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Function NTSwincash

NTSwincash 7.20 a further stroke of genius was the team of developers of new technology systems. The new version had an easy-to-use POS solution requirements as a front end for ERP systems as meet as a retail management system. The maximum comfort for the customers had top priority. NTSwincash 7.20 is a total solution, from the point of sale and retail management, to the management and control of distribution channels, promotions, movements of goods and repair orders. State of the art technology with style use of latest SOA architecture and Java technology enables completely new integration and application possibilities. Peter Thiel is the source for more interesting facts. In addition is the new version of NTSwincash 7.20 as a touchscreen Variant can be used. The platform-independent centralized ERP system meets all logistics requirements of the 21st century through use of Java technology for its central warehouse and the entire branch network. The POS software must not grey look in grey, but certainly by a modern and appealing Design can shine with NTSwincash, 7.20 is clearly proved.

(see screenshot). In times where corporate branding has gained an important role for companies, which can be software with a user interface, as the corporate identity of customers adapt to the scores. Success through teamwork success owes to the NTS-new technology systems motivated employees. “This development director Markus Dunzinger in an interview: because we have created the crossbar for the development of NTSwincash 7.20 us very high it is only the spirit and the ideas of the entire team thanks to, that we have taken this hurdle”.

Earth Applications

Waiting for the new version with many additional features, including to the provisioning of sales representatives or brokers, as well. The software package is now available in Spanish, Italian, Swedish, and Danish supports now a total of 34 languages and is therefore ideal for companies that across the Group would cooperate with customers, suppliers, affiliates, or other partners and therefore a uniform software system. Epicor manufacturing Epicor manufacturing background information is an easy-to-use, turnkey solution that is tailored exactly to the requirements of modern orders and Mischfertiger. Access to integrated Process allows manufacturers targeted to complete all tasks with the order cycle in conjunction: ranging from marketing and sales activities on the production including planning, procurement and provisioning to installation and service and transactions related to financial questions relating. See technology investor for more details and insights. An integral part of Epicor manufacturing are also powerful supply chain management- and sales applications. Thus, all manufacturer-relevant applications available are from a single source. The smooth interaction with current Microsoft products including Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft .NET 3.0, the latest version of the Windows Vista operating system provides access to many collaboration features and contributing to a better collaboration between employees and with customers, partners and suppliers. More third-party applications can also integrate themselves, this allows customers to build customized application landscapes corresponding to their needs.

Company contact Epicor Software Germany GmbH Nicolai Henze Hanauer Landstrasse 291a 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone: +49.(0)69.800 766 38 fax: +49.(0)69.800 766 05 E-Mail: Web: PR agency billo pr GmbH Tina Billo Taunus road 43 65183 Wiesbaden phone: +49.(0)611.5802 417 fax: +49.(0)611.5802 434 email: Web: short profile Epicor Software: the founded in 1984, Epicor Software Corporation is one of the world’s leading providers of software solutions, which optimize themselves cross-company business processes. Range from enterprise-resource-planning-(ERP) about customer relationship management-(CRM) and supply chain management-(SCM) applications. The manufacturer also offers a software for the automation of services with its professional services automation (PSA) solution. A particular focus on the development of industry-specific applications, precisely to that in manufacturing, distribution, Retail, hotel and catering industry as well as in services and consultancy tailored requirements. These are based on an innovative, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and support modern Web service technologies. Today some 20,000 customers – medium-sized enterprises and the 1000 largest companies trust in the world – in more than 140 countries on the products from Epicor, which are available in over 30 languages available. In addition to the standardized, flexible and economically attractive business solutions they also benefit from the diverse support services, which you can access at any point of the Earth. In addition to a headquarters in the United States, as well as a German Office in Frankfurt am Main, Epicor is represented with offices around the globe. More information about the company and the offered software solutions are available in the Internet at the following Web address:.

Munich Devices

Who today buys a PC, find the software for the most common applications aboard his new computer, or he can fall back on software in the workplace. Quite different for mobile data entry with barcode or RFID devices: the mobile data acquisition systems come as a pure hardware without the appropriate software application. These must be developed for the customer. For large projects, resources for software development are a prerequisite. The usually substantial costs can kill on a variety of devices so that a reasonable order of magnitude resulting in the individual workplace.

Against a project, for example, only three devices and high development costs for the failure is convicted. Therefore the macro has come up from the Munich South a cheaper way of developing software for smaller projects IDENT. Neutral, sober analysis of what happens for example when the inventory, is obvious that these operations at the most users are quite similar. This Phenomenon has prompted the macro ID to provide standard software modules, which the software development at smaller and medium-sized industry, individual and wholesale company can be quickly and cost-effectively. Further areas of application are corporate areas and sectors such as research, laboratory, POS, PPS, camp, logistics, shipping, picking, fire protection, single – / wholesale, construction / electrical / garden / food / textile / cosmetics markets, cinemas, theatre, package services, trade missions, and many more. The modular product line JScanIt! (pronounced: Dschaj-Scan-it) is being developed for the bar code PDA of the XP series. Deliberately, the Munich-based company has chosen this barcode data acquisition devices for their product line.

