Bizerba are the future in the food retail sector, with its possibilities to support the operators and the large advertising space on the Customer display is more than just a balance”says Walter Obrecht, Managing Director of Obrecht technologie AG. Both employees and customers were impressed by the stylish scales with intuitive operation.

LOEB: The existing since 1881 tradition LOEB offers many other products besides food. Decoration and toiletries, as well as clothing, the customer will find some gastro establishments. The service of the House count including ordering and home delivery services, tax-free shopping and various events. Obrecht technologie AG: Obrecht technologie AG is a leading, modern technology and service center with a national sales and service organization. The company offers comprehensive system solutions and services in the area of scales, weighing systems, slicing machines, cash registers and POS systems. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating, leading in many areas technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the segments retail, food industry, Manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features.

Worldwide, Bizerba is present with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries and 54 country offices in over 120 countries. Group revenues fell in 2009 compared to around 9%. Headquarters of the company, which employs about 3,000 people, is Balingen; further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (United States) and San Luis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. KG Claudia Gross Director global marketing & communication Wilhelm-herbal-Strasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 E-Mail: integrated network communication Sonja Henn of Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 44 76 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 E-Mail:

Standard Credit Cards

Extends a standard credit card or should it be more? Who wants to go for a credit card, will have to deal with the question, what credit card would be individually appropriate. In question credit card, a credit card especially for students, a business would be on a gold or Platinum credit card for self-employed and entrepreneurs, a prepaid cash balance base or just a standard credit card. In principle, all types of cards include the usual features you would expect in this day and age of a credit card. Z.B include individual credit limit based on the income and the wishes of the applicant. Also offer banks in the framework of the cards included and optional insurance that primarily specialize on ensuring trips. Discount services or bonus programs are imposed as well. A standard is the basis of a card payment quasi credit card.

It provides in principle for the first time the two primary functions of a credit card, namely the worldwide, cashless payment of invoices, as well as obtaining cash from a cash machine in conjunction with a PIN number. In addition, it offers an available frame that is set with the Bank together. An essential aspect in the amount of the credit line is the monthly income of the applicant. As well, a form of the sales on the part of the Bank is set. Here a distinction between once payment-sprich the repayment of the outstanding balance in a sum – and significantly more at the present time repayment of turnover in monthly installments. The height is a certain percentage of the outstanding invoice amount here normally. This covered the basic services of a credit card.

From this point on, each credit card type differ then usually. A standard credit card includes no inclusive insurance normally with a few exceptions. These are however often can be ordered optionally for annual surcharge. Little including insurance but equally positive affect on the annual fee. That is when Standard credit cards significantly lower than that of gold or Platinum credit cards. Discount programs offer many standard credit cards like discount travel reservations, discount on gas station sales, or bonus refunds on annual turnover. Here, a savings card revenue is offered by the card-issuing banks. A standard is a highly suitable means of payment for people who primarily want the possibility of cashless pay bills with a low-cost card within an individual credit limit and pull cash from the ATM can live without optional insurance benefits or bonus / discount services generally to credit card. Michael Hall’s

Lawyers Make Fewer And Fewer Specialist Staff From

Reasons: Bad qualified applicants, high training effort Essen March 01, 2010 – the willingness of lawyers trained paralegal has fallen sharply. Meanwhile, less than 7,000 apprenticeships per year be established by German firms. Statistically a newly concluded training contract comes on every 20 lawyer – in the 1980s, every fourth lawyer reported new apprentices that learnt then for the profession of the “lawyer”agents. According to a study of the Soldan Institute, is reported in the current issue 3/2010 of the law journal educates only half of the German law firms at all. Lawyers and major law firms are engaged in training fast: so train 80% of firms with more than five lawyers and 63% of the lawyers professional employees. Compared to the General Prosecutor’s Office, also female and younger professionals are frequently willing to train as their Professional colleagues. By the firms that train specialist employees, 61% report difficulty finding after sufficiently qualified school-leavers.

These difficulties are also an important reason, why not educate firms at all. However, significantly more likely explanation for the complete abandonment of education called that the benefits stand a training in relation to this resulting costs and the caused expenses for the firm. Many lawyers justify their unwillingness to training also with the fact that untrained personnel could carry out the tasks in the Office. Dr. Matthias Kilian, Director of the Soldan Institute: “the extreme decline in training by lawyers is remarkable. Would the Prosecutor’s Office formed in an amount like 30 years ago, there were currently no less than 7,000 new apprentices per year, but more than 40,000.

Notaries and patent attorneys, the willingness for the training of paralegal is not nearly as much declined as with the lawyers.” Samuel – the firm specialist Hans Soldan GmbH offers lawyers and notaries everything you need for the smooth running of their firm from a single source. With a selected, specially tailored to the needs of the law firm product and service offering, Samuel is the leading provider of professional and technical requirements for lawyers in Germany for over 100 years. Samuel places an emphasis on low prices and expert advice. Samuel supports lawyers not only in day-to-day business, but Foundation via the non-profit Hans Soldan actively promotes the future of the profession of lawyers and notaries. In recent years, more than 15 million euro funding, in particular for a practice-oriented education and training, were awarded to institutions of the Prosecutor’s Office and university institutions. The Soldan lawyer Management Institute is the leading research facility of the profession. Here, interdisciplinary management knowledge is developed and prepared. Target is searching the structural development of the Prosecutor’s Office to accompany and to develop ideas for a successful and future-oriented management of law firms. For more information, see Contact: Hans Soldan GmbH Dr. Alfried large Bocholderstrasse 259 45356 Essen 0201 8419594 press contact: GB-the PublicityExperten Alfried large Ruhr stone 37 c 45133 Essen 0201 8419594

Google Acquires Motorola Mobility

The Internet giant aims to increase the value of its mobile platform. Motorola Mobility will operate as a company separate from Android. Shares of Google fell 2.8 per cent after the news. Google has announced the purchase of the mobile division of Motorola for 12.5 billion dollars, about 8.743 million euros. With this acquisition, the Internet giant aims to give even more potential to its already successful operating system for Android smartphones. The company has reported that Motorola Mobility will operate as a license for Android and it will remain a separate its mobile platform business.

