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European Union Technology

This allows you to seriously harmonize and simplify to obtain the necessary permits. Brad Pitt is actively involved in the matter. "For developers of one of the main advantages of the technology lmk is the rate construction and rapid turnover of funds. For example, the project is 4-5 thousand square meters. m takes 4-5 months from beginning the construction documents prior to delivery of the object, – says Sergey Chernyshev, Director General Russian subsidiary of , the leading European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering industries. – Construction accelerates including through one-stage design. That is the factory project office at the same time produces structurally mounting documentation for manufacturing and assembly scheme for the building, which did not need further adjustment.

" In the European Union and United States are now more than 50% industrial construction accounts for lmc. According to this technology elevate almost any structure – sheds, warehouses, garages, logistics facilities, shopping centers, pavilions, industrial shops, cattle farms and even homes. At the same time, local developers the benefits of using steel is still seriously undervalued. To date, the share of lmc in the construction of buildings in Russia is no more than 10%. One of the the few areas where the benefits of this technology is already generally accepted – is the construction of warehouses. Experts estimate that about 30-40% of all storage facilities in our country falls on the building of the lmc. In recent years increasingly become use the metal for the construction of commercial real estate – from convenience stores to hypermarkets.

Baroque Design

Industrial style is closely related to minimalism. Industrial style – with open sterile spaces, as if from a science fiction movie. Metal objects, reminiscent of the fantastic tools and equipment. Industrial style interior design is characterized by the presence of non-dot communications (pipes, valves, wires) in the interior can be seen building forms. Often used metal tables, cast iron plates on the floor. Many styles seem to 'inhuman', wild, uninhabited, but is sometimes used not only in offices but also residential.

This style – it is an original game in the industry, underlined disdain for 'bytovuhe'. Hi-tech arose in Britain in the 70-ies of xx century. Style and design theory, based on the use of latest technology. A distinctive feature is the presence of speakers structural components and engineering equipment. Chrome pipes, metal surfaces, polished jumper connections, screws – all evidence of thinking and modern concepts of space ships. All attributes are in demand in the interior of 'high technology'.

Fashion for the 'Hi-tech' pops up in waves, with the advent of a new design and finishing materials, either on the demand for certain technologies. Post-modernism developed in the late xx century in architecture and art, as opposed to modernist radicalism. Postmodernists use the fusion of different styles of the past, such as Classicism and Baroque styles, often applying them to ironic effect. Specificity of style – a hyperbole as a tool for creating vivid theatrical image of the environment. Traditional Traditional usually referred respectable interiors that embody the bourgeois way of life.

Electric Underfloor

Recently, people wanting to increase the warmth and comfort of your home, use a "warm floor" along with other means of heating. Although, unlike them, this technology heats the air below. Cold floor, especially in cold weather year, sometimes the cause of disease, often for young children. Underfloor heating systems are of two kinds of electric and water. In this article we explore the benefits of electric underfloor heating. Electric called the thermal floor, in which as a heating element uses an electric cable. This kind of flooring is simple, effective means of heating homes.

With electric heating did not happen in sub-zero temperatures, so it can easily be applied and on the street. Compared with water heating systems electric floor very economical in capital cost and also practically requires maintenance. Electric underfloor heating can be both the main and supplementary heating system, that is to use this system can be shared with other devices. Underfloor heating can be included in any time of year, regardless of the chp. Heat source is a heating cable. With it, the floor is transformed into a large panel that radiates heat evenly.

The cable connects to the automatic thermostat (the thermostat). So you can control the temperature of the air, increase, feeling cold, or to reduce on warm days. Perpetuate this device on the wall, it's only visible part of the system. For information about the temperature in the room come to him from the sensor located in a special corrugated tube in the plane of cable termination. This situation is explained by the fact that it can be change in case of breakage. Install it directly into the body thermostat, or any place convenient for the host location. The structure of electric underfloor heating cables are included, thermal, electronic thermostat and mounting tape. On clean flat surface reflecting layer insulation is laid up. After that, fixed mounting tape, which is a strip of metal or plastic with mounting elements. With a constant pitch, evenly on the mounting tape is placed the heating cable. On the wall in the most convenient place for use, is mounted thermostat connects to it the cold end of the cable and sensor. Placed on the floor construction is poured a solution or self-leveling compound. The resulting coupler can withstand 20-30 days to complete solidification, and – warm floor is ready for operation. Cable in electric warmer floors is a long time, as well as wires laid into the walls. The cable consists of multiple layers of sound, providing high-quality insulation, upper – Teflon sheath to withstand almost any temperature. Many people believe that if the premises are concentrated a large number of electrical appliances, it is a source of harmful electromagnetic radiation. Electric floor heating this effect is not creates. Cable laid in the floor can be as solid and sturdy. The costs of twin cable above, but the electromagnetic radiation is zero. Another advantage of electric underfloor heating is that This system can be installed with virtually any flooring: wood, laminate, tile and others. Of course it is best to use natural cover because they do not emit harmful when heated substances. When you install this heating technology is not necessarily reveal the old flooring, you can resort to the heating mats. They represent the two cores shielded cable heating, which located on the reinforcing grid evenly, with a certain distance. The mats are laid on the floor, apply the adhesive, after curing it is put another layer of glue on top and have a new floor covering.