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Important Factors In Improving The Ranking Of The Site

In this article, we present some of the parameters having influence on the ranking in search engines and the possibility of improvement by optimizing on page. Financial technology: the source for more info. Everyone, create and place on the Internet site, is interested in it has been properly indexed search systems to increase the issuance of a site on relevant search queries. For more information see this site: Essex Financial. To do this you must ensure that all pages are indexed by search engines. The fact that the robots can index only those pages that are located in 3 clicks of the homepage. To do this they must go to them via hyperlinks. Links created via scripts or located in the flash files search engines can not be read, respectively, to pass over them they can not. To avoid this, you can do: duplicate links, create a script references a standard form using this achieved several results: the search robot will be able to read this link and click on it, passing it reads the keywords and proindeksirue them, and this technique can increase the keyword density on page.

(check the keyword density of pages on your site) The site can be a lot of pages and not all of them can be found by the robot for two of the transition from the home page. To help it, enough to create page with site map. Thus, going from the home page to page the site map (sitemap) search robot, as well as any visitor will be able to reach any page of the two transitions. This will not only improve ranking in search engines, but also to improve site navigation for all users (usability)

How To Make Google And Yandex

Many wonder how to make money online? And use search engines look for this information on the Internet at dozens of sites, and almost always comes from fraudsters are so eager to exploit you, forcing you to reap the links for which the pay is not for you, and them. not noticing that the answer is right before their eyes. That is, you did not pay attention to the ads hanging from the right granted to the search results, perhaps thinking that this is just a top-rated sites that search engines have decided to focus on. In fact it is not so, for these ads to search engines pay, and pay a lot of money. Google matches ads in accordance with keywords that you are in it hammers, Yandex saw it decided to do the same.

Although it is possible they have agreed among themselves. Google did not stop progress but went further, seeing the success (and the success of the Internet is calculated number of site visits), such a lot of already well-known archive of video clips like youtube, decided to buy it and some other sites. There, you will not see ads, but can see links to different applications google, which he proposes to use the available web masters, again with the aim of attracting visitors and their own promotion. To sum itog. earn from advertising. Yes and all Internet makes from advertising. Except are the only sites providing services for money. Whether it is or what product or service.


Every one of us at some time encounter with a desire to change the personal reality. Of course, the better. Change the furniture in the house, or at least would move towards the inkstand on his desk. However, even for such a change sometimes difficult to find time and energy. And yet there is an environment in which changes can be made every day at all. This – the computer on which to select fresh desktop wallpapers in our time do not provide any tension. A large number of sites where it is possible to find unusual and attractive wallpaper, allows every user to find a design specifically for your own computer, which at the moment it will arrange the best way.

After all, it is clear that specific brand-new wallpapers on your desktop provides an opportunity to create a positive internal state, as well as provide an opportunity to get rid of stress. Here, Men wallpapers girls – truly alluring design, as beautiful image invariably improves the state of mind and gives energy. But for someone to choose the most pleasant wallpaper with cars or other vehicles. For a variety of romantic, contemplating the distant trips with a lot of experiences that will best wallpaper with white-winged yachts or photos of unique plants and animals. If you would like to feelings of peace and stability in this amazing – you should pay particular attention to the desktop wallpaper with pictures of the underwater world. Indeed, is not easy to find other photos that would have a similar degree could be a charge of pacification and on the variety of tones, as images of sea creatures, in particular – the inhabitants of coral reefs. Desktop for all of us – it's an opportunity to issue a certain place, which would ideally suited to our needs and desires. For example, before the holidays to find my computer wallpaper for new year – so, be able to make the celebrations more joyful and at the same time expand their time-saving positive impressions of the holiday and even after its completion.

For example, many users set in the form of wallpapers on the desktop picture made with your own digital camera. And let amateur photography can never compete with established professional, it, nevertheless, great memories of pleasant days of rest. In today's world, a lot of worries and problems, which are able to do worse internal state, and bring to worry about. A snazzy wallpaper constantly improve the internal state, for the simple reason that they can be changed even if every day to experience regularly were magical and positive.

