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Eduardo Riaviz

In fact, the desire to know ' ' what the other wants of me? ' ' dirige it its recognition for the other, therefore searchs to know on the desire of the other. As its anguish has origin in the lack that it is present, the castration, its search consists of knowing on the proper desire, the object. Fanoel Messias Dos Santos, the Transference the Failure Pertaining to school. I agree to a psychoanalytic colleague and also professor when it says that the professors are treated as merchandise and that to each day the Subject Presumption To know, that is, the transference of the pupil for the professor is each shaken time more. The citizen after-modern, for being speech effect and of a speech that emerged by means of the fall of the father, that is, the capitalist speech, is a citizen for who the desire is not lack, seno whim, will of joy.

The desire of the citizen after-modern is joy will because the speech capitalist has the logical insensata and fierce she supereu it. More: we could say that the capitalist speech is it supereu of the citizen ' ' after-moderno' '. Capitalist speech and supereu is articulated in one same imperative: ' ' It enjoys! ' ' , but not of the imperative of the resignation, as it commanded it supereu ' ' moderno' ' , and yes in a infernal and limitless way, technician enjoys of the object, the object that is effect of the speech of science. Eduardo Riaviz – Modernity, after-modernity fundamentalismo (a lacaniana reading) Which the difference enters the ideal of I and ideal I of the pupils of the decade of the 60 and pupils of century XXI? We can call these two elements substructures of the Supereu. Freud reference they in its text of 1914, ' ' On the narcissism: one introduo' ' Ideal I am, for Lacan, an imaginary, inheriting formation of the image of itself, that he consists in the Stadium of the Mirror.

Personal Computer

Many people are now complaining that the work takes all their time, effort, energy, and therefore they are not enough for a family, sports, health, hobbies … But few people think about what you can work more efficiently and perform the same number of cases in less time … My name is Vladimir Firing. I am a master in their field and want to help you achieve the same results from their ability to improve in a few times! How I came to B With New Works for an expedited Personal Computer? But the fact is that, as a schoolboy, I started studying computer science, then college and the academy have polished my skills. Peter Thiel takes a slightly different approach. And when I got on my first job as a software educated, and began to implement this knowledge in their daily affairs, I had a goal to apply them to real problems and challenges.

There are times when we had to perform simple actions on a daily basis, which takes considerable time and forces. I believe that most people are mired in routine work. Of course there are those who want to get maximum results and to accelerate its work for the PC at least 2-3 times! Using a remarkable the invention of the guys from TechSmith, I decided to make a collection of video tutorials teaching on those issues that plagued me over the years most of all:) This collection of video tutorials, absorbed all my experience to accelerate the work for personal computers, this is Total Commander, Word, Excel, MindManager, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc.

Technological Progress

Scientific and technical progress – is a natural process of raising the technical level of social production through the development and improvement of labor, technology and organization of production based on use of science and technology. The most important areas of scientific and technological progress in the economy are: improvement of equipment, technology and production organization, the introduction of mechanization and automation, full electrification of the economy; development of new kinds of energy and materials, application of chemistry in the production of organic compounds between science and production. Key areas of technical progress in cooperative trade are derived from general trends in scientific and technological progress in the national economy, the single state technology policies. Peter Thiel wanted to know more. In trade, they are: the mechanization and automate labor-intensive work based on the introduction and effective use of new technology, running on electrical energy, improve trade equipment, machinery, technology and trade processes through the introduction of scientific achievements and excellence. Mechanization in the trade requires a broad introduction to the industry enterprises of various types of machinery and equipment to replace manual labor. Stages development of mechanization are: mechanization, and integrated mechanization and automation.

To include mechanized processes in which the use of machines allows the replacement of manual labor on major transactions, and auxiliary operations are performed manually. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Hillary Clinton. If the replacement of manual labor the engine made only for individual operations or stations and part of the work on the basic operations performed by hand, such a level of mechanization called partial mechanization. In recent years the level of technical equipment of the enterprises of trade rose substantially. But the task of further improving the level of mechanization of labor in the trade still goes on. In mechanization of labor-intensive work laid the large reserves of labor productivity growth of sales staff, trade efficiency. The most time consuming operations in the trade are: Handling of transporting cargo within the enterprise; filling and packing of goods, preparing them for sale, creating temperature storage of goods; cash and settlement operations. These operations at commercial represent virtually the main objects of the application of physical labor in the trade and predetermine the main trends of mechanization and automation.

