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European Union Technology

This allows you to seriously harmonize and simplify to obtain the necessary permits. Brad Pitt is actively involved in the matter. "For developers of one of the main advantages of the technology lmk is the rate construction and rapid turnover of funds. For example, the project is 4-5 thousand square meters. m takes 4-5 months from beginning the construction documents prior to delivery of the object, – says Sergey Chernyshev, Director General Russian subsidiary of , the leading European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering industries. – Construction accelerates including through one-stage design. That is the factory project office at the same time produces structurally mounting documentation for manufacturing and assembly scheme for the building, which did not need further adjustment.

" In the European Union and United States are now more than 50% industrial construction accounts for lmc. According to this technology elevate almost any structure – sheds, warehouses, garages, logistics facilities, shopping centers, pavilions, industrial shops, cattle farms and even homes. At the same time, local developers the benefits of using steel is still seriously undervalued. To date, the share of lmc in the construction of buildings in Russia is no more than 10%. One of the the few areas where the benefits of this technology is already generally accepted – is the construction of warehouses. Experts estimate that about 30-40% of all storage facilities in our country falls on the building of the lmc. In recent years increasingly become use the metal for the construction of commercial real estate – from convenience stores to hypermarkets.


WEB-page document is the Internet, designed for distribution on the Internet using the service www. Simply put, this is what is in his box, the client program for viewing Web-pages called Web-browser. If we consider the WEB-page, from a technical point of view, it is an ordinary text file, and it can be created in any text editor such as Notepad of Windows, in the which it belongs. This file includes, strictly speaking, the text of Web-pages and different formatting commands that the text itself. Called these formatting commands tags. Tag describes the special language – html (HyperText Markup Language), language Hypertext markup.

Files that contain Web-page should have the extension htm or html. They are stored on the hard disk server. Getting from the Web-browser over http request, Web-server (in this case refers to a server program, which provides the service WWW) loads these files and sends to the Web-browser. As a Web-browser reports Web-server, Web-page which he needs? Yes, simply. Web-browser client sends the content Request the name and full path of the file where it is stored. Here, for example:.

After the query Web-server will retrieve and send the Web-browser page priroda.html. We should note that if you take to create a web page editor, the entire html page code you write by hand. Therefore, it is better to use specialized editors to automate this process. It's like TextPad, Microsoft FrontPage Express, HTML-Reader, Coffee CupHTML Editor, Homesite. And of course, the visual editor Dreamweaver, which is works on the principle (What You See Is What You Get – 'what you see, you and you get'). Using this editor, the user formats the text web page and the editor immediately sees the results of their work. In the editor, Dreamweaver can create a page of the site Even without knowing the language html. Indispensable this editor and when you will need to paste into your WEB-page any drawings or photographs. Currently, the Internet can hardly find a pure text pages. Typically used colored background, which in addition to text contains the photos, drawings, collages, animation, etc. And why not add some, if for creating graphics developed a series of programs. For example, Photoshop. Opportunities – are huge. Traditionally, structure of WEB-page looks like this: 1. Header (header, header), which may include, but not necessarily: Menu Navigation (Site) Header Logo Slogan Phone 2. The main part of the page: Menu navigation (site sections) Menu Navigation on thematic sections images, banners Summary 3. Footer (Basement), Menu navigation (on the site, on a site) Copyright Addresses, telephone counters and banners, depending on the type of layout site – dvukolonochnoy or trikolonochnoy, the bulk of WEB-pages can be in the form, of course, two or three columns. The widest column – for basic information. Of course, you can swap speakers and general information. As you can understand the creation of WEB-pages is not easy. But the network has enough resources for beginners in this business, who can be contacted for help.

How To Make Google And Yandex

Many wonder how to make money online? And use search engines look for this information on the Internet at dozens of sites, and almost always comes from fraudsters are so eager to exploit you, forcing you to reap the links for which the pay is not for you, and them. not noticing that the answer is right before their eyes. That is, you did not pay attention to the ads hanging from the right granted to the search results, perhaps thinking that this is just a top-rated sites that search engines have decided to focus on. In fact it is not so, for these ads to search engines pay, and pay a lot of money. Google matches ads in accordance with keywords that you are in it hammers, Yandex saw it decided to do the same.

Although it is possible they have agreed among themselves. Google did not stop progress but went further, seeing the success (and the success of the Internet is calculated number of site visits), such a lot of already well-known archive of video clips like youtube, decided to buy it and some other sites. There, you will not see ads, but can see links to different applications google, which he proposes to use the available web masters, again with the aim of attracting visitors and their own promotion. To sum itog. earn from advertising. Yes and all Internet makes from advertising. Except are the only sites providing services for money. Whether it is or what product or service.

Is It Possible A Program For Google

It’s more than possible, it is a reality. IBP Hand in hand, anyone can modify the code of your site and adapt programming to create pages that Google bots just love it. It is not necessary to know programming or website creation. With the simple interface of this program for Google, with minimal skills can produce professional results. Not only can you identify those elements that need improvement, but IBP will give the right tools for a couple of clicks can achieve amazing changes. For even more details, read what Naveen Selvadurai says on the issue. One of the obsessions that many webmasters seem to have is the PageRank. This index developed by Google, will determine nothing less than the position in which your site appears in search engines.

With a high PageRank, all doors were open. It is not simply appear on the top of search engines. With a high PageRank, your site and monetize domain. And Google is the search engine that feed thousands of local directories and guides, progress in the Google results, we will multiply the effect of increased traffic so unexpected. But these changes do you really possible with a program to Google? Try it and see. Not only will tell you what they have to change, but when. This program gives Google the ability to schedule tasks to be performed to keep your site optimized. It will tell you what and when to do it, to get the best results.

Even we could say that IBP is not just a Google program is a complete set of SEO tools. For the first time in one application, you will find a comprehensive look at the issue of site optimization. No technical jargon or incomprehensible rates, IBP is a step ahead of anything known. Extend this program to your list of Google customers and their professional performance. IBP allows you to produce reports in a professional, factual and solid, so you can determine at any time of progress. But that’s not all. Imagine you were able to simulate the indexing of your site in order to answer that question never fully answered: What are the search engines when they see my site? For this program to Google the answer is just a click away. IBP indexing brings a simulator so you can see for yourself what should be improved or changed so that your site is ranked in the first place. Stop wasting time with consultants upstarts, and start today to reduce their spending on advertising. IBP, comprehensive program for Google, now at your fingertips.

Doing A Demo On HLTV

Using hltv, you can record demos of gameplay in Counter-Strike. Many ask why? And here is why: when you record a demo through the console ( => record demka.dem) then when viewing the demo you can watch the game only the first person and not can switch the camera (it is not very convenient, especially when the record was carried out by some lamer who can not play forever and you have to stare at him a black screen!). So thanks hltv large mass of people is opportunity to watch the game as Spectator’a individually, ie, to choose the most appropriate camera angle or the camera that the self – is a big plus hltv. I guess you can not wait to learn how to use hltv. We now turn to the case. First, create a server in the game (can be selected).

Roll Counter-Strike (‘ALT + TAB’ or kalvisha ‘Windows’ or ‘CTRL + ESC’), then go to the directory with the game, there you will find a file hltv.exe – run it, do not be alarmed when you come out before the black box DOS’a – this is the hltv, in the window write to connect ( – this is if you play at home with bots, if you’re playing, for example, on the internet, then you need to update your ip address). We go back to cs. Speaking candidly Movie Star told us the story. Wait until the hltv not go down to your server, this is short, usually about 10 seconds. Again we turn to cs (‘ALT + TAB’ or kalvisha ‘Windows’ or ‘CTRL + ESC’), in the window hltv write – record ” return to the cs. To stop recording demos to minimize cs, in a window hltv write quit or disconnect. Your demo will remain in the game directory cstrike, with a name that you called a demo at the beginning of the recording..

