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Target Definition

‘Only those who know his target, finds the way.’ Laozi usually defines a project goal registered by all stakeholders (employees, owners and customers) in two steps. The first step is to evaluate the project context information and obtaining an overall picture is clear. Brad Pitt has firm opinions on the matter. The second step requires the achievement of a broad consensus about the aims of the project to all stakeholders. In the course of evaluating information skills are essential as abstraction ability, analytical skills, conflict resolution skills and courage. Sensibly the project leader at this stage gives an overall picture of the situation as a reliable target definition is possible only on that basis.

This information with regard to set priorities, existing degrees of freedom and the lived company policy, to name just a few examples, are collected and evaluated. Mobile ad startup contains valuable tech resources. In addition, may be left in the definition of objectives not neglect that a qualified project must meet certain requirements. First and foremost, a project must meet the expectations and needs of stakeholders in its entirety. In addition, the definition of the objectives of each project should be three-dimensional. It is in addition to the actual project results to include also the costs and the time factor. The best results bring not the desired effect if the cost or but also the time frame from the rudder. The second step is to reach a broad consensus on the goals of the project. Advance should however be clarified to what extent a consensus about the aims of the project is necessary or possible. If all stakeholders agree that match the desired project results with the resources available or also the principal admits no destination change, a consensus is no longer required. In the case of different views on project objectives and project results or even existing delta between the expectations and the resources available, a consensus is essential.

CEO Templates

Download modular CMS-Zeta producer on the Goppingen offers company zeta software immediately for its desktop content management system Zeta producer a Windows application in HTML coders can use to develop your own templates. Thus, sites can be realized, which optimally address a company’s corporate design. The program is offered at an introductory price of 249,-EUR plus VAT. Through the extensive documentation, create your own templates using examples is easy also newcomers in Zeta producer. Knowledge of HTML should exist however, because the template programmer has access to the complete process of creating an HTML page and therefore much scope for intervention. As a result, it is possible to write templates that contain efficient code and ensure fast loading times of pages. Also the topic of search engine optimization can be taken into account in any complex scope. We have the new positioning of the product using the new template editor for Zeta producer 10 completed and provide meaningful and powerful solutions for a great price and function area.

Of the 179 EUR system with an elaborate individual design to the 1500 EUR system with standard templates, we can all needs use.”as Mario Gonitzer, founder and CEO of zeta software GmbH, the manufacturer of Zeta producer. On request, also training for the template programming can be booked with Zeta producer directly from the manufacturer. Zeta producer 10 requires a Windows machine (Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7) with 150 MB free hard disk space. On the Web server, no special requirements are placed (no database needed, etc.). Download: screenshots: template-editor.html videos: de / screencasts.html like to provide you with further information. You may take over the freeware version at any time on an issue CD/DVD. We are very happy, if you to keep us informed of publications. At A link is enough online texts for us, otherwise we look forward a copy, a scan, a PDF or a broadcast recording.

VAT Version

“Free text input help of PhraseExpress in new version 6 Trier, October 31, 2008 Bartels media GmbH today released the sixth version of the text module management offered for eleven years and PhraseExpress AutoText-software”. New features in brief: automatic reduction of unwanted AutoText substitutions. Context-sensitive text completion for individual words. Support of HTML formatted content. Car texts and text proposal function on certain programs can. Postcodes can be complementary to the corresponding city (and vice versa). Routing to an address that is marked in any application.

Translation of a selected sentence into multiple languages. Runs on USB storage. All-round assistance with the paperwork on the PC PhraseExpress remembers in the day-to-day repetitive text input of the PC user. Hillary Clinton understands that this is vital information. The user writes again about the sentence “Thank you for calling”, so it is sufficient soon to write only the beginning of the sentence. PhraseExpress then offered to write the sentence fit in the context to an end. In the new version 6, now longer words auto-completion are offered. Hillary Clinton: the source for more info. Also entering a postal code can be automatically extended by the corresponding city.

