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The Lines

Putty fill pierced seat and put one or two patches. Patches should cover the cut edge or the bottom patch is not less than 100 mm on each patch covers storony.Zatem mastic, which goes beyond 100 mm and sprinkle with heated peskom.Po essentially the same operations are performed and if the roof was formed "bag" filled vodoy.Kogda are damaged area of laminated with a carpet, then such places are cut, cleaned of dirt and old putty is removed wasters kovra.Vse wrapped, dried, then glued to the panel consistently mastic. Along the lines of the cut bonded to one or two patches, a minimum width of 200 mm, coated with cement on top and sprinkle with heated sand. Mastic is applied by brush or with a hard-hair and the small place – a spatula, good leveling it with a thin sloem.Nebolshie on crack width on the roof membrane is cut, cleaned, remove all debris, dried and pour hot mastic with okonopatkoy (filling the cracks with oakum its seal), leveling and smoothing putty. Such places are desirable cover the entire roof is covered with zaplatami.Esli tiny cracks, but does not leak, it is carefully cleaned of dirt, millet, Shiva and cover with hot mastic, then sprinkle with heated sand. Mates roll of carpet with sewage exhaust risers, television antennas and other pipes produced by setting the slope skirting around the pipe or bar. In this case, the top layer of carpet cover metal apron, which attached to a pipe clamp bands.

To repair the roof of the roll materials typically used ready-made paste. Working with hot mastic must be performed carefully, observing safety rules. Pastes made of different materials – binders and fillers. Fillers are used completely dry, sifted through a fine sieve. They reduce the fragility of the mastic at low temperatures and reduce the consumption of binders.

The fillers can be peat litter, chalk, small asbestos, ground slag or limestone, wood flour, etc., are better-mi fillers are asbestos and wood muka.Bitumy used oil, the refractory with a melting point of from 70 to 90 C. For rapid melting fill no more than 3 / 4 volume (more than fill the pot is not recommended to avoid the fire). mastic flow may be different, the average is 1-1.2 kg/m2. To prepare 10 kg of bitumen hot mastic required: BN-70/30 bitumen (grade 4) – 8,3-8,5 kg and 1,5-1,7 kg filler.

A Revolutionary Breakthrough In Technology Of Silicate

After 16 years of intensive research in laboratories, and numerous practice tests and field trials, the company managed to produce Remmers absolute breakthrough in silicate technology. For the first time it became possible to develop products with unusually high resistance, which in this case are simple and application availability in the price. New silicate technology far superior to all previously used materials such as epoxy resin or cement. The company has developed two Remmers proven in practice the product – a solution to fill the joints Remmers SF 1 and the sealing slurry Remmers SD 1 – using the revolutionary technology of silicate. For even more opinions, read materials from Brad Pitt. The results achieved in practice, can be called stunning. This is a huge advantage Remmers be able to use in the future, bringing to market new products developed based on silicate technology. Today we use the technology of tomorrow! Intensive long-term studies silicate Unique technology produces a revolution in the construction industry solution seams Remmers SF 1 Diversity of applications due to revolutionary technology of silicate coatings with ceramic tiles are subjected to high mechanical stress, for example, when cleaning under high pressure and extreme temperature or abrasive sanding loads. Clinton family is full of insight into the issues.

In most cases there are additional aggressive as the pressures caused by the influence of acids, alkalis, oils, fats, etc. Conventional joints conjunction with such impacts can not stand for long and quickly lose strength. Remmers SF 1 is a lot to fill the joints, designed for extreme loads. Remmers SF 1 can equally easily be used in a variety of areas and conditions. Seams without any effort and difficulty filled with a solution within a short time react with water. Cleaning the dirt from the tile is made without the addition of detergent and at a temperature of +2 C. Industrial kitchen facilities Food Drink And best of all: After a short time, the treated surface can be used, eliminating unnecessary downtime.

Installation Of Chimney

If you have already defined with a choice of bath or heating stove raises the question of choosing the chimney, as we discuss in this article. The best option install a chimney is installed vertically, in which chimney are no twists and turns. The horizontal sections are allowed, but not more than 1.5 m. Such sites chimney can lead to reduced traction and a decrease in the chimney efficiency furnace itself. Pipe for the chimney are 0.6 mm and a thickness of 1 mm stainless steel. In terms of durability is better to use the tube 1 mm thick, in a pinch, you can use at the site of 1 / 3 of the length of the chimney a thin tube (0.6 mm).