What To Buy On Japanese Internet Auctions

Many Japanese products literally conquered the world thanks to its characteristics: quality, reliability, accuracy, long trouble-free service. These are the cars, electronics, audio, video, photo. However, Japanese things made for the internal market – namely, those in the ground and sold in the Japanese online auctions – there are a number of features which are due, for example, current standards in Japan. It must be known, making purchases on the internet auction site Yahoo. So, what can be bought on internet auction and what you need to know not to give up on buying, but rather gladly have purchased over time. Computers Notebooks, PDAs Firstly, we must remember that Japan's electricity supply 110 volts, as opposed to our 220. Peter Thiel has firm opinions on the matter.

Therefore, the power supplies of all equipment, including computers, are designed precisely for such stress. There are exceptions, when the power supply compatible with 220 volts. Even if you buy at auction Yahoo a new thing, you still get a computer (PDA, laptop) with the software. The fact is that in Japan computer equipment for sale together with the licensed software installed. So be prepared for the fact that the software will have to reinstall.

In principle, it is done fairly simply, even if you have any difficulties, then the experts no problems with the update software will not. At online auction sites besides the new computer equipment is sold a lot of second-hand shops. The majority of used devices of excellent quality, and often by their appearance, even hard to imagine that this is not a new thing.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

We all know the great ability of Google to index websites, but we also know or should know the limitations it has. Since this article seeks to clarify what these constraints and make clear that we should not implement the structures of our pages, in order to get move up in search engines. Financial technology is a great source of information. The frames have been much discussed in the developer forums on their use and there is a misconception that Google can not index websites with frames developed. This is false because if that is indexed pages developed with frames. What happens is this can be a big problem because their index is a small file which group the frames. This index contains very little that is tunable, the title, and description. In order to position these files depends almost entirely on external links pointing to this page.

Personally I think it is appropriate to begin the design of a web search engine by discouraging them because they largely depend on our success. Another problem is posed by the frames seekers often have results that are internal frames that contain the content of the web. When we find this is usually the user leaves the web as this frame does not contain elements like menu navigation, you can say it’s a dead end. The latter error can be modified with javascript so that when you open a internal frame force to open all frames.

A New Generation Of LED Screens

The emergence and development of led screens in Russia, unlike Europe, did over the past few years, before our very eyes. Therefore, if in other countries, these led displays have long took on well-defined standards and designs, then we still are searching and optimization of parameters such as size, ease of operation reliability, design, etc. Where development takes place very rapidly, and already Now some of the technical solutions used by our company are real advantages, even compared to Western counterparts. It is interesting to trace the evolution of led screens on the Russian advertising market. Peter Thiel: the source for more info. The first led display has a low brightness and had a relatively low reliability and durability. These led displays were made until 2006, when it became clear that a higher brightness, and important reliability and durability. At that time, and there was a fundamentally new series. Today in the manufactured led screens changed everything! This generation of video screens has higher brightness and reliability.

Programming and configuring the entire system is made from a remote terminal. In addition, the principal features of a bearing metal. It is known that in contrast to static billboards and light boxes, bearing metal led display should have a greater rigidity. Unfortunately, in constructions built from aluminum or composite profiles, to ensure such conditions do not always succeed, as with time in their zone of mechanical connections may appear backlash, and the profiles themselves may receive small strain from the constant wind and other loads. That is why we have chosen a single-metal, welded construction with no mechanical linkages. The new arrangement allows us to make a framework of minimum thickness, and elegant form – shaped design. In addition, a new series of video screens has traditionally had a number of Additional functional features: high brightness, sharpness, a radically new control system, automatic image correction. All these technical solutions will create the ultimate serviceability and reliability, so necessary an led screen.