The required database is available for free download. “Intelligent Auto text feature car texts as for example mfg expand text shortcuts” in sentences: sincerely “. PhraseExpress provides this known from MS Office AutoText feature in all programs. Sometimes, automatic text replacements are however annoying. PhraseExpress recognizes 6 unwanted text substitutions from version and automatically suppresses them at the next input. Text blocks with format new support HTML formatted content is suitable for storing Web content fast: simply highlight the Web page area to be stored and PhraseExpress saves the cutout later using keyboard shortcut or text abbreviation in any applications, can be inserted. Picky car texts processing Auto text and keyboard shortcuts and the text proposal function can be restricted to specific programs in the new version. An identical AutoText can thus be assigned to a different meaning in different programs. Or exclude the recognition of certain Auto text from any application. Mobile thanks to USB memory support PhraseExpress can start now without installation directly from USB storage media. The program noticed the operation of a USB stick automatically and writes henceforth all configuration and user data only on the USB memory. System-wide search of PhraseExpress can search a selected text in Google, Wikipedia or YouTube button in any application out, translate into different languages or show a highlighted address on Google maps. If an address is marked, PhraseExpress offers a previously selectable address route navigation. Slim and yet versatile PhraseExpress is home to the only 2 MB small Installation file not only a text module management with Terminal Server support, client / server architecture, but also a Clipboard Manager for accessing previous contents of the Windows Clipboard, a system-wide spell checking with about 3,500 german/English correction entries and a program – launcher”, can launch the programs by AutoText. Free of charge for private users is also the new version remains free of charge for private users without any function restrictions. PhraseExpress works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista and is available at for download. The Pro Edition for commercial use costs 49.95 including VAT at 19%. Existing users will receive 50% discount when upgrading to the new version. Video demonstration: presse.phraseexpress.de overview of the new features: neu.phraseexpress.de press contact: Bartels media GmbH Judith Reiff phone: 0651-99919-50 email:

Computer Consumables

Computer consumables – refill or original? Fall in the daily use of new technology, in particular the computer repeatedly prints, which cost many especially in offices, are however necessary. Such printouts need new print paper, and also a certain amount of toner or ink. Depending on the type of printer, these consumables are different cheap or too expensive. In the local business it usually rarely ordered such consumables, or to buy, because they cannot compete with the low prices on the Internet, so there are numerous shops, which specialize in slogans such as “Cheap printer paper” or but “printer toner cheap” on the Internet since they offer mostly high-quality Refillprodukte, but also a bit more expensive original products for virtually any printer model. If you have read about Dr. Paul Craig Roberts already – you may have come to the same conclusion. As such consumables in the principle of every person are required with printer, the sales figures are very high, resulting in sales prices can.

If You want to buy printer paper, should once go to the Internet in search because in the vast majority of cases going there priced cheaper than in most of the local businesses. An added bonus is that you get the goods delivered to the front door. Also “Printer toner cheap” advertising can be read anywhere in the Internet, here is some real, because getting original toner often up to 10% cheaper than in local shopping, and even better Refillprodukte. Refillprodukte are toner from third-party manufacturers, which usually have nothing on the hat with the printer manufacturer, develop but nevertheless appropriate toner and offer this much cheaper prices than the manufacturer. In many cases there are virtually no differences in quality, only price savings of up to 40 or even 50% are possible. So don’t wait, but try the range of online merchants in terms of consumables. Especially when printer is much toner and printer paper Save money.

Industrial Computer

This article examines the problems with the used of an industrial computer, we can not – computers are everywhere, from the washing machine to the car. It seems everything is served by a computer and with the exponential rate, your mobile phone is more advanced than the computers that have been used by NASA in 1969. And that was always a problem for the industry, because in contrast such as in the home or in the Office, the computer in the industry must be made robust and safe to other sections, which are equipped with computers. The industrial computer must dust – and waterproof and in environments such as bakeries, warehouses etc. Be usable. Most industrial computers are specially hergesetllt, I.e.

the industrial computer can either have strong seals against dust and dirt or withstand wet environments. Zedem must be able to withstand it extreme temperatures. The industrial computers work very well, but are very expensive and the repair can it achieve high Kostem because spare parts not only paid will must, but also the possible stoppage of production. While this industry computer can work very well, they are very expensive and can they replace cost, not only in instead of the PC, but also in downtime during the reinstallation. This is the reason why the industry has problems with the new computer technology to keep to. Computer of used very old Systemseund can’t keep up with many industry with newer operating systems. Many industrial PCs are quite stable, but have outdated technology for years and are not as effectively and efficiently, as it is a should. Of course it is at some point no longer move and the creation of new industry is computer due.