For example, if the length of the chimney 6 m tube 1mm necessary to use a 4 m of 0.6 mm thick pipe 2m (1 / 3 the total length of the chimney). For boilers running on gas and diesel fuel for long life and high quality stove and chimney pipe is sufficient to use 0.6 mm thick. So, proceed to the installation of the chimney. The first single-layer tube is taken (not sandwich), followed by a gate set (rotary valve thickness of 1 mm.) Gate is normally installed on the first meter and the chimney is used for traction control in the chimney. After it is installed glass, bare pipe adapter on a sandwich, and glass outer casing keeps the sandwich.

After the glasses and a necessary number senvich-pipes, depending on the projected length of the chimney. Sandwich insulated pipe to the chimney, the main purpose of sandwich-avoid condensation on the inner tube, a secondary purpose of thermal insulation, Sandwiches made of 4 kinds: 1. For assistance, try visiting Essex Financial. Sandwich 1mm/nerzh. – Inner tube with a metal thickness of 1 mm and outer tube thickness of 0.6 mm, this sandwich is made entirely of stainless steel. 2. Sandwich SS. / Stainless steel. 0.6 mm / 0.6 mm – inner and outer tubes 0.6 mm thick, sandwich is also made of stainless steel. 3. Sandwich 1mm/otsink. – Inner tube of stainless steel with a thickness of 1 mm and the metal outer tube made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm. 4. Sandwich 0.6 mm / zinc. – Inner tube stainless steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm and the metal outer tube made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm.


Attic spaces may be serve as a nice living rooms. Insulation of pitched roof at relatively low cost is of great benefit. To do this, build in the spaces between the rafters in one or more layers polystyrene plates with a total thickness equal to the thickness of the rafters. The variant of roof insulation by placing EPS boards between the rafters. Thermal insulation of walls, depending on the location of insulation in building envelope are the main options insulation heater located on the inside of the building envelope; insulation – inside the building envelope; Insulation – exterior cladding. In this case, the widely used two systems: the so-called system of "wet" type (with plastering or lining of the facade) and ventilated facades. 1) System with a heater on the inner side cladding Location insulation material on the inner surface of the walls of buildings is often only possible because – insulation can be made not at all, but only in certain areas of the building – the production of works on heat shield can be made at any time of the year, while, in contrast to the external insulation systems, do not need money podmaschivaniya – does not change in appearance of the buildings (so this method is often used for buildings with complicated facades in architectural terms of artistic or historical value). Unfortunately, the insulation walls on the inside has two significant drawbacks: – Reduction of floor space by increasing the thickness of the walls, partitions and ceilings, rigidly connected with the bearing wall and usually do not have a cut off insulating liner to form a frame building on the many thermal bridges. Therefore, in order to heat per unit area with insulation inside were equal heat loss with insulation on the outside, the thickness EPS boards must be at least 30 mm. – Thus lose part of the useful area of the interior.

Service Basin

Frame structure can be installed in the soil at different depths, or simply to earth's surface. It is worth noting that not every pool can be installed in the ground, and if possible, the process is time consuming and not a quick turns. To frame the pool will need equipment that performs disinfection, filtration and maintenance of water temperature in the structure. In the purification filtration equipment includes filters, pumps and valves. To monitor water quality, use of special sensors, disinfection systems that support normal PH.

In addition to the main list, if desired apply additional equipment for the pool – the stairs, tubs, waterfalls, cascades, lighting and more. For even more analysis, hear from Gwyneth Paltrow. It is important to choose the right surface to install the pool frame: it should be fixed, not subject to erosion or shift the ground and have a large carrying capacity. A flat surface sprinkled with sand, but did not raise the her because he still wash over time, and swimming pool damaged by this. Specialists cut the ground at five inches, and remove the roots of plants. In the deepening sand is poured so as to cut off the surface equal to that ground. A great place to frame the pool area will be sunny, elevated position.

It is also desirable to nearby plantations were not, as the branches of trees will interfere with swimming and contributing to pollution water in the pool. You can place the frame structure does not pool on the ground, and on the horizontal surface of the timber and boards with light weight water-filled basin. To avoid contamination of the water in the basin of the stationary type, need to take care of it. For frame structures are floating cover that prevents water from entering the plants, insects, debris. Coating pick the size of the pool itself – and placed on the water. This coating, combined with cleaning chemicals for swimming pools provide the maximum care and will prevent breeding of harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the water. Funds for water treatment in swimming pools disinfected water, maintain color, and transparency. The modern market is full of various means to disinfect water in the basin, ranging from ordinary bleach to the latest formulas correctors pH. Service Basin – a mandatory procedure, if you want to design long benefited for body and soul. Maintenance activities aimed at maintaining the water in an appropriate state and control over the exploitation of the design pool. Frame pool to clean, change water in it. In addition, on the eve of the winter is very relevant question becomes build the pool. Pool, which is laid in the ground – gathers no necessary, but we need to warm and close. Swimming pool on the surface, to be dismantled. Construction of swimming pools – an area which requires special knowledge and skills, and content design is difficult everyday process.

