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Solar Thermal Systems

The company of mock – heating, plumbing, informed solar electricity and heating costs rise. The use of the inexhaustible solar energy is therefore on the rise, she allowed but an increasing independence from the vagaries of the international energy market. The Delmenhorstener master operating mock portrays a fuel-saving hot water generation relies on what basics with the power of the Sun. Every day the Earth from the Sun’s radiation will receive more energy than all of humanity could consume in a year. It’s so obvious to harness this power, rather than expensive, polluting fossil fuels. When looking at an average German homeowner’s heating costs, it soon becomes clear that a large part of our energy consumption accounted for by heating water. See Peter Thiel for more details and insights. Because a waiver of heating and hot water is little practical, is the most appropriate cost measure in one direction of the hot water supply on renewable energy sources. The roof has an orientation to the South or The use of solar thermal energy can reduce annual energy consumption by up to 60% in our southwest.

From the perspective of environmental protection, as also against the background of developments in energy prices this is obviously very desirable. A complete independence from fossil fuels, however, requires the integration of solar thermal energy in a total energy concept, which includes other renewable energy sources. In practice, Ralf Mock and his collaborators realize integrative energy supplies, for example, through the combination of solar thermal systems with fireplace heaters, which have heat return systems. The amortization of a solar thermal installation is carried out thanks to the over 20-year system durability and rising prices for fossil fuels increasingly faster. How effectively the systems in the real world should be mainly dependent on a professional planning and installation. It must be whether the solar hot water of heating of domestic hot water serve or support the heating clarified, for example, in advance, should.

Is also a comprehensive refurbishment made of entirely fossil fuels should be abandoned, the solar thermal installation must be planned of course related to the total energy supply a work which requires the expertise of a designated expert. Combining precisely planned and implemented appropriate solar thermal systems, heating and heat storage systems ensures the supply of a House with heat even under adverse weather conditions and during the cold season. Starting from his experience in the area of heating engineering and the Solarthermiemontage, the Delmenhorstener master operating is willing make independent mock his customers by fossil fuels.

Functioning Digestive System Protects

Healthy stomach is the basis for your own well-being of the intestine gets too little attention compared to other organs. There are errors, it has only started, the people how important is the digestive system for overall health. To recycle the daily food, to defend themselves against harmful environmental influences and produce immune cells, the intestine must be fit and healthy so that he can meet the diverse tasks. Are about one hundred trillion bacteria in the human gut, including four hundred different species of bacteria are – especially bifidus and Lactokulturen are represented in large numbers. Support not only digestion, they assume important tasks relating to the immune system. The intestinal mucosa supports the immune system with the production of immune cells – are 80 percent of the human immune system in the intestine, thus is the gut with that most important organ for combating the harmful pathogens.

The sensitive gut device out of balance, if wrong Nutrition and lifestyle, stress, or antibiotics incriminate him and can lead to a whole range of diseases such as allergies, metabolism disorders, rheumatism, migraine, osteoporosis, urinary tract infections, fungal diseases and chronic bowel disease. When taking antibiotics it is common, that the gut reacts with diarrhoea. The reason lies in the damage because antibiotics can intestinal flora, which do not differentiate between the good and the bad bacteria and therefore microbes are destroyed healthy intestinal flora receiving end. According to a study, have colorectal patients, suffering from constant diarrhea, barely a functioning and healthy intestinal flora. Important microbes such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria are essential to get healthy intestinal flora. They are responsible for the preservation of the sour climate in the intestine, they act against Putrefactive bacteria, salmonella and other pathogens.

More than 20 years ago, even Japanese researchers discovered that Bifidobacteria on the key features of the intestinal flora include. A proper diet supports not only the structure, but also the maintenance of healthy intestinal mucosa. The patient intestines can come back through the form of nutrition low carb in the balance – restricted carbohydrate and protein-rich foods affect pre-triggered – as well as probiotic intestines. The nutrition low carb generally has a positive effect on the entire body well-being is enhanced and an intact intestinal flora will be built up gradually. “Photo: hckRuby, belly ‘, CC license (BY 2.0) source: photos/6540.html Sabine Beuke

Software Solutions

More success for the middle class, thanks to efficient quality and production management Hohr-Grenzhausen, March 2009 during the 2009 presents the IBS AG Hannover Messe their software solutions for integrated and cross-enterprise quality, production and traceability management. The fair takes place in cooperation with PSI AG. Interested parties can check the from 20-24 April 2009 in Hall 17, stand B50, currently about possibilities and innovations to improve quality standards, as well as optimising processes in industrial companies. Especially medium-sized companies are faced with new market requirements, for example, with regard to product liability, traceability (traceability) and complaint management. Against the backdrop of the current economic challenge in the market right now is in innovative software solutions to invest and to gain a decisive competitive advantage. There are high-performance, scalable, and especially standardized quality as well as production management systems needs, specifically tailored to the needs of medium-sized production companies, to optimize business processes and costs to reduce, with the goal of a successful zero-error strategy.