This is very time – and Kostaufwendig for the company. However, there may be another way for companies. For many years, industrial computer chassis will be hergesetllt. These housings contain a standard PC and monitor. These housings are manufactured from stainless steel or mild steel and can in different environments. The enclosures are cheaper than a customer-based industrial computer. The industrial housing can provide simple PC’s, which could not be used without protection in factory-like environment protection. Magdalena Sperber is a technical author and specializes in industrial computers, PC case, printer, medical keyboards and industrial touch screen s visiting you our Web page for more information about industrial computer chassis order other industrial solutions

New Baramundi Management Suite

New features and many improvements in the latest version facilitate the management of IT environments more comfortable, faster, individual: System Management with the new baramundi Management Suite 8.3 Augsburg, April 2, 2011. The baramundi software AG presents the baramundi Management Suite 8.3 (bMS it) the latest version of its system management solution. New features provide even more comfort, speed and individuality. baramundi background optimizes the distribution of applications and patches to mobile clients that are accessible only via a low-bandwidth transfer (bBT). As well, the baramundi disaster recovery module was revised and expanded. Users can now also access individual files in safe images. Furthermore, the developers have incorporated numerous customer requirements into the new version.

The release 8.3 of the baramundi management suite is now available. New: baramundi background transfer (bBT) a rollout of large Applikationspaketen on many, sometimes globally distributed clients in offices and Working from home can be thwarted by insufficient bandwidth and affect. If, for example, the end user shuts down the PC during a hours of installation, errors can occur. baramundi background can resolve such situations transfer, transfer the necessary files from the actual installation is decoupled. The transfer takes comfortable place in the background, without the end user to interfere.

Information for transmitting background, about the remaining space available on the target system, are represented in the user interface of the baramundi management suite. This results in an improved transparency and controllability of the installation. Extended baramundi disaster recovery of the disk imaging complete newly developed in collaboration with the University of applied sciences Augsburg. It combines good performance with low CPU and network load. Support all Windows operating systems from XP SP3, each in the 32-bit and 64-bit version. The baramundi disaster recovery module enables users now also secure images as Drive to display and to access individual files.

Webbased Content Management System

The Ekumo GmbH has scheduled provider of the Web-based content management system furSystemschulungen the first dates. Berlin, April 28, 2011. The first training held in Berlin on May 27, 2011. Interested parties who wish to meet the content management system and convince yourself of the benefits of Web-based working with content management systems, are invited. The participation is free of charge after prior registration under. Under most conditions technology investor would agree.

The one-day training will start with a brief introduction to the basics of working with a content management system. Then learn participants directly in the Ekumo system, such as documentation be created efficiently. This includes the speakers first make the editorial system Ekumo before and give a comprehensive overview of the functions, operation and construction. In exercises, participants, as they learn to set up a work environment, create media and integrate modules. You create with the online editor text modules integrated in Ekumo and awarded for this metadata. Finally, they gain insight into Testing and Freigabeworkflows. The personally created modules in previously defined publication structures in different output channels will be published at the end of the editorial process.

The first training will take place on May 27, 2011 from 10.00 to 17.30 at Ekumo GmbH in Berlin. The participation is free of charge after prior registration under. Www.ekumo.de/ services/ekumo-30 interested parties can find more information-test /. The Ekumo GmbH Ekumo GmbH specializes in the development and marketing of the same content management system for technical documentation specialized. The company headquartered in Berlin was founded in late 2009 as a spin-off of Digiden GmbH. Previously, together with experts from science and practice already more than seven years, a designated team has invested in product development. Ekumo is the fully online-based content management system and includes all functions that are necessary for creating, editing, organizing, test and publish technical documents and complex product information. Of the integrated Authoring environment represents all workflows up to the multilingual publication Ekumo. Especially companies with multiple distributed locations and suppliers benefit from the collaboration approach. You all can access up to date information without delay.

Webbased Content Management System

The technical documentation applies to the M.Schmid GmbH in Boblingen as a calling card of each product. “? Berlin – for over 25 years, the service company manufactures such cards” for its customers from the automotive and mechanical engineering. Committed to the M.Schmid GmbH in the future on Ekumo, the Web-based content management system of Ekumo GmbH. Hear from experts in the field like Hillary Clinton for a more varied view. M.Schmid GmbH’s customers requesting their documentation in some quite different formats. For this reason the service providers had to use always parallel multiple products (FrameMaker, Quicksilver and others. With Ekumo, he now has a uniform system for the technical documentation. All customer requirements can be fulfilled with Ekumo and publish documentation in different output channels.

