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Friday Linux

So if dreaming of creating a successful program this may be a good way to go. Find the program that most closely resembles what you have in mind and adds appropriate modifications so that it meets your expectations and then give it a name and publish it. It should be noted that the program must be licensed under a license that will allow you to do these things otherwise you’ll be committing crimes and you could get in serious legal trouble. The Act of not allowing others to add enhancements to a software program that they are published in later versions or not to allow that others based their work on the mine is an act that slows down the speed at which technology advances and induces the loss of precious time companies and programmers who are forced every day to reinvent the wheel. Sanchezdirectorio Andres Hispano I’ve been for more than 6 years as administrator of Linux and microinformatico systems. I am a fanatical apacionado by free software and new technologies in general, extreme sports and languages. I practice a discipline of the known as flatland BMX. Currently recido in Bogota colombia from where development projects based on free software. Blogs related GNU Emacs workshop at c-base / Berlin Screenage Open Irony: Microsoft Creates/Sponsors OpenMainframe.

Home Entertainment

A new model of laptop acer Aspire 5520 demonstrates the perfect combination of style and power. It is based on the original Gemstone design and the most advanced mobile dual-core amd Turion 64 X2. Widescreen 15.4 "(with a response time of 8 ms) and a full set of communications and multimedia capabilities Aspire 5520 makes it indispensable for Home Entertainment By using the latest Intel Centrino Duo platform with a frequency of 2.16 Giga Hz, the Mobile Computer Acer Aspire 5675WLHi has the highest level of performance. Reliability and performance of the notebook Acer Aspire 5675WLHi provided by dual channel memory 2048MB DDR2 memory, and use S-ATA hard drives with 120GB 5400 rpm. Video machine, specifically designed for support for advanced multimedia and graphics applications. It is based on the latest graphics card ati Mobility Radeon x1600 with 256 mb dedicated video memory and 15.4 "widescreen TFT-display with support for Acer CrystalBrite. Without losing performance, you can quickly run on this portable computer-intensive applications and operate multiple programs Mobile Computer Acer Aspire 5685WLMI (Price approx: 50 000 rub.) is a new stage of development Series Acer Aspire 5670. In a notebook Acer Aspire 5685WLMI utilizes the latest 64-bit platform from Intel, which is based on dual-core processor Inte frequency of 2.0 Giga Hz (second-level cache memory 4 megabytes).

Retaining all the advantages of the previous series of wide- choice of connectors and wireless connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared), a beautiful widescreen 15.4 "WXGA high-brightness display with 16ms response time and support of technology Acer CrystalBrite , Acer Aspire 5685WLMI model adds its own merits. In their including graphics adapter nvidia GeForce Go 7600SE with 256 mb memory, light weight (just 2.77 kg) and size, built-in TV-tuner. Acer Aspire 5920 is the first mobile computer designed in the latest, cutting edge design Gemstone. This notebook is designed on the basis of heavy-duty dual-core processor Core 2 Duo, which is able to meet all the needs of today's user. A truly excellent graphic component – widescreen 15.4 inch display with high brightness CrystalBrite technology Axer and incredibly short time of pixel response, only 8 ms, with a new generation of video card with built-in video memory to 512 mb of memory and DirectX make your stay a pleasure. High-quality image complemented by an excellent sound through an audio system 2.1 (two speakers and a subwoofer) with support for Dolby, a hdmi port and built in some models of hd dvd optical drive would open the door to the era of high definition video. Notebooks Aspire Series 9520 is a new step in a series of multimedia notebooks premium Aspire 9510 and offer you an expanded set of multimedia capabilities. 17 – inch widescreen display c support technology Acer CrystalBrite, two lamps illumination and high-quality color reproduction will make viewing DVD-movies, work with graphics or games – this joy. Mobile computers in this series are based on the latest 64-bit platforms using Intel Core 2 Duo, that gives high performance with low power consumption Notebook Acer Ferrari 5005WLHi, worth about 90,000 rubles – a sample line of stylish and sophisticated mobile computers Acer. It embodied the most recent technological developments, the minimum number of solutions and maximum performance, powerful cpu, high ram (2048 MB), high-quality video, a roomy hard drive (160 Gigobayt), as well, Acer Ferrari 5005WLHi one of the first laptops on the market, which as an optical storage drive is used HD-DVD.