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Present New Social Fashion Trends

New proposals for festivals and celebrations of important designers and firms may contemplate in a new edition of celebrates Malaga, the fair of weddings and celebrations of the Palace of fairs and congresses of the capital of the Costa del Sol.Celebrates Malaga will present new social fashion trends a fair that has become showcase and reference especially that surrounds this issue. In this Fifth Edition the enclosure undertaken a transformation, in order to show the latest proposals for holding social events. Therefore, between the 25th to the 27th of November visitors will see on the catwalk the latest designs of national firms; visit the exhibition area, which will be present a broad representation of the sector; or participate in the parallel activities. Click Gwyneth Paltrow for additional related pages. Be held at the same time also the first Hall of the baby and the family of Malaga. Good baby is born to become the meeting point of the neonatal sector, maternity and paternity in which visitors can meet and find all its current trends. Your accommodation to attend these two fairs can make it in one of the hotels in Malaga with category 4 stars superior, our Hotel Monte Malaga, which for this occasion offers rooms to attendees to this meeting. To make reservations at our hotel where we will apply you rate meetings/events with prices from 87 per room and night with breakfast buffet and taxes included, simply click on the following link: book room in the HOTEL MONTE MLAGA important: to qualify for this rate will be indispensable to present at the reception of the hotel updated documentation attesting to their attendance at the Congress/event/meeting.

Multilanguage Pack

But, in its all, Microsoft does not guarantee delivery distribution (installation disk), old versions of the product and, if distribution can not be purchased or downloaded from the official website, you must apply directly to Microsoft. For packaged versions of the right to downgrade does not apply. Next, consider the right to use another language version (cross language), here acting a clear rule: if the value of licenses in use is equal to or cheaper than the language version, it can be used, if more expensive, it is therefore impossible. Example: If you purchased the Russian version of Office, you can use English. The right does not apply to boxed and oem versions. For boxed versions can be purchased Multilanguage Pack. The right to transfer and transfer of licenses. Regarding the transfer of the oem license, then they can be passed only with iron, to which the product was originally installed.

Transfer to another device, it is impossible, even if the original came out failure. Boxed version can be transferred from one workstation to another, and, once the box to pass to another person with the full range of supplies. Then the user must remove the program and all its components with your pc. With corporate licenses are quite different: they can be transferred from one pc to another only for the long term not less than 90 days, we can and to a smaller, but only in case of failure of the pc. Operating system license transferred to another computer is prohibited, to transfer corporate licenses can only be full payment for them.

Visual Cooperation

Since 1 SOS software service of new Mindjet distributor Augsburg/Alzenau, 04.12.08 SOS supports the specialist software licensing projects with qualified expertise and many years of expertise. The Organization guarantees always close cooperation with Mindjet product managers. This makes SOS software service able to give up-to-date information on the dealer immediately. Fast response to changes in the market are crucial for the dissemination of relevant information. In addition SOS considers the software distribution software service software as a service”. There are individual advice, assistance in the proper licensing and fast delivery in the foreground.

These service aspects were decisive, SOS for Mindjet ultimately to give the status of the distribution software service. Not only the competent advice on Mindjet software, but also the necessary expertise for special MindManager add-in software service justify a special status of SOS. Product lines, which now about SOS software service distributed, MindManager player, MindManager Web and Mindjet Connect, MindManager, JCV Gantt. SOS works with approximately 3,500 retailers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland software service. Customers in Germany and Austria solutions first-hand software service now also benefit from the Mindjet namely by the distributor of SOS. The new distribution status, can now better handled dealer and get Mindjet software directly from their software distributor SOS software service. We have received customer feedback again and again that the processing of licences on the market is so far still extremely difficult.

The licensing business is our daily bread for years. We will focus mainly, quickly and professionally to handle Mindjet licenses.”explains Marc Gloning, CEO of SOS software service GmbH, the current situation. About Mindjet Mindjet is the worldwide market leader for mind mapping software and applications for the interactive Visual Cooperation. With the company’s solutions, you can better visualize information and ideas, organize, and use. As a result people work more effectively, think creatively and save time – alone and in a team. Worldwide, there are now over 1.5 million users of MindManager. Mindjet is headquartered in San Francisco, United States. The company employs about 200 employees in the United States, Europe and Asia. The leading international investment firms investor growth capital, Inc. and 3i currently hold shares in the company. For more information get under or in the Mindjet blog SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution the SOS software service GmbH is a leading company in the field of value added distribution. Since 22 years successfully on the market, handled over 3,500 dealer in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland with software from over 700 global manufacturers. Value added distribution means not only logistics, but also extensive and current product and licensing knowledge as well as regular certification by manufacturers. The care of over 40,000 different items ensures the SOS software service customers at any time easy, cheap and fast procurement of software. Professional processing of orders of any size, shortest delivery times, electronically, include the standard service. For more press information press at.