Necessity Exists Website

So you are facing a dilemma: to create a website or not? You need to think about this decision, as the website creation requires some investment, but it is necessary to make these investments have returned and begun to bear profit? A good site allows you to achieve a successful uvelicheniyainteresa to your company, and as a consequence of growth in the number of clients and partners. Components of a good site are: good design, sound navigation and deployment of elements of (usability) and, of course, well-written content of the site. But this is not a complete list of 'conditions'. In order to attract new visitors to your site to promote your site in search engines. If you do not have time to carry out these activities, and the site is required – please contact us. We will help you with the creation and maintenance of the site. In order for us to begin to create a website, you must define the objectives of the future resource its tasks. After that, it becomes obvious the type of site (online business card, corporate website, a promotional site, internet shop). Continue to have a technical task, in which the customer specifically confronts us problem.

Search Engines

I’ll start with the fact that the counting of tic deals with search engine Yandex. Consequently, for other search engines tci has no value. tic stands for: ‘thematic index of citing. ” Notice the word ‘theme’ and immediately becomes clear. Its essence lies in the fact that the search engine looks for all the links on a Web resource, and then determined the thematic proximity. If the subjects referring site is close to or identical with that on Who leads the reference, then, appropriately, more added to the total value of the tci. tci also figure will increase if the link to your site will be located in the directory Yandex.

A few words about the directory Yandex. This kind of database with links and descriptions of sites all directions. More details on this directory can be found here: tci has a numeric value from zero to beskochnosti, showing always a multiple of ten, ie 10, 20, 30, etc. Some Sites tci can reach several thousand, considering that the figure of 250-600 is already excellent. Now let’s talk about those links that do not bear any relevance to the calculation of tci, according to the Yandex: forums unmoderated catalogs, websites with free hosting, not listed in Yandex directory. Recalculation occurs twice a month. Unlike tITs’a vITs or ‘weighted citation index’ assesses the popularity of linking sites (As in most cases, computed on the basis of citation index). by Wiki.

Only here is measured not thematic similarity, and ‘weight’ page. And unlike tci (only affects the search in the E-catalog), vITs affect ranking in search results across the web. Also, I will turn your attention to the factor that vITs assigned a specific page, while tci throughout the site entirely. pr – Page Rank (page rank). Also called the Google pr, due to the fact that it is Google engaged in its calculations. pr also has a numeric representation. Only unlike tci PageRank is limited to 10. And it may take a value of 0 / 10, 1 / 10, , 10/10. Achieved pr = 10 almost impossible. Moreover, to exceed the bar at 7 is a dream for many Internet giants. If you search the Google pr is the main criterion in the location of sites on search pages. Now how do you determine tci and pr. To determine the thematic index of citing the site click on the link in the Variable host = enter the address of the desired site

Search Engines Map Sitemap

Do not trust registered in the search engines bots, better manual registration can imagine. So, go through the search engines: It is recognized that Yandex is the first in Russia among search engines. Joined: webmaster.yandex.ru If your site unique content, to which, incidentally, we should strive always, to the index Yandex it falls fast enough for 5-7 days. If not – have to wait for indexing month, maybe longer. This is due to many factors, but you must constantly post links to your site in directories of sites, bulletin boards, forums, etc., and then time hitting the site in the index is significantly reduced. Google – the main search engine in the world, but yet, the second in RuNet.

Although it is difficult find someone unfamiliar with Google. Registration in Google: / addurl When adding a site to Google there is no guarantee that the site will be immediately in its index. As a by Yandex, indexing, Google must wait long enough, however, plus it is that you can quickly index your site by posting a link to it from any well-known for the Google site or popular forum where his robot comes often enough. Immediately when you add a site to Google to create a sitemap sitemap.xml and add it to the panel webmasters in Google. Rambler is a very popular search engine in RuNet. Registration in the Rambler: / doc / add_site_form.shtml site, you can register using spetsformy registration if it is in Russia and cis countries.

Hypertext Markup Language

If you are new, but really want to create a website, the first thing you need to learn Hypertext Markup Language html. On the Internet there are many textbooks, but the best html tutorial you can find the link above. html language is very simple and carefully studying you can easily master it in a few weeks. Incidentally, most web-masters know no more than 20% html tags, but this in no way prevents them from when creating sites. After learn html, you can further read textbooks on languages such as css php and javascript.

Knowledge of these languages can greatly help you. Once you learn html you can begin to self-site creation. To create a website you likely to be useful skills in working with such programammi as dreamveaver and photoshop. These programs are very common in the Internet and you can easily find them. You can also read an introduction to Dreamweaver. When your site is fully prepared you need quality hosting and domain for your site. The domain should be vivid and memorable, and most reliable hosting service.

