Picnic Creativity Festival

In September PICNIC offers us a new opportunity to enjoy the creativity, business and technology in its purest form. As always, it will be in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most creative cities. PICNIC is a festival that brings together people from all parts of the world. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Adroll Marketing Platform by clicking through. The goal is to share ideas and experiences in an informal atmosphere. It is a unique opportunity to try new things and learn about different initiatives of different fields. The content of this fifth edition of PICNIC takes place under the theme Redesign the World, and will focus on aspects such as life, cities, the media and the Diseno.el Festival is aimed at all those curious minds who seek innovative solutions to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Adroll Marketing Platform: the source for more info. From creative agencies, artists, scientists, designers, communicators, brand directors, producers, experts in new media of communication, government leaders, developers, investors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, inventors, game developers, students, all teachers they will find inspiration in PICNIC! PICNIC is an event of first level, and unfortunately your price so it reflects (can check rates here). We know that it involves an effort enormous assume a cost as well, but good news! The organization allows us to offer a 15% discount to those who go on our side, so if you’re still thinking it you, do not hesitate to call us (94 479 24 88). Don’t forget they have it, live it! Creativity Zentrum question and we’ll help you go to Amsterdam! We are in the street San Francisco de Bilbao la Vieja!. For assistance, try visiting mobile ad startup.