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WEB-page document is the Internet, designed for distribution on the Internet using the service www. Simply put, this is what is in his box, the client program for viewing Web-pages called Web-browser. If we consider the WEB-page, from a technical point of view, it is an ordinary text file, and it can be created in any text editor such as Notepad of Windows, in the which it belongs. This file includes, strictly speaking, the text of Web-pages and different formatting commands that the text itself. Called these formatting commands tags. Tag describes the special language – html (HyperText Markup Language), language Hypertext markup.

Files that contain Web-page should have the extension htm or html. They are stored on the hard disk server. Getting from the Web-browser over http request, Web-server (in this case refers to a server program, which provides the service WWW) loads these files and sends to the Web-browser. As a Web-browser reports Web-server, Web-page which he needs? Yes, simply. Web-browser client sends the content Request the name and full path of the file where it is stored. Here, for example:.

After the query Web-server will retrieve and send the Web-browser page priroda.html. We should note that if you take to create a web page editor, the entire html page code you write by hand. Therefore, it is better to use specialized editors to automate this process. It's like TextPad, Microsoft FrontPage Express, HTML-Reader, Coffee CupHTML Editor, Homesite. And of course, the visual editor Dreamweaver, which is works on the principle (What You See Is What You Get – 'what you see, you and you get'). Using this editor, the user formats the text web page and the editor immediately sees the results of their work. In the editor, Dreamweaver can create a page of the site Even without knowing the language html. Indispensable this editor and when you will need to paste into your WEB-page any drawings or photographs. Currently, the Internet can hardly find a pure text pages. Typically used colored background, which in addition to text contains the photos, drawings, collages, animation, etc. And why not add some, if for creating graphics developed a series of programs. For example, Photoshop. Opportunities – are huge. Traditionally, structure of WEB-page looks like this: 1. Header (header, header), which may include, but not necessarily: Menu Navigation (Site) Header Logo Slogan Phone 2. The main part of the page: Menu navigation (site sections) Menu Navigation on thematic sections images, banners Summary 3. Footer (Basement), Menu navigation (on the site, on a site) Copyright Addresses, telephone counters and banners, depending on the type of layout site – dvukolonochnoy or trikolonochnoy, the bulk of WEB-pages can be in the form, of course, two or three columns. The widest column – for basic information. Of course, you can swap speakers and general information. As you can understand the creation of WEB-pages is not easy. But the network has enough resources for beginners in this business, who can be contacted for help.

What To Buy On Japanese Internet Auctions

Many Japanese products literally conquered the world thanks to its characteristics: quality, reliability, accuracy, long trouble-free service. These are the cars, electronics, audio, video, photo. However, Japanese things made for the internal market – namely, those in the ground and sold in the Japanese online auctions – there are a number of features which are due, for example, current standards in Japan. It must be known, making purchases on the internet auction site Yahoo. So, what can be bought on internet auction and what you need to know not to give up on buying, but rather gladly have purchased over time. Computers Notebooks, PDAs Firstly, we must remember that Japan's electricity supply 110 volts, as opposed to our 220. Peter Thiel has firm opinions on the matter.

Therefore, the power supplies of all equipment, including computers, are designed precisely for such stress. There are exceptions, when the power supply compatible with 220 volts. Even if you buy at auction Yahoo a new thing, you still get a computer (PDA, laptop) with the software. The fact is that in Japan computer equipment for sale together with the licensed software installed. So be prepared for the fact that the software will have to reinstall.

In principle, it is done fairly simply, even if you have any difficulties, then the experts no problems with the update software will not. At online auction sites besides the new computer equipment is sold a lot of second-hand shops. The majority of used devices of excellent quality, and often by their appearance, even hard to imagine that this is not a new thing.

Program Benefits

If you are not afraid of all the shortcomings of the network business – I'm waiting for you in your team and you have grown from a true leader! Determined closest to the direction you and start right now! 2. Creating and selling infoprodukta own. Advantages: You will be provided for life. This is no joke. Something else to write? Disadvantages: 1. Long and tedious process of learning. 2.

Comprehending the incredible technical wizardry, and in particular – distribution and promotion of the site, its creation, training, copywriting, sales, customer service, e-payments and many, many things "3. If the goods are out of date, you will need to create a new one. 4. Actually creates its own product 5% of the people who took over the case in the beginning. 3. Partner Program Benefits: Money you can earn from day one.

Immediately. Without attachments and with them. Doing himself. I recommend: saving time and money to purchase training drive and start working. He's here: (link 3) Benefits of the disc – all laid out on shelves. Do not have years to gather information and make mistakes that are characteristic for beginners and beyond. We can immediately get to work. Earnings in Month inspires – up to five thousand dollars! Disadvantages drive, my personal opinion: – the word parasite is the author, which is glued to the brain: "daaaaa!" – From an interesting topic, the author promises to fully disclose it to the next lessons and forgets about it. – This method requires the cost of advertising.