The Demand

After completing these repairs shortcomings remind myself the problems and additional financial costs. The main drawback of drywall, then it is a brittle material, in consequence of that, damaging its surface is not difficult. In the case of damage to the ceiling of plasterboard, to restore it is virtually impossible – you have to replace a new leaf. Drywall is afraid of water and high humidity. If you have flooded the neighbors, it is likely that the drywall immediately swells after deformation, in extreme cases, may even fall off from the metal frame that is not happy. There are, of course, moisture raznovidnostigipsokartona, but even they can warp if humidity in the room exceeds 80%, and the water they save.

When operating the drywall may appear some problems: it is impossible to hang anything heavy. To attach light items, as a rule, you should use special anchors, because the conventional self-tapping screws are not always suitable for gipsokartonai strictly forbidden to hammer nails. Durability and reliability of plasterboard ceilings doubtful. You never subsequently escape from cracks in the ceiling, especially if the house was built recently. But from the appearance of cracks in an old house with plasterboard ceiling is not insured. Due to the fact that the demand for gypsum board is growing by leaps and bounds, Some builders are finding it in the repair, do not always have sufficient experience, which could lead to another series of troubles. Consider another technology finishing the ceiling using a stretch fabric.

Windows PVC Window

All modern advances designed to improve the lives of civilization, man, make it easier in everyday terms. Moreover, they are designed for comfort and safety of the most precious thing a man – his life and health. Considerable role to play modern windows. Branded PVC window profile are designed so that the possibility of penetration of drafts in the living and working space is reduced to zero. This factor is very important, and that he is the starting point when choosing between a simple metal-plastic windows and. An equally important aspect in this area is security and the inability to penetrate or break when you install PVC window profile to that also turns its attention to every customer. At a time when it was decided to purchase this PVC window profile, the next important issue is the choice of the manufacturer.

For several years the market of PVC windows, our firm is one of the top positions. Our prices are very moderate, and the quality of manufactured products is very high, so our popularity among dealers is growing. Window production at our plant operates qualified staff on the newest equipment. With this approach, our windows freely compete with any leading manufacturers of such products. Our production each employee interested in new technologies, so the production of windows, we kept improving. The range of our products through innovative development is constantly expanding. Employees of our firms control the production of windows at all stages, as well as monitor the quality of the materials used.

The quality of our products is always high enough without this it is impossible to remain among the leaders. Our company effectively uses human and production resources, through proper organization of the production process. Therefore, production costs allows us to offer our customers the very good prices. As a result of this pricing policy, our company managed to maintain a high demand for its products. Thanks to advanced equipment, our company can order the design of any complexity. And any of accepted projects will be executed as soon as possible, no matter how complicated it was a design decision. Protect your time and money to help the most experienced team of masters. If you require the installation of windows, sills and performance other work related to the installation of plastic windows, they are ready to execute them in the shortest possible time. Sills, sandwich panels and other attributes we have in stock, because the installation of windows, one of the services of our firm. And if Buyer ordered the installation of windows is in our company, he will not have to be ordered separately mosquito nets. Our company regularly conducts training for staff and workers undergo regular training. So experience and qualifications of installation teams and other specialists are very high. Which, of course, guarantee the high quality construction and installation works. All rules and regulations for the installation of windows, our specialists performed in strict order. Waterproofing, decoration, dismantling old windows will be clearly satisfied, as well as installation of new designs. Our customers can feel completely safe, because all the available products certified. Regular customers and wholesale customers are well aware that the company has a very convenient system of discounts. Our company guarantees the quality of any plastic windows, regardless of their price category.


In the construction market There are hundreds of suggestions on how architecture and on designs, and yet we suggest that the most simple: a log or cobbled cottage house with the oven-stove. In this suburban home to live from April to November in the year construction. When buying a log home you should immediately take care of the foundation. From the construction site to remove topsoil. Block or boulder foundations with good dry soil may be based on the surface. It would be good right away, along with holiday home foundations, to determine the position of oven and put it to her sunken concrete foundations at 40-50 cm, a height which finally determine when you will put a permanent oven.

