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Core business functions

Core business functions are directly related to the basic functions carried out by the company to achieve its objectives. Production, marketing, human resources and finance. The effectiveness of management depends on the balanced coordination between the stages of the administrative process and the proper conduct of the activities of key areas.

Proposal Template for

Proposal Template for references and notes user Well, as I am also of the Catalan wiki, I discovered there recently by a reference system or “footnotes” that I found very helpful and I think quite aesthetic. The staff there called “Arriaga ref”, HUB (talk contr. Bloq.) Copied it to a user subpage him for testing, and good believe may be useful. It is the template, and a test result here. What do you think Greetings. Miguel ngel “fot grafo” Say what you want, killo 22:10 5 September 2008 (UTC) By the way, I forgot, some of the advantages is that it takes less than “muchasref” or “listaref” can be deployed or close the window, is displayed in two columns, and when it does print a column in compliance with all the Internet addresses without cutting. I’ve seen aqu ha been a long discussion, perhaps this template can be of any use. Greetings.Miguel ngel “fot grafo” Say what you want, killo 22:20 5 September 2008 (UTC) I what I make it clear that discussion is to hide the references it makes no sense. Wikipedia is not paper, so I do not understand the need to “save paper, in any case doubling the toolbar is added to a template or down, something even more useless. Let’s see if the information is valid why hide it Moreover, it has serious drawbacks, for me the most serious is that items can not be printed because it disappears from wikipedia which is vital information for the notes. So I think we should delete)) ((muchasrefs and any other system that hides the notes and unify listaref the (()), which makes the smaller sized print. Conclusion: These templates do nothing and create problems, the most important, as I say, the best that our articles can not be printed and read quietly. And I regret it enormously.Escarlati – write to me 22:48 5 September 2008 (UTC) Who said that you can not print full article the template only acts in the browser, when every print is printed, as well as other templates uncut. Greetings. Miguel ngel “fot grafo” Say what you want, killo 22:52 5 September 2008 (UTC) plegaref The template (()) (for the moment I put that name) works as listaref (()) but has the additional option to hide references if at any time hinder the reader, although initially appears unfolded. I propose to take the museum muchasref the (()). HUB (Talk) 22:58 5 September 2008 (UTC) more templates for the heap … I think it’s best to unify the workforce, rather than going to create so many new and leaving them “huddled together” in the museum. I think it would be better as ((listaref)), which by default comes unfolded, and but including a small link to bend, where the references are too many. And presto .. no more such templates.Salutes! Farisori message 23:58 5 September 2008 (UTC) That’s the idea, Farisori, though perhaps not been explained very well. It would merge the templates listaref and plegaref and stop using muchasref. Muchasref would be removed at that level to take it to the museum, as has been done with ((ref)) and ((note)), and also be replaced by the merged template, which can still be called listaref. HUB (Talk) 00:35, 6 September 2008 (UTC) Well, I’ll shut up:) Success! Farisori message 01:27 6 September 2008 (UTC) (I break bleeding) obsession with wanting to hide what the references! This is precisely what gives it more validity to the article. In addition, the verifiability of the content of an article I think is one of the most important things for an encyclopedia. Paintman (we talk ) 10:15, 6 September 2008 (UTC) … and our only defense against the really serious criticisms that are made to project … if I may add a footnote to your comment, Paintman.Greetings, RoyFocker, discussion 10:45 6 Sep 2008 (UTC) Paintman, Roy, no one wants to hide, on the contrary, the template is open by default. It is a template that would allow the user to consult the “fold” the box if you wish, references remain, and this template also allows a correct impression of all links, even those that are very long. In addition to this template references occupy much less than before. A greeting. Miguel ngel “fot grafo” Say what you want, killo 10:50 6 September 2008 (UTC) Then to “muchasrefs” makes less sense either, given that it can not see all the notes. A mi me gusta plegaref that of in principle the notes come out as usual but gives the opportunity to be bend in a particular case. Millars (Talk) 10:53 6 Sep 2008 (UTC) You were right, Michelangelo, in which the references are printed well, I was wrong. But the other objection still stands.