Simplessus ICS Internal

innovative software solution for the internal evaluation of the supplier and to the measurement of the internal Kundenfriedenheit of the software maker of Simplessus published an innovative software solution to the internal supplier evaluation and the measurement of the internal Kundenfriedenheit with the new product “Simplessus ICS” at the end of the year. The idea to refer to other divisions in the company or within a group of companies as internal customers and in terms of quality and service similarly to “serve”, comes from the organizational development. Speaking of internal customers and others in following departments: IT departments legal departments / legal adviser human resources departments facility management catering and canteen supplies efficient, cross-departmental processes are fundamental importance for a company’s productivity. When this internal customer supplier relationships, both professional as well as soft, human factors play a role. The software solution Simplessus ICS offers the possibility that are departments with a single questionnaire each other in two aspects can write a review.

With the browser based software that can adapt flexibly to customer needs, Simplessus offers a tool to quantify the internal customer satisfaction with key figures. Department services are thus a bit more transparent and comparable. A standard questionnaire from the practice proven supplied immediately. He leaves however without programming independently change and complement. Peter Thiel oftentimes addresses this issue. More about Simplessus ICS can be found on the website of the Hamburg-based software company under. Simplessus software solutions & consulting E.k.. City Dyke 27 D-20097 Hamburg phone: 040 – 37 50 34 91 fax: 040 – 37 50 34 93 E-mail: legal form: sole proprietorship register Court: Hamburg HRA 106918 tax number: 22/100/21275 USt.-IdNr.: DE235917884 Simplessus is a Hamburg-based IT service provider for custom software applications, and manufacturers of software products in the areas of Internet applications & business software.

Windows GUIs

\”eXept Software AG supports teaching and research with free full version ‘expecco pro’ – the universal tool for model-based test development and execution ( Bonnigheim/Stuttgart, 05 December 2008 – the education initiative of eXept Software AG, the specialist for test automation, quality management and individual software solutions in Bonnigheim in Stuttgart universities and other higher education institutions in all Germany supports: expecco pro represents non-commercial school projects\” off immediately as free University license available. Those who work in research and teaching in fields such as automotive, telecommunications, mechanical engineering or computer science, gets the complete test suite. In addition, the user as well as a detailed presentation of the introduction receive unlimited online access to the expecco Forum as well as the very extensive expecco documentation. The user has with the test and quality management system expecco per a flexible and professional environment, one Agile and model-based test development allows. Tests are created as graphical executable model (activity diagram) and can be executed immediately. So are also users without programming knowledge in the location on the creation, actively involved maintenance and testing. The reusability of test modules and the use of extensive libraries, the development, automation and evaluation of even the most complex test scenarios is significantly simplifies and automates. For special applications, such as the testing of user interfaces (Internet browser, Windows GUIs) or sector-specific devices and protocols, expecco per a variety of built-in interfaces and extensions offered.

An example of this is the integration of the Selenium IDE, an open source Web testing framework for capture & replay. This, interactions with a Web page can be recorded and taken as activity diagram for further processing. Expecco pro with the research therefore has access to a test automation system is particularly suited to the testing of complex systems, architectures, and applications. The system is easily extendable by the user and can thus be adapted to the various tasks.

Antivirus Software

10 main rules how to defend the computer viruses (Malware) and Trojans? 2 2 Although hackers are consecutively developing new tricks to commit crimes and steal identities, us users can participate actively in the protection of our systems. Only the combination of a powerful security software and the determination to follow some basic safety guidelines is necessary. Then mention the main rules to improve the protection of a computer: 1.-protects your computer by means of a powerful Antivirus Software: make sure that it is a reliable Antivirus and is updated constantly. This depends on the effectiveness upon virus detection, because if it has an updated data base and a solid record, it detects and automatically removes malware. 2 Uses a secure firewall and attempts to configure it very well, because this will log all traffic to be it enters and leaves your computer through internet and will block those who do not meet the safety criteria that you have specified. 3 Activates the automatic Windows Update: or download Microsoft updates regularly to keep your operating system protected against known vulnerabilities.

4 Try to be very careful when opening attachments: never open commercial e-mails that you have not requested or attachments that don’t wait; for a greater protection configures your Software antivirus to have automatically scan all attachments from your emails. 5.-Take precautions if you use file sharing networks: the Trojans are currently camouflaged files sharing waiting to be downloaded. When download these files prevents run files with the extensions: .exe, .scr, .bat, .vbs, .dll, .bin,. cmd. A tip: before opening them seeks to analyze it with your anti-virus software. 6.-Before accessing a web site, make sure that it is safe. To do this we must many software that perform these checks automatically. 7 Something also very important is to download the latest version of our browser: browsers currently used a tectology to identify and filter sites that may contain malicious code.