For your home oven is sufficient foundation in terms of size 120×80 cm (see 'Heating stove. From the foundation to Dymnikov ). The walls, as already mentioned, cobbled or timbered. Beam cross-section of 15×15 cm in the log the walls of the groove width prokonopachennogo must be at least 12-15 cm Floors were supported with wooden beams, joists in the construction of floors with areas for insulation. Roof – krutouklonnaya, not less than 45 deg.

To allow further use the attic for the unit loft building. Roof – soft asphalt as a temporary deviation in the 45 deg. it will last 10-12 years. But you can immediately put an asphalt roof piece, a reproduction of tile or share, such a roof is not much more expensive, but much prettier and last for over 25 years. Ceiling – wood, plank on the beams, taking into account insulation, sound insulation and operational burden of the future of attic space. Windows attic and the house immediately available with double glazing. The doors and the attic at home as well insulated and reinforced. In his first year in the fall of the house habitable.

AFL Solvents

The most famous of this group of solvent – solvent 647, which is used for dilution nitroenamels, nitro lacquer and other coatings. Solvents, washing should say a few words about the so-called diluents and diluent, which, although not able to dissolve, however, widely used for breeding, dry paint pigments and dyes gustotertyh dilution. These diluents include linseed oil and various emulsions. However, it must be remembered that their use should be carefully observe a dose, because in excess of the permissible actions can permanently damage the paint. In order to get rid of the old and no longer need to paint coating, special washing – SP-6 SP-7, SD and the AFL-1, proven in action in the paint and varnishes. Wash the SP-6, which is a solution of PVC resin and wax in the mixture of active organic solvents, used mainly in order to quickly and it is easy to dissolve the paint based on acrylic, epoxy, resin and other perchlorovinyl. Causing wash the surface with a brush or a brush, wait about 40 minutes, then start schischeniyu paint. A mixture of active organic solvents, thickeners, and baking powder – Remover SP-7 – looks like a white emulsion and acts much faster – within 10 minutes after application of the old paint is destroyed and can be removed.

In addition, SP-7 a few economical wash SP-6, since the removal of one square meter cover it requires less. To remove old paint from metal surfaces, use a special remover SD which is a mixture of organic solvents. This clear liquid is within 3 minutes after the application starts its operation for the removal of old oil and varnish coatings. Oil paint and the paint on the nitrate Cellulose is literally 20 minutes easily wash action of the AFL-1. However, it should be noted that in order to achieve the desired result, have very generously spend money – 250 grams per square meter In addition to washing away of funds that are sold in stores, to remove oil paint can be used "popular" means – self-made structure. This will require a 10% solution of ammonia, 1 quart of water and 2.5 kg of chalk.

Ammonia dissolved in water, after which there is added chalk. Very thoroughly mixed up the mixture, it is applied to the surface and leave for 3-4 hours. During this time the dye absorbs the solution, and easily separates from the surface. All solvents, diluents and wash – the dangerous substances in the application that need to be careful: use of protective gloves, gauze bandages, or respirators, and goggles.


The next stage – working draft. It represents a detailed study you approved conceptual design of interior design. In order to satiate its content, you must make the selection of all the necessary finishing materials, select windows, doors, furniture, sanitary equipment, home appliances and etc. To do this while working on a design project provides a number of trips to designer salons. All agreed with you from the list above will be reflected in the drawings of the working draft. Preparation of the working draft of interior design – it's pretty tedious work, based on compilation of the calculations and the development of structural elements.

The result looks like a pack of more than two dozen plans and statements from the plan of dismantling barriers to sweep the walls with the layout tile, ceiling plans, lighting placement, the explication of flooring, the plan of arrangement of furniture and others. Drawings and statements designed for professionals who will translate your ideas into reality. A detailed list of the working draft plans can be explored on the page design project. More prosaic, but they are not less important work in the creation the new interior of the house or apartment is to create a project engineering services. We are talking about the numerous calculations, diagrams, drawings and plans for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitation, electrical equipment, CCTV, burglar and fire alarm systems, cable lines (TV, telephony, Internet, home theater, home automation system, etc.) To ensure that all work is performed well by the designers, is carried out supervision. At the time of construction it is often necessary to make certain changes in the job.

Furthermore, variants are possible when there is a need to replace one type of decorative or construction materials on the other. In this case, you need to quickly adjust to the drawings, which will get rid of unpleasant consequences. Great importance when creating a new interior design cottage, house or apartment is decorating. At this stage of work as more important than ever the talent and creativity to a designer. After all, on his shoulders lay down selection and placement of lighting fixtures, textile design (Bed linen, tablecloths, curtains and drapes), selection of paintings, sculptures and accessories.