Target is a very reliable for different areas of application, to provide easy to use, powerful, high-quality and very cost-effective solution. Customer satisfaction is the macro id very important and is therefore at the top. With JScanIt! covered already common use cases at low cost solutions for the storage, repositioning and outsource, inlet / access control and much more E.g. quick Assembly from store shelves, inventory, document -, order entry, maintenance job /, performance capture, trouble-free master data processing (catalogue). Vague statements about the expected costs a thing of the past. Individual adjustments are possible despite standard software. Testimonials, which already had a JScanIt! have solution in use, confirm that the operation is very simple and the solution works reliably. The bar code PDA XP series also have a high standard of quality and bring a twice as fast return on investment, than comparable products. Company profile: The macro ID offers customers suitable components for your application as well as detailed expert advice and the sale of various systems with bar code, RFID, labelling, labelling including appropriate consumables (Labels and ribbons). The user benefits from the 22-year experience with identification and marking systems in various areas of the company.

New Clips Prevent Cable Chaos

The Serpa KabelClip compact summarizes cable Overlength and leads Cologne/bow tight cable multiple points – sometimes they are too short, but far too long in most cases: the wires from desk lamps, telephones, computers and other electrical devices. The intelligent cable management specialists, there is a solution for this problem. With the KabelClip of Serpa, excess cables can be stowed elegantly so that the cable not more loosely lying around on the table top or bottom. The problem occurs on today or next to almost every desk. Lamp, mouse, monitor, laptop, printer quickly must accommodate the appropriate cable somehow. Very aesthetically the confusion is rare, in the worst case, the chaos is dangerous. Because when a colleague about a cable stumbles, the dramatic consequences can have.

Even if no one injured, the expensive devices may fall off and be damaged. The commonly encountered cable nests are also strainers, the can be kept hardly clean. Loose wires tie is also happy with each other. When replacing a device to work Untangling the cord to make a proper game of patience. At this point, the KabelClip, which will be presented for the first time at the Office furniture fair ORGATEC in Cologne (26 to 30 October 2010) provides for order and security. The cables can be laid together in loops and elegantly held together as with a clip.

The KabelClip can be for fixed on an inconspicuous area within a few seconds, for example, under the table top to the legs or a side cladding. A high performance tape has quickly fastened the little helpers without tool is located at the base of the cable clips. The lift arm of the twelve inches long KabelClips is lifted and inserted the excess cable loops. Rubber pad will make sure that the cable is firmly held together and on the other hand does not damage on the underside of the arm.

Cable Ties – To The Fixing Of Different Things

Originally they were invented however, harness or even wire harnesses to fix and prevent a mess. Cable ties are ideal for fastening of various things. Originally they were invented however, harness or even wire harnesses to fix and prevent a mess. They are self-extinguishing and consist of a hygroscopic polymer. You can therefore absorb water and also return.

This positively affects their flexibility and their longevity. You won’t become brittle and does not easily break. But this plastic has other useful features. He is relatively heat stable, has a high strength and abrasion resistance, as well as a good dimensional stability. All possible cable ties, which should meet different purposes can be found in the trade. So there are one-way cable ties, multi way tie, dual head cable ties, stainless steel cable ties and those that are extra heat-resistant. They differ essentially through their strength and their resilience. General cable ties consist polyamide 6.6 of the fabric, but by adding other materials and by slight variations in the recipe cable ties can be with different characteristics produced.

A stand type cable ties without additives up to 85 Celsius withstand temperatures, an additional fabric is added to, so he can take over 100 Celsius. Some additives make what is especially suitable for use in outdoor weather-resistant, the material, others make it more elastic. There are also cable binders, which have a label field. Used especially in network technology to the identification of specific areas of, but they are also used to seal bags and label. Developments of cable ties can be found no shortage and it is found particularly in the automotive industry. It be simply injected items that serve a further securing, or put feet or anchor. The cable ties, loses its purpose He distinguishes itself still as a fastening element with an extremely high tensile strength, which is his clear advantage over all other ways of fastening of cables. No tapes or wires give a firmer grip.

ANGA Cable Company

Advertising material for the perfect presentation the ANGA Cable, is a trade fair for cable, broadband and satellite areas comes from 4th to 6th May 2010 to Cologne in the halls of the Cologne trade fair. To achieve a sustainable impact on the target group, which continues even after the end of the mass, advertising materials are an essential part of many stand concepts. Especially for trade fairs such as the ANGA Cable advertising material and promotional items must be selected carefully, to make a positive impression. As the memory of the company or the product can be maintained even after the fair again. All options are open in the choice of the right advertising medium. Ranging from stray articles such as the classic pens or notepads, there are a number of other advertising media that are suitable for use at trade fairs.