The Engine That We All Have Inside Your Inner Self

The engine in all of us is your inner self, which is responsible for telling us what time sleeping, eating, breathing, walking, lifting, etc. From birth we are constantly teaching, like learning to walk, then run, and so on until we have the knowledge and the power to do so atomatica. Your inner self is the learning that determines your personality, feeling, behaving, in all aspects of your life, now you wonder how you can be, if in fact your inner self as we assemble from birth and constanemente new things we are teaching and what we changed. It's like a car engine, which moves across a large unit, through this, you can move to any place only with the strength of this. Clinton Family can provide more clarity in the matter. Then your inner self is the engine that leads us anywhere just start it with the necessary knowledge can do anything you set out, but as the engine of a car, oh to be fed with fuel, your inner self must be fed with knowledge. At present we are not trying to get EXCEPTION success, whether family, work, or even in love, and is very competitive in the labor and sentimental, and if we are not prepared is more difficult to achieve the success and quality of life we all dream. Why do I say this, depending on what you do, if you look there are people that their inner selves are constantly using it, and if they do utilzar well, get what they want. KNOW THAT, BUT DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO EXPRESS KNOW, KNEW NOTHING IS AS IF. I'll give this example to give you an idea, and you do a reflection of your inner self, and wonder, Who am I, where I am, is really what I expected of me, AND MOST IMPORTANT, WHERE I WANT TO COME. you have to learn new techniques simple and simple to put into practice in a very easy to get the success and the money they seek.

Skype Exercises

Despite the numerous benefits, training for Skype does have its drawbacks. for classes need access to the Internet; teacher does not see how you perform written assignments (but in a course instructor also does not check the written exercises). Let us remember that we are facing a purpose – to speak. And in order to speak we need that? That’s right – to speak! At school we learn to read the translation, we performed a lot of exercises and memorize texts such as the London in the capital of Great Britain. What came out of it, we all know I think we should try something new to finally be able to explain to people from other countries.

As a rule, all written assignments students will receive an e-mail. In addition, Skype has a handy feature chat, where the teacher can write to you, how to spell a particular word. often one of the the first questions people who hear about the training of Skype, is: “What happens if I’ll pay forward classes, but they will not be held.” To such a situation does not happen, you need to start learning to pay attention to the following points: 1. which organization gives you educational services, and whether the organization is entitled to provide such services; 2. Whether you are invited to get acquainted with the contract-offer, 3. what form of payment for training assumed. You should be alerted if the tuition fees you are offered a transfer to the purse in the Google search Web mani or other systems of electronic money.

Under current law, individuals are prohibited from using electronic purses for commercial purposes. If after you have studied all the pros and cons of this method, you still remained in doubt the suitability of online courses for you, an educational program SkypEn invites you to spend an introductory free English lessons with our teachers. To sign up for a free lesson, you will need to complete the online form on the site, indicating a convenient day and time occupations. Make English the program SkypEn and make its view that such exercises in English via Skype.

Graphical Transcriptions

Already it is not more possible to conceive the writing exclusively as a code of graphical transcription of sounds, already it is not more possible to know to disrespect them that the children construct before learning formal to read, already is not more possible to close the eyes for the consequences provoked for the difference of chances that marks the children of different social classrooms. Therefore, already if it cannot more teach as before. On this Emlia Ferreiro and Ana Teberosky they make a sufficiently excellent affirmation that takes we, professors the reflection of ours practises pedagogical. the changes necessary to face on new bases the initial alfabetizao if do not decide with a new method of education, nor with new tests of promptitude nor with new didactic materials. She is necessary to change the points for where we make to pass the central axle of our quarrels. We have a empobrecida image of the written language: it is necessary to reintroduce, when we consider the alfabetizao, the writing as system of representation of the language. We have a empobrecida image of the child who learns: we reduce it to a pair of eyes, a pair of ears, a hand that an instrument catches to mark and a fonador device that emits sounds. Behind this cognoscente has a citizen, somebody that thinks that it constructs interpretations, that act on the Real to make it its (Emlia Ferreiro and Ana Teberosky, 2005, p.25).