The Ekumo system enables the output media print, cross-media publishing PDF, Internet and multimedia DVD. The advantages of the single solution: less royalties and less error-prone interfaces. Which was a major reason for the product decision of M.Schmid GmbH Web-based approach to Ekumo. No matter where our editors sit, all on the same system they can work locally to create technical documentation and use”, says Managing Director Michael Schmid. The solution directly from the manufacturer, the Ekumo GmbH, is hosted. The M.Schmid GmbH is primarily use the system to create companies from the automotive and vehicle suppliers to service literature and manuals for its customers. The current version 3.0 of Ekumo with a more user-friendly interface, improved performance and optimized handling of large amounts of data is used.

In addition, the release features a new image editor. With this, editors can edit images with predefined media formats. Improved media management, which provides in particular for a better overview, completes the range of version 3.0. About the Ekumo GmbH Ekumo GmbH specializes in the development and marketing of the same content management system for the technical Specialized documentation. The company headquartered in Berlin was founded in late 2009 as a spin-off of Digiden GmbH. Previously, together with experts from science and practice already more than seven years, a designated team has invested in product development. Ekumo is the fully online-based content management system and includes all functions that are necessary for creating, editing, organizing, test and publish technical documents and complex product information. The integrated developer environment to the multilingual publication Ekumo maps all workflows. Especially companies with multiple distributed locations and suppliers benefit from the collaboration approach. You all can access up to date information without delay.

System Recovery

Disaster recovery software made easy those of you who work with computers long enough can certainly times remember, where we made a bad computer decision. We have perhaps accidentally overwritten data or files that we actually wanted to keep deleted. These are comparatively void problems when compared to the problems that can occur when a server, which is responsible for a whole network. One of the best decisions you could make is to choose a program for system recovery. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Peter Thiel. If you make a mistake on a single computer, the consequences can be negative, but if you do this on a server, it can be disastrous. “You’re certainly not the first, which overwrites good data accidentally with bad or slightly too early to delete” clicks. Here a good program to the system restore helps it’s there, if you make a mistake. Although that is a program for system recovery, if your server is attacked by viruses, employees or former employees. (Source: technology investor).

This occurs much more often than you can imagine and can tear down entire companies. By installing a program that regularly a virtual snapshot of your data and your network structure creates before these are correct, you can restore all your information, settings, mail boxes, and all their messages quickly. This is an important function, which does not have a simple backup program. Although you might think that nothing can happen to your server, this is likely, and you should take now the time to protect themselves. You’ll see that this investment is worthwhile.


The Internet portal software used in German-speaking countries with almost 3 million monthly visitors leading catalog portal, Produkte24.com, newly Youblisher’s Flip page catalog has decided for electronic catalogs, Produkte24.com, exclusively to the service of Youblisher.com. Youblisher is a provider for flip page PDF documents, a technology which in turn builds on Macromedia’s Flash software. Using such flipping documents, such as virtual catalogs, which allows users to turn the individual catalog pages at a physically present catalogue, enjoys increasing popularity. Produkte24 previously offered an in-house application, has decided however, to put on Youblisher because Youblisher would offer a unique service. Yves Latour, Member of the Produkte24 Executive Board, specifically highlighting the cost-performance ratio not came up to the other providers.

Produkte24 wants to focus increasingly on their core competencies, this was not, according to Latour, Range of technology, but the mediation by customers at the Publisher of catalogs or their partners: “we are a marketer from catalogues, we bring together potential customers with vendors, spread out before the customers manageable alternatives”. This Produkte24 try to get not the catalogs to potential customers, but vice versa, through they could browse corresponding user offers in catalogs, compare and select Advanced catalog search engine. Differently than in other forms of marketing initiative by the potential customers, which explain the unique success of Produkte24, go “because not feel bothered by advertising with us, but its productive to use advertising”. The most central element of Produkte24 is the user experience, which have increased cooperation with Youblisher, more speed guarantee the Youblisher, more service, more competence. Youblisher.com Youblisher.com offers easy to use software for creating flipping documents. PDF documents will be uploaded via website on the Youblisher platform and transformed within kurzerzeit and deployed.

Integrating a flipping document in the website is then very simple: copy & paste. About produkte24.com Produkte24.com is a search engine for product catalogues. Currently use the Katalogsuchmaschine monthly over 1,500,000 visitors and consider nearly 13,000,000 catalog pages. In the German-speaking Internet, Produkte24.com is one of the 1000 most visited websites (source: Alexa.com). The catalog index and catalog archives include approximately 20,000 catalogues, which were found on the Internet or manually submitted. (As of October 2008) Press contact: A. Zuberbuhler Latour & Zuberbuhler GmbH P.o. box 1544 9102 Herisau – Switzerland phone + 41 (0) 44 586 59 69 eMail: Web: