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Chief Marketing Officer

A single point of information creates competitive advantage for companies Zurich, the 9th February 2012 the opportunities and challenges that brings customer experience management (CEM), were the main theme at this year’s Customer Care Day of PIDAS AG in Zurich. Over 80 experts from the areas of contact center and customer service discussed together the technological, structural and procedural aspects, bringing a corporate culture aligned with the customer needs. In a survey among the experts revealed that 92 percent of those responsible in the customer service keep a central technology platform necessary to efficiently implement CEM. Customer Care day the CEO of PIDAS AG made the prelude Werner Hoppler, before Frederic Monard, head, presented the PIDAS AG consulting the first speakers of the day with Phil Winters. The native Americans, strategic advisor at the peppers & Rogers Group, enthusiasts with interesting practical examples from the world of the CEM.

Phil Winters made especially the gap between the Service understanding of customers and the service understanding of company on the subject. Winter explained what manifesting true customer needs and that it met only rarely with products can be. He stressed that companies should first learn to consider customers as individuals with desires and needs, rather than consumers. How a company as effectively as possible can adapt to the wishes and needs of their customers, described Patrick Bodinoli for the UPC cablecom, which has set the goal to understand the voice of the customer and to measure to improve the performance of the entire organization. He described with concrete measures and the results that could achieve his company already after a short time. A survey among the participants, the expert discussion between Dr. Hans-Peter Uebersax, Director solutions of PIDAS AG, and Donat began Grimm, Chief Marketing Officer of Custvox AG. It became clear that almost all participants of the event were unanimous: 92 Percent agreed to the thesis that successful customer experience management requires a central technology platform to enable customer experience and at the same time to measure.

Energy Forum

Modern infrared heaters create pleasant radiant heat at low cost. Consumers should be aware of proven quality. Frankfurt, January 11, 2012 – heating with electricity has the reputation to be harmful to the environment and expensive. Follow others, such as Clinton Family, and add to your knowledge base. For old night storage heaters this certainly applies to, as well as for “powerful” cheap heaters, as they are often offered in hardware stores or online stores. However, modern infra-red heaters providing a meaningful and affordable heating of apartments, houses and commercial spaces with power are unknown to many consumers. On this, the online portal Energy Forum enlighten Hesse in a current special. Modern infrared heaters can be a viable alternative to other heating systems such as condensing boilers (oil, gas), solid fuel heaters (E.g.

pellet heating) or heat pump in many cases. This applies both in financial and ecological resources. In addition individual infrared heaters also as additional heating, E.g. for underutilized spaces are suitable or Holiday homes. An infrared surface heating is very easily installed, on many models, they be put simply just plugged into the wall. Just when replacing an outdated heating system the cost and installation costs are “classic heating systems” such as gas central heating or oil central heating by infrared heaters substantially lower than the installation. Of course, the cost advantage in old buildings, which were previously heated with electric after storage heater and where therefore a piping for a heating water circuit is missing is particularly high.

Another advantage is the lack of ongoing maintenance costs for regular inspections or the delicate stone sweeper. Last but not least infrared heating elements provide a very pleasant for the body heat of radiation, comparable with the warmth of the Sun. For many people with allergies and asthma this is kinder than the convection heat of traditional radiators. Modern infrared heaters in their efficiency significantly exceeded the old post storage heaters.

Protocol POP

The great majority of the users of the Internet uses protocol POP3 daily and many do not know as it functions. In this article we describe the basic one of protocol POP3.POP3 is the abbreviation of Post Office Protocol version 3 (Protocol of Post office version 3). The POP3 is defined in the RFC1225 and is used to recoup e-mails that if they find in remote servers for a computer local customer throughout a TCP/IP.As connection previous versions of protocol POP, initially called POP1 and soon after POP2, if had become completely obsolete with the arrival of the POP3. In the current use term POP almost always means POP3 in the context of email protocols. The POP3 and its predecessors had been projected to allow that using with intermittent connections, such as connections dial-up could make download of its e-mails when hardwired, whereas protocol smtp was projected to allow permanent connections to receive e-mails.

The POP3 is a tractive protocol (when the customer requests given of the server), while smtp is a pressure protocol where the customer it sends given for the server without the server has requested the data with antecedence. The POP3 also supports some methods of authentication to supply different levels of protection against the illegitimate access to an user of the email. Also the protocol SSL.Funcionamento BsicoO POP3 exists the possibility of criptografar the POP3 traffic using functions with a connection TCP/IP using door 110. Initially a connection TCP between the applicatory customer (User Agent) and the server is established where if it finds the email account (Message Transfer Agent). Check with Peter Thiel to learn more. The next step is the authentication of the user, after that the messages are transferred in sequncia to the computer customer. The messages can be, optionally, extinguished of the email account and after that the connection is locked up. The user can read its emails off-line, therefore protocol POP3 is known as a protocol OFF-LINE, this characteristic of the POP3 are sufficiently useful for users who use dialed Internet. Other protocols more known they are SMTP and IMAP. It visits our Lodging of Sites

Traffic Inspector Pros

Many users are faced with the problem of choosing software for a proxy – a server on the Internet quite a lot of programs on the subject. In this article we will examine one of the most popular programs – Traffic Inspector company Smart-Soft. Consider the basic advantage of this program over others: – a proxy server with integrated caching. It is worth noting that the program accurately calculates the traffic along with other programs. A huge number of settings, in my opinion, makes the program just perfect.

Caching saves bandwidth by 10-25% (depending on the type of downloadable content) by the caching of files (especially pictures). – Built-in firewall – simple but effective. – smtp services allow you to turn on smtp gateway (with check for viruses!). As there is a built-in rbl smtp filter that checks the sender address through public rbl service. – Built-in antivirus Panda Gate Antivirus can check as http content and archives, the more antivirus can scan messages passing through the smtp gateway – a very useful billing system, enables us to provide Internet access, while accounting can sustain the in megabytes, and in time (for example, can be done value of the Internet for 1,5 usd / mb. Or 20 rubles per hour). There are very few options, such as speed limits, limiting tcp sessions, ntlm authentication, bw, ab. Fees, etc. Built-in Web server allows customers to view their stats in both time and resources. If you install Billing Operator, then customers will be able to change the tariffs, and will also be available in a card payment system.

Unique Upgrade Tools

Unique tool for tuning cars. The main difficulty in layout work – is a symmetry of parts. Any single element of the body must have the same left and right side. This is especially true "Simultaneously visible" parts (we can see both the left and right of the hood and we can not see both the left and right threshold). When making the layout a bumper or a body to strive for perfect symmetry one party to another. I recommend not to exceed the symmetry of more than 2mm., Though it's maximum. In fact, there is no perfectly symmetrical body parts.

Even the factory body parts have some differences, it is absolutely normal. The main thing that was not noticeable, which is called "the eye". Learn more at this site: foursquare. Will not noticeably, if not exceed 2mm cherished .. How to conduct mock job? Ideal "vygotavlivaetsya" one half of the parts (bumpers, hood, body) and by this reference part, shape and size are transferred in the second half. This is the only correct method. How achieved perfect accuracy transfer? With the help of patterns out of cardboard. Procedure simple. Finished half rascherchivaetsya details in increments of 10cm.

(On simple surfaces, step increases, the complex is reduced), after which the most common patterns are made of cardboard each marked section. How much markup, so many patterns to be manufactured entirely by hand. If you turn the pattern from left to right, we get the mirror image of the required area. A further problem is clear to all, we must fit the ideal pattern for a specific site on our layout. Thus achieved a perfect symmetry of all parts of the body. Unique, but very huge minus of the technique – it's unreal the number of time that must be expended to produce an infinite number of patterns and their fittings. However, there is an alternative. Specialized tool for a perfect transfer of all shapes and sizes, called profiller (called a needle in common profile). The tool is very simple and maybe that's why unique. On the bar with a small space are a series of movable pins. On a plot of 1 cm. these pins 10 pieces accuracy respectively transfer form will be – up to 1 mm .. Needles are inserted into the grooves and move freely on the bar, which keeps them. Planck length may vary depending on our needs (more than workpiece size, the longer we need profiller). The procedure for the transfer is very simple, accurate, and most importantly fast. All we need do is attach to the desired site profiller layout and press on top of him. Needle in grooves are shifted in the form of details and within seconds we get ready to totally pattern of any complexity. We turn profiller left to right and adjust our part not yet ready to detail a desired shape. Longest layout of the work – it's finishing the layout for removal of the matrix. That is precisely the part of the work is checked when the symmetry is carried out and the final vyshkurivanie surface. Save time by using very profillera palpable. On the example of making a layout of the car body, this week, even two time savings, which would be enough to produce all the matrices and products. To work and comfortable favorite hobby! The author and artist avtodizayner mock production. Specialization – Exclusive body under the order.