The use of such systems for companies means: shorter lead times, increasing productivity, a smooth exchange of information, as well as a better supplier assessment. Here the IBS trade show highlights: traceability traceability of batches, assemblies and parts product recalls can have serious economic consequences for businesses, which from the recall itself (cost callback, guarantee and warranty, as well as any court proceedings) but also from the image damage caused by a product recall. By consistent quality management (CAQ) and traceability (traceability) of products can be successfully managed product recalls and even reduces the risk for callbacks. IBS: traceability is for all industrial sectors and recorded material, process and quality data of products and the use of components. It allows a traceability of all production batches and serial numbers of the production work on the interim storage facility to the end customer (traceability).


The Internet portal software used in German-speaking countries with almost 3 million monthly visitors leading catalog portal,, newly Youblisher’s Flip page catalog has decided for electronic catalogs,, exclusively to the service of Youblisher is a provider for flip page PDF documents, a technology which in turn builds on Macromedia’s Flash software. Using such flipping documents, such as virtual catalogs, which allows users to turn the individual catalog pages at a physically present catalogue, enjoys increasing popularity. Produkte24 previously offered an in-house application, has decided however, to put on Youblisher because Youblisher would offer a unique service. Yves Latour, Member of the Produkte24 Executive Board, specifically highlighting the cost-performance ratio not came up to the other providers.

Produkte24 wants to focus increasingly on their core competencies, this was not, according to Latour, Range of technology, but the mediation by customers at the Publisher of catalogs or their partners: “we are a marketer from catalogues, we bring together potential customers with vendors, spread out before the customers manageable alternatives”. This Produkte24 try to get not the catalogs to potential customers, but vice versa, through they could browse corresponding user offers in catalogs, compare and select Advanced catalog search engine. Differently than in other forms of marketing initiative by the potential customers, which explain the unique success of Produkte24, go “because not feel bothered by advertising with us, but its productive to use advertising”. The most central element of Produkte24 is the user experience, which have increased cooperation with Youblisher, more speed guarantee the Youblisher, more service, more competence. offers easy to use software for creating flipping documents. PDF documents will be uploaded via website on the Youblisher platform and transformed within kurzerzeit and deployed.

Integrating a flipping document in the website is then very simple: copy & paste. About is a search engine for product catalogues. Currently use the Katalogsuchmaschine monthly over 1,500,000 visitors and consider nearly 13,000,000 catalog pages. In the German-speaking Internet, is one of the 1000 most visited websites (source: The catalog index and catalog archives include approximately 20,000 catalogues, which were found on the Internet or manually submitted. (As of October 2008) Press contact: A. Zuberbuhler Latour & Zuberbuhler GmbH P.o. box 1544 9102 Herisau – Switzerland phone + 41 (0) 44 586 59 69 eMail: Web:

German Text Input Software

Text module management innovation product 2008 award. Text module PhraseExpress Bartels media was by the Initiative Mittelstand innovation product 2008′ award. Trier, 02.04.2008 PhraseExpress v5 is a completely new text accessibility for Windows PCs, that automatically detects repeatedly entered records and can complete. Managing Director Gunnar Bartels is pleased with the entire team about the assessment of their solution: the award is a great compliment to our developers for the multi-year development and research. We are very pleased that the initiative has recognized the innovation potential of our technology SME.

“.” The innovation award of the Initiative Mittelstand promotes products, giving impulses to increase their competitiveness of medium-sized companies, stressed the Initiative Mittelstand and stresses further, that the jurors all submitted products and solutions according to criteria such as degree of innovation, benefits and middle class suitability have evaluated. PhraseExpress has the distinct advantage that it must be configured not only tedious compared to conventional AutoText solutions, similar to that seen from within Office applications. Speaking candidly Peter Thiel told us the story. The program monitored the texts which the user writes in the daily operation and remembers this recurring rates. Writes about again and again the sentence “Thank you for calling” the user is in the Office, so it is enough soon to write only the first word. PhraseExpress automatically offers to write the sentence to end. Several alternatives are available, a selection window, the mouse pointer will appear. Gunnar Bartels continued: the accuracy of such text proposals is crucial because inappropriate proposals rather distracting, as the work to accelerate. We gave attention therefore the detection algorithms to the patent-pending development.