Home Entertainment

A new model of laptop acer Aspire 5520 demonstrates the perfect combination of style and power. It is based on the original Gemstone design and the most advanced mobile dual-core amd Turion 64 X2. Widescreen 15.4 "(with a response time of 8 ms) and a full set of communications and multimedia capabilities Aspire 5520 makes it indispensable for Home Entertainment By using the latest Intel Centrino Duo platform with a frequency of 2.16 Giga Hz, the Mobile Computer Acer Aspire 5675WLHi has the highest level of performance. Reliability and performance of the notebook Acer Aspire 5675WLHi provided by dual channel memory 2048MB DDR2 memory, and use S-ATA hard drives with 120GB 5400 rpm. Video machine, specifically designed for support for advanced multimedia and graphics applications. It is based on the latest graphics card ati Mobility Radeon x1600 with 256 mb dedicated video memory and 15.4 "widescreen TFT-display with support for Acer CrystalBrite. Without losing performance, you can quickly run on this portable computer-intensive applications and operate multiple programs Mobile Computer Acer Aspire 5685WLMI (Price approx: 50 000 rub.) is a new stage of development Series Acer Aspire 5670. In a notebook Acer Aspire 5685WLMI utilizes the latest 64-bit platform from Intel, which is based on dual-core processor Inte frequency of 2.0 Giga Hz (second-level cache memory 4 megabytes).

Retaining all the advantages of the previous series of wide- choice of connectors and wireless connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared), a beautiful widescreen 15.4 "WXGA high-brightness display with 16ms response time and support of technology Acer CrystalBrite , Acer Aspire 5685WLMI model adds its own merits. In their including graphics adapter nvidia GeForce Go 7600SE with 256 mb memory, light weight (just 2.77 kg) and size, built-in TV-tuner. Acer Aspire 5920 is the first mobile computer designed in the latest, cutting edge design Gemstone. This notebook is designed on the basis of heavy-duty dual-core processor Core 2 Duo, which is able to meet all the needs of today's user. A truly excellent graphic component – widescreen 15.4 inch display with high brightness CrystalBrite technology Axer and incredibly short time of pixel response, only 8 ms, with a new generation of video card with built-in video memory to 512 mb of memory and DirectX make your stay a pleasure. High-quality image complemented by an excellent sound through an audio system 2.1 (two speakers and a subwoofer) with support for Dolby, a hdmi port and built in some models of hd dvd optical drive would open the door to the era of high definition video. Notebooks Aspire Series 9520 is a new step in a series of multimedia notebooks premium Aspire 9510 and offer you an expanded set of multimedia capabilities. 17 – inch widescreen display c support technology Acer CrystalBrite, two lamps illumination and high-quality color reproduction will make viewing DVD-movies, work with graphics or games – this joy. Mobile computers in this series are based on the latest 64-bit platforms using Intel Core 2 Duo, that gives high performance with low power consumption Notebook Acer Ferrari 5005WLHi, worth about 90,000 rubles – a sample line of stylish and sophisticated mobile computers Acer. It embodied the most recent technological developments, the minimum number of solutions and maximum performance, powerful cpu, high ram (2048 MB), high-quality video, a roomy hard drive (160 Gigobayt), as well, Acer Ferrari 5005WLHi one of the first laptops on the market, which as an optical storage drive is used HD-DVD.

Computer Shop

Organize any business – it is very troublesome thing. And if the business is a computer shop, then all efforts are automatically doubled. When properly adjusted work selling computers is a very profitable business, so competition in this area prohibitively expensive. Here we can not distinguish firms that sell a specific brand (only computers hp, dell or Acer). Typically, computer shops are dealers of one or two dozen suppliers and form its range on the basis of their price, and on release are models of computers and office equipment of all makes and models.

Therefore, the struggle for the visitors can walk through the continuous improvement of service and well-established supply of goods. Opening a computer shop, the owner must correctly establish the supply of most running models of computers and laptops. Because often the buyer is ready to make a purchase, but asked to wait several days, until the goods will order and it appears on the stock. This is tantamount to losing a customer. Also worth a lot of attention paid to the quality of customer service in a computer store. People come here not for food, 90% cases, the client simply does not know what kind of computer or laptop he needs, what parameters and characteristics it should possess.

Therefore, the shop assistant immediately be 'attached' to a potential buyer ask some leading questions, and offer a range of suitable models. With this approach, your computer store sales increase at least twice. Another important point is the correct branded advertising. Any computer or laptop should be associated with a person is with your computer stores. The various campaigns, events, seasonal discounts and sales will greatly increase interest among potential buyers. It is also necessary to pay attention to some aspects of marketing: a convenient location store, the definition of the target audience for a certain type of goods, proper positioning of your computer store in this market segment. In any case, before selling computers, requires a detailed business plan. Otherwise, all may end up not even begun.