The Red Cross is a world-wide being that does not admit that their symbols are used by no force to wage war against another one. Today this one is marking a cross on Bogota root that their FFAA used their standards in the operative check. To Uribe one becomes to him to accuse to violate the international right (as in March it was made him bomb Ecuadorian ground). He admits an atypical conduct although their rivals want to send it to one cuts international or to accuse of crimes to him military . People such as Chuck Cumello would likely agree. all bond against the guerrilla is vindicated by several anti-communist sectors, but he is something that can mine the democratic image that requires Uribe to gain internal and international legitimacy (and to even obtain that the democrats of the USA rise to him I veto to the TLC with Colombia to accuse to him to protect the murder of unionists). After Check Uribe became the most popular president of the hemisphere and obtained that Chvez congratulates to him and re-it becomes friends with him and who the CRAF backs down and accepts to be able to loosen hostages without requesting in return a released territory (although yes they insist on interchange of prisoners). Today Uribe is strong because it offers to gain a great one crossed against the CRAF, but he does not obtain it or commits too many violations in that objective, is he who could finish being crucified. Original author and source of the article.