Father Las Casas

Four centuries is much, are four years. Four years have you lived Padre las Casas, and apparently is still alive, because it was not good. You can see a lily not think Padre las Casas, with goodness because he was putting the iris color and say it was beautiful to see him write, in his white robe, sitting in his chair tack, fighting with the feather because he did not write quickly. And sometimes he rose from his chair, as if burned, she pressed her temples with both hands, he was a big step for the cell, and it seemed as if in great pain. I was writing was, in his famous book of the Destruction of the Indies, the horrors he saw in the Americas when people came from Spain to the conquest. He lit his eyes and sat down again, her elbows on the table, his face streaked with tears. So life spent defending the Indians. He learned in Spain to graduate, it was something in those days, came with Columbus to the Spanish island on a sail boat inflated and those like nutshell. He talked a lot on board and with many Latinos. They said the sailors that his knowledge was great for a lad of twenty-four. The sun, he saw it always come out on deck. He was happy on the ship, as one who will see wonders. But since he came, he talked little.

Structure is a directory of federal, state and local. The resources are organized by topic and audience, such as General Public, Newcomers, Visitors to the USA. UU. and Entrepreneurs. The site also has information for children and young people and students. In addition, users have access to information about government programs and services organized into more than 20 topics, such as employment, immigration, housing and family, and health. Users can also perform Internet transactions with the Government in Spanish. These procedures are available in the Internet Services section include checking the status of an immigration case, apply for financial aid for college, file a consumer complaint, register to vote and more.Users also have available a form that helps them find information in Spanish, a directory of agencies divided among federal, state and local governments, and a directory of international organizations and embassies. Users can subscribe to receive free updates by e-mail and RSS format.

Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge

I’m not joking. This weekend Judge Business School hosted the conference Silicon Valley comes to Cambridge. A few of the “big guys” from the most successful Internet companies in California came to share with us their experiences. It started Thursday evening with a panel discussion in the Student Union on Whether Europe or USA will become the best place to build the future billion dollar companies. Five people supported each side, all of them making very good points and with a great sense of humor. People from the stands could also participate. Why not Asia Of course, there is no answer, but the debate itself was educating and motivating. In my opinion the USA have a lead Because they are true entrepreneurs, they are more prone to take risks, they do not care about failing. Europe’s Strength comes from the Universities, the knowledge, the reasearch, but action need to be taken. And Asia is catching up. China and India have an enormous potential workforce and really bright people. It was interesting to read the speakers profiles.Some of them are “serial entrepreneurs”, guys who have founded dozens of companies, some of them complete failures, but some of them big successes. Maybe the two more popular ones were Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn and with shares in Facebook and Mozilla among other companies and Hermann Hauser, founder of Amadeus Capital Partners. Wise and wealthy guys. Masterclasses were held on Friday at JBS and I assisted to as many as I could. I liked all of them and hopefully took some very useful notes. The most simple, but maybe the most useful one is “just try”. If you want to be an entrepreneur you need to take risks. The only way to test if an idea is really a good idea is trying to put it into practice.And the sooner the better, specially if it is in the Internet. Other very good point was that if you are going to approach venture capitalists you need to tell them that you are going to work full time in your idea, that you really believe in it, that you have passion for it. Unfortunately I had to leave before the end because i had a FMC meeting. We are running out of time and still do not have any consistent results. The next two weeks are going to be hectic.


In a market where the choice of brands and offers flooding the minds of consumers, there is only one way to survive: to make our product stand out from the rest.Obviously, the above is not only a tautological truth in modern marketing, but the question that must be determined to differentiate a company is “how “. From the real to the symbolic The Venezuelan consumer, as in many other parts of the planet, consuming goods and services not only for their functional characteristics, but also by a series of symbolic attributes surrounding that product. Examples abound in this regard: the golden arches chain no longer sells hamburgers, but a sense of emotional well-being through its “I love” Chivas Regal offers us not a spirit drink, but a “Chivas Life” BMW not is based on the high technology of their cars to sell us a machine that costs over 100 thousand dollars in Venezuela, but we will experience “The pleasure of driving.”

Cooperation Strategy

In that cooperation is the strategy where two or more companies working together to achieve a common goal. The main form of cooperation strategies are strategic alliances with companies which combine some of its resources and capabilities to create competitive advantage.