Therefore, already if it cannot more teach as before. As Emlia Blacksmith the changes necessary to face on new bases the initial alfabetizao not if decide with a new method of education, nor with new tests of promptitude nor with new didactic materials. So that it has a good preparation in the alfabetizao of the children is necessary to detach a factor key: social interaction, that occurs mainly in house, being important to the intellectual techniques of reading in high voice, that stimulates the conversation between parents and children.

Republic Education

The specialized knowledge, organized around the rationalities of science, aimed at to free the people of the limits of the nature and to offer to ways route to a more progressive social world. If the people could reflect on its conditions, them could also analyze ways stop rationally to improve them. (…) in first the 250 dopais years of history, our pertaining to school system was constituted of seminaries, what it does not leave of being an education, rigorously, professional, although this type of education today to be called ' ' humanstica' ' . These ' ' colgios' ' they can be considered an elementary type of professional superior education (formation of priests and bureaucrats), what it confirms the teses: ) the modern pertaining to school systems are initiated for superior education; b) superior education was always a professional education; c) what it is called, today, of ' ' humanismo' ' , it was simply, the primitive form of profissionalizao.' ' These citations, in special of Popkewitz, seem to also dimensionar the concept of education to the light of the university reform of years 90, through law 5.540/68: of the separation of university and university centers and of the reduction of the duration of the superior courses. It seems us that this Reformation, taken root in the transformations of education superior in the first decades of the Republic, in centuries XIX and XX, has as objective greaters to facilitate the access to superior education by means of multiplications of facultieses, to increase the number of nocturnal courses e, mainly, to adapt the resumes to the conditions of the local market. The ideology of an education of pragmatic, economic and managemental characters seems to be the one that permeia all this reform and the one that it intends, each time more, to dissociar the education of the research, therefore, to think or to speak in democracy, practical of the multiculturalismo, in ethics, interdisciplinaridade in a context, according to Noronha (1998) ' ' where systemize education is monopoly of classrooms that withhold the power, where the development of science, of the technology in the education strong is tied with the separation between knowing and making, the theory and the practical one, between the conception and the execution, deriving of the social division and technique of trabalho' ' , they are urgent necessities which the professor not it can and it does not have to open hand to fulfill, in such a way ahead of the pertaining to school context and its workstation as well as to rethink its proper formation (reverse speed) qualification.

Far East

For prolonged storage in the package is not observed losses Nitrogen – chemical fertilizers. Environmentally friendly sapropel no adverse toxic effects on humans and animals – the date of payment and methods of sealing sapropel in the soil do not differ on the timing and methods of making other organic fertilizer – when you make sapropel “scattered” over the area before plowing nitrogen loss is not observed even after prolonged delay plowing – sapropel has a long useful aftereffect equal, at least 3-4 years. At application rates of 15-20 kg per square meter duration of sapropel can be traced to 14 years. – When you make sapropel in the soil – it improves its mechanical structure, and moisture-holding desiccant ability of 2-3 year yields an increase in soil humus, activates soil processes. Due to the slow solubility of the active substances in sapropel balanced diet provides all the elements of plant supply. – Introduction of sapropel increases the yield of grain crops, vegetables and root vegetables 15%, sugar beet, in 40%, increases the number of proteins and protein products in the crop.

In addition, the dry flour from the sapropel used as a preservative during storage harvest of potatoes, vegetables and fruits. Stocks sapropel in Russia of billions of tons. The main focus of the territorial dominion of notes central regions and the Far East. Technology for producing fertilizer from sapropel include the extraction of natural raw materials of natural moisture dredgers or special equipment on the lakes, delivering it to the shore, dehydration up to a certain humidity to further granulation and drying. Types of fertilizers produced from sapropel can be a loose, granular and liquid form. The most common types of products – loose and granular sapropel. Solid sapropel use at point and area making for crop production, urban greening, a breakdown of parkland, recreation and natural forms of small park landscape.

The largest fraction of bulk sapropel is used for reclamation of desert lands, landfills, dumps, etc. The greatest effect of the bulk sapropel krupnofraktsionnogo can be obtained by extensive use of it. Granular sapropel has a long acting properties of the plants and fertilizers used for growing vegetables, flowers, cereals and root crops. It is the most rational for long-distance transport, heavy use of land in the collection of several harvests per year. Appropriateness of this or that kind of sapropel-specific soil and farmland is defined agro-technical calculations and economic performance impact from this application. Used for packaging of fertilizer – open and valve bags, corrugated boxes, plastic buckets, plastic bags, soft containers (big bags). In the wholesale distribution network and to export sapropel comes packaged in bags and big bags under the European standard – in film or termousadnoy packaged under the customer’s order. In Retail sapropel packed into a smaller container for 2, 5, 10, 15 and 50 kg. For deliveries in bulk sapropel focuses on the conservation properties of this type of fertilizer to transport and store. Characteristic parameters that affect the pricing of fertilizers sapropel, it is ash, the amount of organic matter and moisture. In addition to the use of sapropel as a fertilizer for cultivation of agricultural products, it is used in international practice and as pochvoobrazovatel ameliorator (rekultivant) to restore damaged land man-caused, recreating the productivity of soils in erosional effects, radiation contamination, exhaustion. Sapropel allows you to create oases in the desert, to increase the yield of 2-2.5 times, the transfer of lands unsuitable for the discharge of abandoned crops in high-level.

Distance Education Advantages

Century in which we live – a century of rapid development of high technology. Given the pace of modern life and rigid requirements for professionals (young and not-so), applying for a new and more decent challenging work, becoming increasingly relevant question of improving their own skills and acquire new knowledge. Competition is great! Now totally inadequate to finish college and become complacent. In order not to stay on the sidelines and be in demand, the specialist just need to improve their basic level of knowledge. How do you do in your spare time without disrupting habitual way of life? There is a Solution! This so-called Distance learning or distance learning. This way of learning takes on immense popularity precisely because of its adaptability. Indeed, in such a way to gain new knowledge can be absolutely anything without exclusion, and young mothers and people with disabilities, and actively working, and the elderly. Each of them finds in distance learning positive moments, and they believe me a lot.

The simplest, but not least, A convenient form of distance learning emerged through the development of postal services – this correspondent training. Students from the school of books, written in simple and accessible form, usually on paper media and supported by audio and video materials. Completed assignments, students are sent to check the teacher. In this case, the students themselves determine the mode and tempo of your own occupation, while in a comfortable home environment, that contributes to the achievement of good results at school. Wonderful successes demonstrate students 'visiting' these foreign language courses.

Becoming increasingly popular, and distance education via the Internet. This type of training allows you to bring your learning to the traditional, full-time, form. The network can post lecture material, to organize on-line consultations, etc. Generalizing, there are several positive moments. Distance education is convenient because it allows: 1. obtain the necessary knowledge in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere without leaving home and family, 2. to plan and time schedule, and a list of subject 3. does not depend on the choice of interest rates on their own 4. do not limit yourself when choosing a school, 5. in learning the skills that are useful follow-up 6. receive high-quality knowledge at a reasonable price, without incurring the costs of travel, accommodation and so on. There are, of course, and their caveats: 1. no personal contact between teacher and student, between student and team spirit of competition and exchange of experience, 2. Effectiveness of training is required for the remarkable self-organization and the ability to learn independently. Comfortable environment, being a positive factor, carries with it the danger of learning to let slide. That is to say: "If not today, tomorrow!" 3. lack of immediate practical application of knowledge and discussion of emerging issues with the teacher and explain the situation with specific examples. If after weighing all the pros and cons you decide to stay on the distance learning courses that are – the perfect choice! And no matter what way you do – develop language courses, or othe, the main thing – it is your desire to learn!