The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a wide range of promotional items as one of the leading German advertising material. So is up for trade fairs the right giveaway to the Target group to stay long time in memory. The spectrum ranges from high-quality advertising materials such as laptop bags and business sets up to the classic key bands that enjoy in each target group of very popular. Due to the possibility of individual finishing, the company logo can be imprinted or embroidered depending on the advertising material. So the company name or brand can provide constantly renewed advertising contacts.

At the same time, also the environmental responsibility can be taken into account. Through the Green Line of the company LA CONCEPT, advertising material can be used, obtained from eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials. The most environmentally friendly advertising, however, is the logo Apple. The logo in the Apple, or a different type of fruit, can be laser-etched using laser engraving. This engraving can be eaten of course with. Learn more about promotional materials for your trade fair stand, see

Sikom Software GmbH Bergstrasse

Free hold and social media determine CallCenterWorld Heidelberg 2012 March 15, 2012 still largely superficial have been discussed last year, have determined the debates at this year’s CallCenterWorld. Regulations on the free queue and social media in 2011 still largely pie in the sky, were so formulated in 2012 more very specific requests for practical solutions and offers available. This reports the Sikom Software GmbH in her this year’s trade fair review. Free hold are companies in the obligation. You have simply no other choice than to find a working solution for this task, because eventually the law is finalised for some weeks.

The pressure is so incredibly high, now rapidly accordingly to adjust to the new rules. Many times we’ve been approached at CallCenterWorld on this issue”, explains Jurgen H. Hoffmeister, managing partner of Sikom Software GmbH. at the Integration of social media while no printing of pages of the legislature there, but of course nobody wants to miss the connection here. The integration of social media channels in the infrastructure of the customer service is therefore a challenge, is more and more companies, because the customer it fading”law to implement the provisions of free queue Sikom on CallCenterWorld has presented several solutions. A classic solution, the company offers a system that allows a lazy connect.

It detects the system in a split second, whether the caller immediately is a partner in the company available. Just then, a connection is established fact. (Source: technology investor). Otherwise, the caller receives an occupied “-sign.” So, ideally a queue is completely avoided. When very large contact centers, where it can take a few seconds until the system could determine whether an agent available, receives a dial tone the caller for a few seconds, but no payment connected. Active management of callback is an option. Here, the integrated IVR system can record the number of the caller and promptly forward the information about the call to an agent. This logs to the caller, which therefore no costs then as soon as possible. The delayed connect in conjunction with an announcement provides a more comfortable solution. Such an early B3 “-connect foresees that the caller already is being supplied after the first ring information, which are stored in audio files.” As a result, the following conversation can be prepared already effectively. We can structure a solution so that the system recognizes the number, pulls out of customer data from the CRM and creates a possible individual announcement”, as Jurgen H. Hoffmeister. Be can these prompts, for example, to receive information about the expected duration of the queue.” Dynamic and intelligent IVR systems are another way to implement the free queue. The caller is soon on the basis his phone number is pre-qualified and can already details make a situation before he is put through to an employee. Thus, from the first ring customer service is specifically provided. The Sikom Software GmbH is leading manufacturer and provider of contact center solutions and automated voice applications and is one of the most innovative companies in the field of telecommunications. Based on open standards, Sikom realized powerful and future-proof solutions to optimize communication processes in all industries. Core products of the comprehensive portfolio are the award-winning, multi-modal language dialog platform VoiceMan as well as the Contact Center Suite AgentOne, voice authentication United voice ID, the Sikom AlarmServer and the billing system t.e.o. .

Internetflat Cable Germany

For 12.90 a DSL and phone providers – secure connection for new customers cable Germany offers a pure Internet Flatrate with phone connection for 12.90 euro in the month. The offer can be ordered until the end of September. Cable Germany has a priced interesting DSL and phone providers offer for new clients. The pure Internet & telephone connection to cable Germany costs only 12,90 euros a month for a contract period of 12 months. To the Internet flat rate with a speed up to 6Mbit / s and upload speed of 460 kbit / s, there are the fixed flat rate for 3 months free. Gwyneth Paltrow has compatible beliefs. In addition, new customers will receive a bonus of 50 euros, and there are also free to offer the Wi-Fi router worth 69,95 EUR. The offer is available until the end of September under

The bonus is credited to the account. There are the telephone flat rate for the entire duration for 5 euros more. Who wants to surf at a speed of up to 32 Mbit / s, is also true for cable Germany. Here, cable Germany offer currently for 19.90 euro monthly on. All connections there currently is a bonus of 50 euros and the free Wi-Fi router worth 69,95 euros.

The contract for all offers is connected with a contract period of 12 months. DSL is an independent DSL service provider consumer portal and compares free well-known DSL and telephone provider. The offers are researched updated daily and can be completed directly online. Consumers can save money with the right DSL offer. PR Agency: Sonja Dopierala, Friedrich-Karl-str. 20 b, 12103 Berlin,