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AG Mergenthalerallee

entero AG expands partner network to new partner the entero AG technologies, has found with TOA a leading provider of cloud based solutions for the mobile workforce management in large companies, a new competent partner. The responsible Board of entero, Ralf Kotthaus, this strategic partnership: With TOA technologies, we have the opportunity to make our services more efficient. The Web application ETAdirect provides a significantly improved planning of the external service many of our customers precisely, self-learning, and in real time”. The TOA system is quick to set up, customisable and easy to integrate with existing CRM solutions. Awarded TOA technologies was by the market research firm Gartner in the Magic Quadrant”as a leading, innovative company and providers with the best solution for the optimization of the sales control. We are happy about the agreed cooperation with entero AG.

Our solutions and the process – and Integration know-how of entero AG fit together in an excellent way”adds Jeffrey Wartgow, Vice President channels and alliances, TOA technologies. About TOA technologies TOA technologies is a leading provider of cloud based solutions for the mobile workforce management. ETAdirect, TOA, patented platform improves customer service and allows for significant operating cost savings and a direct return on investment. As the only on-demand solution of the industry TOA opts for prognostic, time-based analyses, allowing to reduce the latency of the customer and at the same time to optimise the efficiency of the sales force. TOA’s solutions are fast set-up, customisable and easy to integrate with existing CRM systems. TOA technologies is headquartered in the United States and has offices in Europe and Latin America.

TOA technologies was created in 2003 and employs more than 350 staff. For further information, see about entero AG The entero AG is an integrated business and IT consulting. Brad Pitt has firm opinions on the matter. We accompany our clients from conception up to the successful implementation we deliver. As owner-managed, independent company we help our customers for more than 12 years successfully fit for the future to make often their home value chain with SAP and Salesforce as core competencies. Among other things, we are working for ABB, Bombardier, Daimler, like Recaro, Siemens. Since 2011 entero Germany partner of Keneos Europe is one of the fastest growing SAP consulting networks in Europe. Through this cooperation, entero sharpens his profile for international projects and major orders. With more than 1,100 experienced SAP experts, SAP process fields is deliverable to the point the network for all high value.

Society Communication

Thinking about the communicative flows that happen in the schools, in the quality and about the efficiency of the communication that characterizes the pertaining to school ecosystem, one perceives that the technologies of the information and the communication have to the few changed the reality of many schools in such a way in the form to develop its pedagogical activities as in regards to relation of this with the society. However this is a still little apparent reality a time that in the majority of the schools what it happens generally is that the efficiency of the communicative flows is something still very distant it ideal, is something that on this side needs and much transformed being, because it did not follow the social evolution promoted by the insertion of the technologies of the information and the communication, being, of the comunicacional evolution that the other social fabrics had folloied. The school that we have today still presents many characteristics of the school of century XIX and this is very evident in the form as the communication happens. The information are restrictive the certain ecosystems, what it mainly causes innumerable problems also and pedagogical making, and in administrative that they function as if the one did not have relation with the other, and when the school is about pedagogical making in relation to the external community the problem of the communication is still more explicit, it seems that the school does not exist stops beyond its walls, is as if it was an island without bridges, without possibilities of access for the society that lives in its entorno. So that the comunicacionais flows can flow of form that the school has left this embarrassing situation where if find are necessary that it has one to rethink, a change in the attitudes of the people who compose existing ecosystems in this space of form that everything functions as if he was only one, and so that this reality if only makes gift in this context, for force of the communication, of the information, of the medias that are available there to transform the reality. .

CEO Templates

Download modular CMS-Zeta producer on the Goppingen offers company zeta software immediately for its desktop content management system Zeta producer a Windows application in HTML coders can use to develop your own templates. Thus, sites can be realized, which optimally address a company’s corporate design. The program is offered at an introductory price of 249,-EUR plus VAT. Through the extensive documentation, create your own templates using examples is easy also newcomers in Zeta producer. Knowledge of HTML should exist however, because the template programmer has access to the complete process of creating an HTML page and therefore much scope for intervention. As a result, it is possible to write templates that contain efficient code and ensure fast loading times of pages. Also the topic of search engine optimization can be taken into account in any complex scope. We have the new positioning of the product using the new template editor for Zeta producer 10 completed and provide meaningful and powerful solutions for a great price and function area.

Of the 179 EUR system with an elaborate individual design to the 1500 EUR system with standard templates, we can all needs use.”as Mario Gonitzer, founder and CEO of zeta software GmbH, the manufacturer of Zeta producer. On request, also training for the template programming can be booked with Zeta producer directly from the manufacturer. Zeta producer 10 requires a Windows machine (Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7) with 150 MB free hard disk space. On the Web server, no special requirements are placed (no database needed, etc.). Download: screenshots: template-editor.html videos: de / screencasts.html like to provide you with further information. You may take over the freeware version at any time on an issue CD/DVD. We are very happy, if you to keep us informed of publications. At A link is enough online texts for us, otherwise we look forward a copy, a scan, a PDF or a broadcast recording.

AIT Austrian Institute

German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) promotes expert networking in German-speaking countries the AIT Austrian Institute of technology has been appointed to the TeleTrusT Vienna Regional Office and to the primary Austrian partner of the German Association of IT security. Under most conditions Peter Thiel would agree. Apart from currently 10 TeleTrusT regional offices in Germany and a regional contact in San Francisco, the AIT that forms an important link between the IT security circles in TeleTrusT and Austrian experts. The political and technical discussion is led to current issues of safety and trust of IT systems not only at national level, since the IT security challenges of global nature. TeleTrusT promotes the cross-border exchange of experience about the networking of experts. As a point of contact and initiator for the cooperation with existing regional networks, the regional offices represent the theme of “Security” or “secure and trusted electronic business processes”. The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, which is an active member of TeleTrusT already for quite some time, is Austria’s largest non-university research institution. Under the European research institutions, the AIT is a specialist for central infrastructure issues of the future.

The AIT researches and develops future-oriented technologies as a partner of the economy and public services. Shareholders of the AIT are the Republic of Austria (Austrian Federal Ministry for transport, innovation and technology) and the “Association for the promotion of research and innovation” (industrial association Austria). In particular, the safety & Security Department of the AIT makes a significant contribution in the context of ICT and mainly devoted to ensure operational efficiency and reliability of critical infrastructure. “For the AIT TeleTrusT commitment represents a valuable addition to the close international cooperation with important consumers in the industry. We want as TeleTrusT-Regional Office Networking of actors of the Austrian economy as well as the research at European level in the security context of the ICT strengthen and thus make a significant contribution to the promotion of the Austrian business location”, so Thomas Bleier, head of the research group of ICT security in the AIT. TeleTrusT security Federation The German IT Security Association (TeleTrusT) is a network of excellence, which includes domestic and foreign members from science, industry and administration, as well as thematically related partner organisations.

Through the broad membership and partner organizations, TeleTrusT embodies the greatest competence network for security in Germany and Europe. TeleTrusT offers forums for experts, organized events or event participation and comments on current questions of security.

Wachau Valley

Family Tree Plant a tree together and take them over patronage! Really want to immortalize your memorable day? They say that in my life one must build a house, raise a child and plant a tree. There is nothing more beautiful than to plant a tree on the birthday of the family in one of the most beautiful places on earth – in the romantic Wachau Valley, Danube. How fragile and vulnerable germ eventually gaining momentum, as strong and durable, and will be a new life family. And many years later, having arrived in Austria again, you can see how magnificent and powerful was your overall tree. Official site: incyte. Put your apricot or fruit tree. In a tree memorial plaque will be reinforced with the names of married, date of planting.

Wedding rings with their hands Want to avoid the mass of stamping and have the only and unique wedding rings, only the two of you? Then welcome to the studio, where the the guidance of professional jewelers, you can give free rein to imagination and create a wedding ring with his hands. You do not need no prior knowledge! Just love each other! Rings can be performed in platinum, as well as in yellow, red or white gold. Peter Thiels opinions are not widely known. Of course, you can combine precious metals. You can choose from many options for a diamond paste. If desired, the engraver will cause your message to the inside of the ring partner (perhaps also in Latin, or different fonts). Named a bar of chocolate No holiday is complete without gifts. Connect with other leaders such as Essex Financial here.

Equity – Alternative Business Financing

To the classic debt financing by banks since the economic crisis it has become difficult alternatives for many companies to access additional capital to cover the financing in General, or but to increase the return on equity. Classic financing by foreign capital, which is provided by banks, restricts those donors and forces them to take corporate values much more under the magnifying glass. Those obligations to banks through the rules with the common terminus of Basel II”pursue, which are in force since January 2007 in the EU. On the other hand, the alternative financing providers provides a way to establish itself in the capital markets. An overview see on the topic of capital procurement lists appropriate options and presents them closer. Apart from foreign capital, the possibility of increasing the equity if they depend on additional funds is for companies.

A key role can be played which Equity will be written to. Depending on the type of appropriate financing instrument, can you get not only additional cash, but even more expertise in corporate governance in the boat as a result and thereby benefited in various ways. For example private equity would be for this, venture capital, as well as seed capital. The differences of the different financial resources basically depend on how long a company already on the market has been operating or how profitable and reliable it already operates. Private equity is aimed at established and solid companies, because this the risk of loss of the deposit is much lower. Start-Up companies as well as start-ups rely, however, on venture capital and seed capital, because they specifically aimed at young, emerging companies with a high probability of return. All the latter forms of financing is however mean that parts of the company to the appropriate investors fall off with them, as well as a say must be admitted. Sure, a certain loss of control goes with it, you can assume however, that those lenders pursue a strong interest to promote a company, because they can make profit in the end only. Thus, sit the holder as well as the respective capitalists in a boat and are accordingly jointly interested in the increase of in corporate value.

Mother Nature

So, if you suddenly seem that some thought and idea's would be to criticize … it is better read the following books to read, or, again interpreting – and find the answer to his "criticism." For example, in the "kitchen philosophy," "Canadian visionary" shows the way, where should move to the modern world. And gives general optimistic outlook. And the forecast is not justified by the author's great. At least that gives hope for further development of civilization relatively calm: "… better perceive the current situation manifestation as a sign of approaching maturity and freedom in modern society.

" Thus, our civilization – the teenager … Maybe I will not argue. This view of modern human civilization – a very optimistic and inspirational saying that all is not lost … But if you think about – and what will grow out of an adult child that mother-nature early in life (a couple of millennia), forced to survive and struggle for existence? As the saying goes: "It is identified with" (Ukrainian) – "That's it!" On the other hand, now that Mother Nature with his aunt-programmed human history in the struggle, the blissful life in the electronic state, described by Boris Krieger, for many would be too boring and inadequate for their violent nature. What will be engaged in such troubled individuals? Somehow I think they will miss the quiet contemplation, writing and creativity (just this side of the philosopher advised to educate a generation that will live in an ideal society of the future) for the application of their irrepressible force.

Two Women

"Even after I took on the job, I learned that this position has claimed Two men, my peers, and a girl 29 years – says Elena. – Experience in the specialty I have more, plus I agree to the proposed salary, and my competitors are traded. Another benefit of employees of medium age – the constancy and devotion to the workplace, said Lyudmila Gaidai, personnel manager of auditing company Grant Thornton: "Young employees can easily change jobs – they need to grow, but within the same company This is not always possible. " And those who are closer to forty, value stability. With the familiar places give thirty-five drove crisis. They flooded the labor market, and they listed their competitive advantages were quickly apparent in the market. Hilton family insists that this is the case. Just look at the situation in fast food restaurants.

Previously, the place for cash registers stably occupied only by people up to 25 years, is now a woman of forty – not uncommon. "Now we have about 10% of the workforce – women aged 35 to 50 years – said Lyudmila Baibakov, head of hr llc Fast Food City, which owns 11 Rostiks in Moscow and Moscow region. – Two years ago there were no more than 2%. " According Baibakova, middle-aged women in fastfood take willingly – teenagers and students untrustworthy people. Young people often come for a month or two – to earn a new mobile phone or gift girl, and middle-aged women cling to the job. The Age office employees have us of 30 years, and the production of the majority of women over forty, – says Elena , hr Director "Propleks", which produces components for plastic windows and doors.

Good Insurance Companies

How to hire a good safe: hire a reliable agent who has experience, to clear all your doubts, explain coverage for damage to choose the best insurance that covers your needs. You need to document the goods of the whole House, a copy must be for you and another for the insurer, so you’ll know what were the losses. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Peter Thiel. Honestly declares the conditions of the viviendaen you inhabit, from building materials and use that has the House. It assures the correct home value, because if the value is lower you will not reach to cover all damages and if it is perhaps greater do not receive compensation. Essex Financial follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It covers what you need depending on the zone in which you inhabit, it makes no case ensure housing if you are on a low seismic zone.

Always check thoroughly that data of the policy is correct and current. Well save important documents, take copies of your policy, writings, photographs and inventory list. Chuck Cumello oftentimes addresses this issue. Report immediately what happened to your insurance company, at the latest within 24 hours, the policy should this current. Don’t go to collect a damage that you didn’t have before that happened, because you can lose the insurance that you connection. Here are 9 ways that guide you when making the difficult task of choosing the right person parael work you need.

1) Before hiring someone, find out how long is in the business. It is preferable to hire an established company; and be sure to note the reputation in some consumer Help Center. (2) Always be sure that the contractor has the necessary empowerment in the area in that the E2 work. The best way to be informed regarding the permissions is by contacting to help the consumer or to the Department of buildings. If your area requires that the contractor have a special permit, always ensure that you own it before hiring him.

Paid Surveys

With the new rate that is taking the economy I'm sure many will be very happy with the idea. Is that they are very fashionable lately to generate some extra money, but anyway, what has not yet started are still wondering if it's possible to make money answering surveys. If you are interested in answer, I invite you to keep reading … Doppler labs: the source for more info. The truth is that answering paid surveys is easier than Table 2. It does not require much effort and with some discretion and a few clicks and you'll be making money. At first not much, but over time this builds up and becomes a significant amount. Now, they want to know how to make money are the most "pro" and the reality is that it is circulating a list of companies offering paid surveys, and many have obtained it.

Because the important thing to waste no time or effort, is to know which are the sites that offer paid surveys and they are legitimate. What are those that provide many surveys and which are updated continually. Therefore, all questions are answered by a good database of sites that provide surveys. Not all sites pay cash, some do it with products, some with free samples and discounts. So it is also important to read the descriptions of which site is good and what is not. It's just a matter of having good advice and to find the good places. So if you want to start with the right foot, I invite you to stop reading in a more effective getting a list of companies offering paid surveys.