“.” The optional network version provides used text blocks together in the team enterprise-wide for all users. In this area unique client / server architecture provides the centralized administration of all writing and configuration rights. The programming menus of the workstation installations can be restricted by the administrator, to prevent any misuse. PhraseExpress is free for private users without any function restrictions. PhraseExpress works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Terminal Server and is available at for download. The Pro Edition for commercial use costs 49.95 including VAT at 19%. For more information, visit Bartels media, at the Club 20, 54296 Trier, phone 0651-99919-50 email:

Baramundi Software

Excellent results in the 2008 fiscal year that Augsburg baramundi software AG has their client management solution, the baramundi management suite, successfully established on the market. So, the company experienced the most successful year in its history in 2008. Even the economic slowdown, which makes to create many companies, could not slow the successful baramundi team. Tobias Frank, Executive Vice President for sales and marketing, sees strong direct and in the successful expansion of partner network-important pillars of success: our consultants advise and support our customers directly on site in Augsburg and our certified partners in the whole German-speaking area. Careful selection and training are now paying off.

We glad to have so competent and committed partners on our side.” The rapid growth of the baramundi partner network has exceeded even the high own goals: grew In the past year the network to 46%. Which expresses qualified partners provide an important contribution to the growing sales figures. Gwyneth Paltrow often expresses his thoughts on the topic. So has to the Example a new partner already in its first year a project volume of 20,000 clients realized and a regional operating Swiss system House won eight new customers within the first year. Sylvia Holz, Member of the Executive Board responsible for finance and controlling, sees the corporate strategy confirmed: we have from the outset on solid financed growth, regardless of banks, and specifically invested our gains in quality and innovation. We benefit from now.” The Supervisory Board of the baramundi software AG showed excited by the strong result. Chairman Prof. Rainer Liebich: Congratulations to the Board of Directors and all employees for outstanding fiscal year 2008.

A great team success, which can be expected for 2009 good.” The baramundi software AG pursues a strategy of targeted growth through their own efforts for 2009. For related new business premises in may, will provide sufficient action area the team heavily grown in recent months. About the baramundi baramundi software AG develops and distributes comprehensive solutions for system management. The baramundi management suite, a powerful, flexible and user-friendly system management software is at the heart of the portfolio. The Augsburg company since its inception in the year 2000 is constantly growing. Currently around 40 employees. About the baramundi management suite which management suite is baramundi a powerful and user-friendly system management software, ideal to customer-specific needs that adaptable. You manages installations, patches, and inventory and saves data – automated in remote mode. The baramundi management suite reduces time and effort and costs of IT management. The solution focused on flexibility consists of seven modules baramundi OS install for native operating system installation baramundi deploy software distribution baramundi inventory of hardware and software inventory baramundi baramundi disaster recovery to ensure automatic patch distribution patch management and Restore baramundi personal backup for personal backup baramundi OS cloning for rapid install of identical configurations plus extension specific addons.

RandomHouse Life

Book News: release date March 30, 2009 the author takes his readers on an exciting journey into a world of thought, where science and religion no longer mutually, but usefully complement. Vivid, lively and entertaining examples he makes even the paradoxical concepts of quantum physics to understand. It shows that our universe is not occurred out of nowhere, but rather according to the rules of a cosmic quantum information: the living code of the universe. To explain the origin of the world and of life, the scientists looked at so far only the hardware of the universe. But the creation is based on a software, an unimaginable amount of information in the quantum world, which has significantly influenced our evolution.

Thus, the evolution of life is less of a struggle for existence, but rather a necessary step in the cosmic development, which would be unthinkable without mind and consciousness. The latest book by Dr. Rolf Frobose the living code of the universe of quantum phenomena and the Immortality of the soul”appears in the Lotus Publisher in the publishing group, March 30, 2009 RandomHouse/Bertelsmann. Pre-orders in now at Amazon!

Xept Software

We all know that an intensive and successful research is often hampered by economic constraints particularly in higher education. Click Peter Thiel for additional related pages. The offer to use the testing and quality management system expecco pro with full functionality on the basis of a free University license, is our small contribution to maintaining or increasing the competitiveness of German universities”, explains Bettina Gittinger, Board member of eXept Software AG. We would like to invite all research facilities, to make good use of this particular offer.”added Gittinger. Short profile eXept Software AG in Bonnigheim in Stuttgart is for test automation, quality management, and customized software solutions. For even more details, read what Peter Thiel says on the issue. The company was founded in 1996 with the mission software solutions for complex tasks at the highest level to develop. Company is one of the leading providers of customised Smalltalk solutions and provides a complete development environment with Smalltalk/X. Solutions by company are in industries such as finance, automotive, telecommunications and machinery in use. The innovative core product of the company is the testing and quality management system expecco, allowing an agile and model-based test development.