8. As I said in my previous article avoid downloading suspicious programs, the most common is that the Trojans are hidden in free programs, which, when downloaded by the user and then executed, they begin to infect our computer. 9 Creates backups of your files regularly and store them in a different place from your computer. If you are a victim of a Trojan attack, you can recover your photos, music, movies, and personal information such as your statement of income or bank statements. 10. This rule is the most important of all: seeks to make all the rules mentioned above. And most importantly still performs this at least. A greeting and I hope you have found them the information interesting.

DocuWare Document

With just a click, a row-wise quick display of all connected via a payment proposal, scanned incoming invoices is possible for the final check in the workflow of the invoices. Calling the personnel master map, a search of staff documents of all kinds is feasible. Here the required wage and salary statement or the scanned externally timesheets to display reach E.g. only two clicks of the mouse. In iPunkt, the information Manager module of the industry solution, all document types belonging to a project, E.g. incoming or outgoing letters, faxes, E-mails, drawings, can be hold pictures or even movie files from the site.

There, too, only the attentive user when the screen notes that he uses in the DMS system. Or remember it later on the otherwise very tedious overview of all versioned packages and the If necessary, resulting (across-the-Board) bills from engineering. Even with a quick display of required delivery mixes billing the user – uses without realizing it – in the background of DocuWare. Document security with our DocuWare of integrated applications a variety of ways, the time, place – but also material saving benefits to bring. Here all to want to call you, beyond the scope of this article. But a particularly important aspect should be mentioned – high security documents.

Backup features secure your files and databases. In addition, the index data in the database as well as in the document header are saved by DocuWare when archiving each document. The simultaneous saving of document and index entries directly connects the data. Data losses are thus practically eliminated. If necessary a database can be restored also about this possibility quickly. A certain you can the rights of each user’s on special Limit functions. In addition, he can define access to the individual archives and set read or write permissions. There is even the possibility to encrypt documents. In this case, even the administrator can see the documents without the consent of the person entitled. All the data that the server sends or receives, is automatically encrypted. The data transfer is based on Windows, or SSL security features. Only the administrator is able to change the security settings. This prevents unauthorized access (sniffing). You can save result of countless hours of research and many shelf meters archive with integrated DMS functionality. The processes are significantly improved and also safe in invoice verification, reconciliation, accounts payable and accounts receivable accounting, monthly cost centers and cost carrier control of travel expenses. For example, just think of your mass documents for the wage and payroll. In one step, you create the paper documents for the staff and archive them electronically. Materials and waste of space more. To join the mass incoming documents as invoices and delivery notes, which can be electronically archived as quickly displayed on the vendor item display at your fingertips as well without fuss and immediately further edited. You have questions, how to improve with an integrated software total solution also your individual business processes, then ask the experienced practitioner of Nemetschek Bausoftware GmbH. visit US Europe’s leading trade fair for electronic information, contend – and document management, DMS EXPO in Cologne, Germany, from 25-27 September Hall 07, at the joint booth with the E091/F090 ALOS GmbH. You will receive your free admission ticket at. Thorsten Sprenger, DMS expert of the Nemetschek Bausoftware GmbH for further information–>

Software Auto Attendant

The Windows-software talk show host’s headquarters is now available as version 4.0. The talk show host headquarters also saves costs, that it relieves the phone staff and at the same time helps the callers to hear the desired information quickly or to reach the desired interlocutor with. Answers to frequently asked questions can be deposited as prompts in the software. Other functions allow the user to make their own processes: automatic call acceptance tone selection menu, voice recording, ISDN-, VoIP operator, use of GSM – interfaces, short messages for mobile subscribers, email with attached MP3 file. The talk show host headquarters can connect so caller, for example, during business hours with the desired Department or establishment in the evening when answering machine used and send messages to the emergency service staff. Users do not need special knowledge, to set up the program.