IT management and strategy in a world mining

ROSARIO SUAZO VELIZ, SUB SYSTEMS MANAGER VOLCANO CIA.MINERA SAA., EXAMINES THE IMPORTANCE OF AREA SYSTEMS IN A MINING COMPANY. The CIO knows not only IT, but also about business. What is your perspective on this idea, mainly in mining It is of great importance to know the company’s business, especially if an item is rather specialized as mining. Within this sector there are also differences between producing minerals, concentrates or metals. Each has its particularity. Technology is important because it is a tool that helps us to support the different scenarios that manages the business. If you do not know the business is not easy to find software that meets the requirement. How can IT initiatives support a mining company in a leadership position One mission of IT is to take the lead or anticipate the requirements of the company. We must be proactive. Therefore, IT initiatives must be aimed at optimizing processes, thereby achieving cost reduction. For a company in a position of leadership must be prepared for good times and crises. From your experience, how it can be sophisticated or complicated IT management in the mining operations The management and IT strategy must be packed and geared to the characteristics of the operation of the company, in our case, Volcano and produces mineral concentrates extracted. The extraction is in underground and open pit mines, each of which has very particular features, like the production of concentrates.Additionally, the area of IT must coordinate with different professional disciplines and sectors such as: geology, mining, logistics, marketing and administration. Definitely, IT management and strategy are complex. What roles adopting an IT department in the planning of a mining company Participation in the IT area depends on the organization of the company and its place in it. Planning must be shared to be a key determinant in identifying what benefits are available as part of a deployment project. What role is delivering new technologies to automate the mining process In the company mining processes have had substantial improvements in equipment, communication and new tools.As new mines were acquired, the company began to improve and extend communications to integrate more.

Ministry of Community

Ministry of Community Development The Department of Community Development was established by the Agreement No. 057 of 13 September 1989 for the establishment of programs and agencies that will lead to comprehensive community development Cucuta voters. Socially coordinates all social housing programs, attention to vulnerable populations, youth, women, street dwellers and other critically important. In terms of community participation and citizen develops advice and training to the community action boards, the local administrative boards and encourages participation in decision making and community support for government management. In the economic and administrative designs the plans and implementing programs to support small and medium enterprises Cucuta voters, the generation of productive employment, non-bureaucratic, and the organization of fairs and exhibitions business.And through the Municipal Unit of Agricultural Technical Assistance – UMATA implementing the Plan for Rural Development and Agrarian drafted annually.

What is a Sales Letter

SALES LETTER TO SELL YOUR HOME ON THE INTERNET To make an excellent sales letter selling, and which functions as a vendor employee for 24 hrs, 365 days a year but that does not eat or sleep or he asks you more money or vacations, just sell and sell, I recommend this e – book written by the best webmaster of the internet, we shall achieve a s a page of first-class sales. Why a website does not sell Hey, buddy you’re looking to sell on Internet To answer this question before you ask what is one reason or the main reasons that a website does not sell, you must first ask what are the reasons why people do not buy. This is fundamental. Once we know exactly define these points, then we’ll be a little closer get a response. The reasons why people do not buy are basically three. 1 — The first is simply because he was not interested. The product you are offering him at that time interested.That, what we say to us It tells us that ultimately we are directing the product to market wrong. The best I can do at this point is to explain to sample level. Trying to sell an ice cube to an Eskimo is ridiculous, but I think such a ridiculous example I understand perfectly, that is, we already have the world’s best ice cube, if you give it to him or sell it to a market completely incorrect, many millions of Eskimos as they are, no one will buy. We must focus exclusively therefore on the market of interest. Imagine this same example, I I take an ice cube and go to the Sahara Desert and I begin to sell, then surely my business if I would success. It may seem silly, but is actually amazing how many companies fail in this aspect. I know people over the Internet that are selling their products and that their thinking is as follows say, well, right now I have a product Internet gives me exactly who to see. That is, the more promotion done the better, the more people see the product better, so try that idea access to thousands and thousands of people in all promotional ideas and for having gotten. That is simply wrong, and I repeat, the main error because not everyone will want your product but only a particular market. Solution. Go alone, the market that you interest. 2 — The second reason that people do not buy it is because No money. That simple. Let’s take an example. Imagine you are trying to sell frames or yachts luxury and you are focusing exclusively on a neighborhood, a family who can barely pay moderate to severe punishment a car. Well, maybe they want. Maybe want this product but, whatever.