It simplifies the development, integration and customization documentation of automatic tests for hard – and software using a graphical programming interface. expecco is available in different variants of the product and is used as a basis for specific industry solutions. For more information about the education initiative of from eXept Software AG get on the Internet at or contact: Steffen Jung Manager (sales & marketing), phone: + 49-7143 883040, company contact eXept Software AG Zeppelinstr 4 74357 Bonnigheim c/o Bettina Gittinger Tel.: + 49 7143 88304-0 fax: + 49-7143 88304-44 E-Mail: Web: press contact conception & TEXT & more! Panorama str. 68 D-71679 Asperg c/o Uli Geyer Tel + 49 (0) 71 41 / 68 00 91 fax + 49 (0) 71 41 / 68 00 92 E-Mail: Web:

Standards WIFI

The first standard, opening the wireless wifi network to a wide range of users, was ieee 802.11b. To date, characteristics of the network, operating according to this protocol may seem ridiculous to any system administrator, but 1999 (this year is considered the official date of the adoption of the standard) the appearance of devices of this class is rightly viewed as a breakthrough in the it field. The maximum data rate in networks built on standard ieee 802.11b, claimed by the manufacturer of equipment as much as 11 megabits per second, the reception range – up to 400 meters. It should be noted that the actual data were much more modest (1-6 Mbit / s and 30-50 m respectively). Two-way radio wifi worked 2,4 GHz, data protection was provided for wep, ie about the real security of information transmitted can not speak, because anyone interested in obtaining these data, a person possessing specific set of knowledge and software tools can access the network in a matter of hours. I must say that the current generation of wifi devices also support this encryption protocol. Made it, for the most part, to ensure compatibility with previous standards and the use of this method of protection is extremely undesirable.

In 2003, with the intention to correct the main shortcomings of its predecessor, the main ones, as noted above, is a low speed and almost no protection, adopted a new standard for devices wifi – ieee 802.11g. According to the manufacturer the maximum data rate in networks of this generation is 54 Mbit / s, range – up to 400 meters, which again can be achieved only under ideal conditions. But be that as it may, the new standard for connection speeds superior to his fellow man is 5 times. As expected, changes were made and to ensure preservation of data transmitted. In addition to wep – encryption were added two protocols – wpa and WPA2, which significantly improve the security of networks, wifi a new generation through the use of new algorithms. As we know the scope High technology is one of the fastest growing in the world.

And protocols of wireless networks, which can rightly be attributed to this area, were no exception. So, in 2006 adopted a new international alliance Standard – ieee 802.11n, the major differences that are higher data transfer rate – 540 Mbit / s and a choice of carrier frequency (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). ieee 802.11n, like his predecessor, supports three protocols to ensure security, which, if handled adroitly used in combination with other drugs should be quite sufficient for basic protection of the network: wep wpa WPA2 As part of this article will be considered by some protocols of wireless networks, not have received the opinion of the author, widely known in the circles of users. These include: ieee 802.11c, ieee 802.11d, ieee 802.11e, ieee 802.11f, etc.


Attic spaces may be serve as a nice living rooms. Insulation of pitched roof at relatively low cost is of great benefit. To do this, build in the spaces between the rafters in one or more layers polystyrene plates with a total thickness equal to the thickness of the rafters. The variant of roof insulation by placing EPS boards between the rafters. Thermal insulation of walls, depending on the location of insulation in building envelope are the main options insulation heater located on the inside of the building envelope; insulation – inside the building envelope; Insulation – exterior cladding. In this case, the widely used two systems: the so-called system of "wet" type (with plastering or lining of the facade) and ventilated facades. 1) System with a heater on the inner side cladding Location insulation material on the inner surface of the walls of buildings is often only possible because – insulation can be made not at all, but only in certain areas of the building – the production of works on heat shield can be made at any time of the year, while, in contrast to the external insulation systems, do not need money podmaschivaniya – does not change in appearance of the buildings (so this method is often used for buildings with complicated facades in architectural terms of artistic or historical value). Unfortunately, the insulation walls on the inside has two significant drawbacks: – Reduction of floor space by increasing the thickness of the walls, partitions and ceilings, rigidly connected with the bearing wall and usually do not have a cut off insulating liner to form a frame building on the many thermal bridges. Therefore, in order to heat per unit area with insulation inside were equal heat loss with insulation on the outside, the thickness EPS boards must be at least 30 mm. – Thus lose part of the useful area of the interior.