The movement aims to reinforce the ecosystem of Android in the face of growing competition in the market of intelligent mobile telephony. Among other advantages, Google gets with this agreement a number of valuable patents. The total commitment of Motorola Mobility with Android technology has created a natural arrangement for our two companies, according to the statement from the Chief Executive of Google, Larry Page. The combination of both According to Page, companies will create amazing experiences for the users who uploaded all the Android ecosystem for the benefit of consumers, partners, and technical. The offer of $40 per share assumes an award of 63% compared to the closing price of Motorola Mobility on Friday on the New York Stock Exchange. Shares of Google fell 2.8 per cent after the news operations prior to the opening of the market, while those of Motorola Mobility climbed 59%. He is expected that the transaction is complete in late 2011 or early 2012 at the latest. Source of the news: Google acquires Motorola Mobility by over 8,700 million EUR

Windows PVC Window

All modern advances designed to improve the lives of civilization, man, make it easier in everyday terms. Moreover, they are designed for comfort and safety of the most precious thing a man – his life and health. Considerable role to play modern windows. Branded PVC window profile are designed so that the possibility of penetration of drafts in the living and working space is reduced to zero. This factor is very important, and that he is the starting point when choosing between a simple metal-plastic windows and. An equally important aspect in this area is security and the inability to penetrate or break when you install PVC window profile to that also turns its attention to every customer. At a time when it was decided to purchase this PVC window profile, the next important issue is the choice of the manufacturer.

For several years the market of PVC windows, our firm is one of the top positions. Our prices are very moderate, and the quality of manufactured products is very high, so our popularity among dealers is growing. Window production at our plant operates qualified staff on the newest equipment. With this approach, our windows freely compete with any leading manufacturers of such products. Our production each employee interested in new technologies, so the production of windows, we kept improving. The range of our products through innovative development is constantly expanding. Employees of our firms control the production of windows at all stages, as well as monitor the quality of the materials used.

The quality of our products is always high enough without this it is impossible to remain among the leaders. Our company effectively uses human and production resources, through proper organization of the production process. Therefore, production costs allows us to offer our customers the very good prices. As a result of this pricing policy, our company managed to maintain a high demand for its products. Thanks to advanced equipment, our company can order the design of any complexity. And any of accepted projects will be executed as soon as possible, no matter how complicated it was a design decision. Protect your time and money to help the most experienced team of masters. If you require the installation of windows, sills and performance other work related to the installation of plastic windows, they are ready to execute them in the shortest possible time. Sills, sandwich panels and other attributes we have in stock, because the installation of windows, one of the services of our firm. And if Buyer ordered the installation of windows is in our company, he will not have to be ordered separately mosquito nets. Our company regularly conducts training for staff and workers undergo regular training. So experience and qualifications of installation teams and other specialists are very high. Which, of course, guarantee the high quality construction and installation works. All rules and regulations for the installation of windows, our specialists performed in strict order. Waterproofing, decoration, dismantling old windows will be clearly satisfied, as well as installation of new designs. Our customers can feel completely safe, because all the available products certified. Regular customers and wholesale customers are well aware that the company has a very convenient system of discounts. Our company guarantees the quality of any plastic windows, regardless of their price category.

Bornemann Technology

Certification of the company Bornemann thread Delligsen, 17.06.2013. Bornemann thread technology has successfully completed the certification process for the ISO 9001 standard. The internal quality management of traditional German company exceeds the standard provision however for years. What demanding customers not quite “innocent”. Bornemann thread technology is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of threaded parts.

For 29 years, the company manufactures screws and nuts for almost every branch of industry. Ready for installation trapezoidal screw drives are focused on. They are used e.g. in lifting equipment, cable winches, dams, offshore facilities, the food industry, in the racing, stage and theater construction or in miniature format for medical applications. Also the wishes and requirements of our customers are as diverse as the applications. Therefore, the family business has focused on the production of threaded parts with a high degree of individualization. The certificate according to ISO 9001 will give by independent bodies such as the TuV and serves as proof of successful quality management.

The advantage lies in the objective comparison of quality-relevant features. Individual core competencies can be but not in standard metrics, but are based on company-specific standards. So also when Bornemann thread technology. Here, modern methods from the field of lean management, as well as a partially automated production planning will be used to continuously optimizing the production. The aim is a culture of constant improvement to establish in the established processes be consciously questioned by all employees. Moritz von Soden, head of sales: the certification course is a testimony to the fulfilment of prescribed performance characteristics. But for our clients, this standard is not the Supreme decision criterion. It is important that we are able to respond flexible to the wishes and requirements of our customers 100%. Define our standard. This is true especially in new developments, which often lie beyond each DIN. For us: If our customer it draw can, then we can also build it. The company Bornemann more information and pictures see thread technology core competence of Bornemann thread technology xxxx is thread manufacturing including complete end finishing and making the corresponding nuts. The company was founded in 1965 by Gerhard Dietrich as Turnery. Since 1984, it is run by the owners of Gudrun and Hans Galindo Bornemann and has 65 permanent employees. All international Bornemann thread technology is a family-owned company with traditional values and loyalty to the German site Delligsen. In addition to the production of special threads, a focus of production in the production from large ready trapezoidal screw drives, cutting threads, cross threads, steep threads or screw conveyors.