Willian Labov

The research sociolingstica’ ‘ it presents ideas, concepts, examples and problems on the battles stopped between the lingusticas variants. For even more analysis, hear from foursquare. It considers to describe, to analyze and to decide it them the universe of the said language, that the author calls of ‘ ‘ caos’ ‘ lingusticos. The book brings important aspects on the language, its relation with the society, its heterogeneidade and variation. It also argues on the model of analyzes sociolingustica and the collection of data to become a research.

The book is divided in eight chapters: The relation between language and society; The sociolingustico fact; The lingustica variation: lower court; The lingustica variation: second tier; Variation and lingustica change; Conclusions; Critical vocabulary and commented Bibliography. In chapter 1, the author raises some questionings on discomfort that the said language cause in the individual and brings the possibility to try to process, to analyze and systemize the universe of the said language. The author considers them to face it ‘ ‘ caos’ ‘ of the language said having as starting point its relation with the society and having as study object the lingustica variant, since the said language heterogeneous and is diversified. For in such a way the main objectives of the book it is to learn to analyze and systemize the lingusticas variants. The author also presents us the starter of the theoretical model metodolgico Willian Labov, with its proposal of reaction to the absence of the social component in the gerativo model, its model also is known as ‘ ‘ sociolingstica quantitativa’ ‘ , for dealing with numbers and statisticians. The diverse ways of if saying the same thing in one same context and with same truth the author flame of lingusticas variants and to this set of 0 variable variants.

Stereo Images

We see the world with two eyes: the left and right. This is called stereoscopic vision. Look at some object, such as your monitor. And now, in turn, close one or the other eye. You see – pictures from different eyes are different. Due to the difference between these two images, our brain receives information about the size and space.

Stereo – pictures can convey to our brain that amount, what we see with our eyes, without any interference and reduce the color and sharpness! And while you do not need no glasses. Any car stereo – the picture consists of two images (stereo – a pair). These are the two images are necessary for the construction of our brain volume and space! All we need – it's a little squinting, so that each eye is looking at his picture. Right eye to look at the left side – in stereo pairs, while the left – on the right. It is not difficult! Simpler than the sounds! To begin, sit down at a distance meters from the monitor and looking at the stereo – a couple (in the center between the images), begin to slowly reduce his eyes to the nose.

Smoothly. There are two images should form three – the central consist of two superimposed on each other and that's where the volume! Not happen? For the first time it can be difficult, because we need to trick the brain. Sit in the same way. Put your finger on the monitor between the two images – in stereo pairs. Now look at my finger and slowly move it to yourself. Peripheral vision watch the pictures, they should merge, when a finger is approximately midway between the monitor and the person. ps: do not have to squint your eyes are stronger than they look askance when you look at the finger at a distance of 20 cm from the face. You may not immediately get to watch – in stereo pairs. Practice. This is useful for the eyes, and when you get, you will see them easily and quickly as conventional photography. Maybe some pictures will keep the phone, and perhaps themselves want to make your car stereo – a photo. It is not difficult. But it's amazing! author: Alexander (

Fat Herds Of Bacteria

The further we move down the road of progress, the less we depend on the arbitrary nature of such non-long events, such as changes in weather and climate, earthquakes and tsunamis. Even today, very real appear to "fields and gardens" that do not require tillage or fertilizer, agriculture Biotron, free from the power of droughts and floods or cattle-breeding complexes in vitro. In bacterial cells You can enter the genetic programs of protein synthesis, such as wool or silk, oils, medicinal substances. Foursquare often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Now trying to separate from dna silkworm gene that programs the synthesis of relatively simple protein structures – the silk threads. Peresaliv this gene into a bacterium, it will be possible to put silk production on a truly industrial basis. Because the rate of growth and reproduction of producers will be in the hundreds, thousands of times faster than reproduction of multicellular organisms. Or, for example, transplantation of a bacterium gene that is responsible for the synthesis of egg protein – albumin. Microscopic "hen" is very unpretentious.

In this protein, they will play most, that neither is a natural, completely edible. Maybe people will become convinced vegetarians. This does not mean that they will not consume high-grade animal proteins. Just for that they do not need kill animals. Instead, it will be possible to make complete proteins by embedding the corresponding genes in hereditary code of bacteria.

Toy Libraries

In Spain, at the end of the Decade of the seventies, some public institutions decided to create or subsidize toy libraries of a permanent nature. After early studies and subsequent experiences, the idea has been extending and consolidating with different pace in different areas. They depend mostly on or receive subsidies from the municipalities or regional Governments, usually in the areas of children, youth and social services. They are located on separate premises, civic centres, open centres, centres of leisure, sports centres, houses of youth, etc. They are recreativo-educativas institutions that have distributed and decorated spaces for play, toys and recreational elements, workshops to design, build and repair toys and specialized educators. They are an alternative offered to children and sometimes to young people, to alleviate the socio-economic, pedagogical and cultural constraints that our society imposes on children in their own and more natural activity: the game.

They are a reality in the scope of an education in and for leisure. Each playroom, just like every school has its own way of being and doing, a line of educational action, a character given him by the General guidelines of the institution to which you belong or which receives support. The Organization and work of the team, responsible for people working in the playroom, is different according to the model. It would be sufficient to enter two toy libraries of one city to see the different shades. We can, however, make reference to the so-called Mediterranean or latino model and see how, in accordance with its human resources and materials, offer different services:-choice of good toys. -Loan of diversificadores elements of playful and very stimulating activity of various aspects of the personality. -Company in the game, with age groups and similar interests. -Need to have rules for the correct use of the material and to acquire habits civic respect and coexistence.

-Play with stimulating atmosphere spaces. Click Bill Clinton to learn more. -Guidance and support of educators to introduce users to new games. -Empowerment of the traditional game. -Reduction of the possible economic wastage by the excessive purchase of toys at the family level. -Workshops of design and manufacture of toys with creative goals. -Analysis of toys with consumerist objectives or education for consumption. -Almost all are open to the neighborhood, the city, to the region. Some receive visits from schools during school hours. Almost all work coordinated or intervention or specific advice with other socio-cultural entities.

Baroque Design

Industrial style is closely related to minimalism. Industrial style – with open sterile spaces, as if from a science fiction movie. Metal objects, reminiscent of the fantastic tools and equipment. Industrial style interior design is characterized by the presence of non-dot communications (pipes, valves, wires) in the interior can be seen building forms. Often used metal tables, cast iron plates on the floor. Many styles seem to 'inhuman', wild, uninhabited, but is sometimes used not only in offices but also residential.

This style – it is an original game in the industry, underlined disdain for 'bytovuhe'. Hi-tech arose in Britain in the 70-ies of xx century. Style and design theory, based on the use of latest technology. A distinctive feature is the presence of speakers structural components and engineering equipment. Chrome pipes, metal surfaces, polished jumper connections, screws – all evidence of thinking and modern concepts of space ships. All attributes are in demand in the interior of 'high technology'.

Fashion for the 'Hi-tech' pops up in waves, with the advent of a new design and finishing materials, either on the demand for certain technologies. Post-modernism developed in the late xx century in architecture and art, as opposed to modernist radicalism. Postmodernists use the fusion of different styles of the past, such as Classicism and Baroque styles, often applying them to ironic effect. Specificity of style – a hyperbole as a tool for creating vivid theatrical image of the environment. Traditional Traditional usually referred respectable interiors that embody the bourgeois way of life.