9000 Professional prompts help to put together their own processes. The Speakers have pleasant phone voice – requirement for a pleasant acoustic appearance. If the supplied formulations are not sufficient, so the same speakers and speaker in the recording studio for announcements on behalf of the customer are available. Already low-cost standard output of the program can on three internal caller groups can be configured differently. Get more background information with materials from Actress. The Premium Edition supports thirty internal number groups. The Standard Edition costs in the 2-channel version 250 EUR + VAT, the Premium Edition of 350 EUR + VAT The latter enables the recording of telephone conversations, the team management and display waiting calls on PC screens recording of music on hold. More information: software / / Central. Gerd Segatz

EBookCreator – Online Browser With New Software!

eBookCreator new software for scrollable Flash online publications. Install, read PDF, ready! FlashPaper”, catalogue, flip pages, there are many names for one and the same, namely PDF print publications, which are converted into interactive, browsable with the mouse Flash online applications. With eBookCreator, a new, user-friendly concept now enters this booming market. For the first time, the user gets an easy to use standard software, with which he after installation on his PC completely independent so-called eBooks”so interactive flip page publications itself can create. To broaden your perception, visit Actress. That is, thanks to the Wizard built into eBookCreator, not only easy, but also more rapidly.

The eBook with a few clicks of the mouse is created within 3 minutes. To publish only the all the eBook files contained folder on any Web server via FTP online made and should be linked. The online presence with perfect, plastic is finished and familiar look and feel. In addition to the wizard, the user has numerous modifications to make the possibility of a tool box. So he has completely free design possibilities with regard to language, chapter navigation, search, background image, navigation, links font types, context help, etc.

The huge feature set allows the complete adaptation to predetermined design guidelines, which are thus enterprise-wide available in document templates can be stored. Out of the countless possibilities of setting has two crucial advantages eBookCreator in contrast to products already on the market established: first the user can create eBooks its from any PDF itself without relying on a service provider or a service providing, secondly, there is no limit on the number and scope of publications. The highlight is the license model, which allows you to install on all PC’s within a company, limited by the VAT-ID number. This makes the eBookCreator extremely interesting for companies that had ventured so far due to the high and non-transparent cost not on this topic. Most licenses per publication and scope are due at the on the market, conventional concepts, all this does not apply for the eBookCreator with the one-time purchase of the software. If you want also sophisticated access statistics and automatic updates is operated with a low-cost, flat-rate service subscription. A demo version and more information of the Danish software company is available at.

Epicor Software Information

Application package Epicor productivity pyramid combines ideal complementary programs Epicor information worker, portal and service connect FRANKFURT AM MAIN 18 March 2008. The Epicor productivity pyramid application package is now available that contains the software Epicor information worker, portal and service connect to the market. The new solution offers businesses is to work with their employees Enterprise-Ressource-Planning-(ERP) data would make it easier. Secure access to information, whose simple virtualization, as well as the possibility of easy to prepare them for sharing and to provide are just a few options that are available to users. Also, recurring tasks can automate and streamline processes. All this contributes on the one hand, increasing individual work performance. On the other hand, the use of the Epicor productivity pyramid the collaboration between employees but also with business partners improve at and ultimately increases the productivity of all. How also the Epicor information worker, portal and service connect programmes all Epicor Software solutions are based on the service-oriented architecture (SOA), developed by the manufacturer.

This ensures that the applications each other ideally complementary smoothly with each other but also with other products of the U.S. manufacturer of enterprise software play together. Tina Billo the individual solutions of the application package in the overview of Epicor information worker (Epicor IW) with the use of the software Epicor information worker can access user when working with their familiar Microsoft Office applications quickly and easily on the ERP data they need other programs. This allows among other things contacts entered into Microsoft Outlook, appointments and tasks or but also customer information, earnings to match the information stored in the Epicor solutions inventory levels and production schedule. In addition, it can be located in the task bar Epicor ERP data looking for, then with drag-and-drop in Microsoft Office Word 2007 document or Microsoft Office Excel 2007 spreadsheets can be copied. Epicor Portal Portal allows the server framework Epicor to users access to data, which are saved in business applications of Epicor or any other manufacturers and graphically appealing them to prepare.

For this purpose they must bring database knowledge nor learning specific query languages. Only requirement is that they have based on your user profile created for them the rights, to retrieve the information they want. The generated files easily in the connection as Microsoft SharePoint pages publish and deploy in this way for sharing. This facilitates employees of a company, departments and across multiple locations to exchange their know-how, as well as making interesting information available partners and customers. Result is a better cooperation, which directly affects the overall productivity. The usage of the content packs offered by Epicor also offers the Advantage that user based presents clearly relevant data on their individual profile for you get on their personal preferences can develop customized content. Epicor service connect can be using Epicor service connect centrally to merge all operations transacted about Epicor applications and coordinate. The Web services-based solution also serves as interface to connect external programs from other providers, as well as by Epicor. Using Epicor service connect again routine tasks can be applications or automate work processes. The performance of businesses and the service and support quality internally and across the value chain can be improved continuously in this way. Service connect promotes cooperation between employees and ensures that no friction losses. In addition can be mapped business processes software adapted to the individual requirements. This ensures a permanent alignment with corporate objectives and helps to implement this.