I do not advise you to place the site on a free hosting – it's not worth it. Desirable to choose expensive and high-quality hosting, in fact superfluous, such hosters can guarantee the security of your information. Do not risk your website because of some 2-3 thousand rubles a year. Once the site has been posted on the Internet has come the most time to do promotion, but more on that another time.

Your MySQL Define

Under a new record, now you can display a variety of additional elements can be disable unused entries in the writing of items such as Custom Fields, Trackbacks, write protection password. When you publish your writing, you can now set an option that would fix a record on the first page of your blog, the following entry will be published below a fixed record. Repository plug-ins. In WordPress 2.7 to install the plugin it will not need to download or where to look for something, although the developers to embed an opportunity to find and install the plugin through the administration panel blog. And now you can download the plugin archive Web-based blog, which also simplifies the installation of plug-ins. Advanced Configuration of pictures that you publish, you can adjust the size of images by default / stextbox We collect and create the database. Call it like markb192_7, the name does not matter in the future, at each site, it will change any password, too. File wp-config-sample.php rename to wp-config.php, and put this in its data base of MySQL.

define ('DB_NAME', 'markb192_7'); / / The name of the database – the database name MySQL. define ('DB_USER', 'markb192_7'); / / Your MySQL username – database user name MySQL, usually the same name as the base. define ('DB_PASSWORD','………'); / / … and password – the password. Below is a paste, and in some older versions of any proposals in English TN SECRET_KEY. define ('AUTH_KEY', 'Installation and use of this product denotes your acceptance to the terms set forth in this agreement'); define ('SECURE_AUTH_KEY', 'You have purchased a license to use the code, and not the code itself' ); define ('LOGGED_IN_KEY', 'The byline displayed at the bottom of each administration interface must be left clearly visible and may not be modified in any way'); define ('NONCE_KEY', 'You may not re-redistribute these scripts in whole or in part in any compilation, archive, or in any form whatsoever without express written permission '); What does it do, you ask? What is SECRET_KEY? In a nutshell – for security.

Various Thematic Forum

No one will argue that now, in our turbulent century, many people in an effort to multiply the wealth, spend their time. And as a result, to communicate with friends, going to the cinema and much more, remains the least that he was anything lacking. Here, in this case, and comes to the aid of the almighty Internet, but now it has access to virtually everyone, the people behind the communication goes on all sorts of forums, chatting in chatrooms and so on. Almost every day forum is becoming more popular form of communication with people, displacing a real conversation. Creates a lot of different forums, they appear in different countries and cities, those offers a forum, do not count, no matter Ukrainian or Russian forum is a forum in any case, everyone will find something useful just for myself, that it becomes interesting. Forums can be divided into Specialized and general choice is up to the user – that it attracts more and more.

For example, often make the city forums, such as Kiev and , a forum where you communicate on topics that affect all parties city life, from breaking news to the most popular establishments in town. Like other cities in forum can be called a very common method of communication. If the talk about the pros virtual communication, it is worth the following. Now forum provides an opportunity to find a buddy with the same interests and can be a communication into something much bigger. And for people who are in real life is difficult to build relationship, the forum can be very helpful, since communication online can express themselves the way you'd like to see yourself. Important is the fact that communication at any forum does not require specific training and any attachments also, if there are moments that this forum is not interesting, it can always be changed. Anonymity – it is a very important aspect of virtual communication, it can be useful if the issue being discussed is very schekotliv. In addition to communication on the forum will provide an opportunity to expand his knowledge in any field, and, share what you know yourself.

Also at the forum, everyone has an opportunity to create their theme, which is most close to him. Or ask a question, it is very exciting, but in real life to ask it did not work. As the saying goes, every barrel of honey is sure to fly in the ointment, virtual communication also has its own imperfections. One of the drawbacks is that, when communicating virtually very difficult to convey emotions, today's technology has not yet reached it. This makes communication , because often want to express the maximum their emotions. But, thanks to the many emoticons, the issue was partly solved, they can transmit a lot of emotion. Yes, of course, the forum – this is an excellent outlet for people who have to constantly be home. A vivid example, young mothers, they can not afford to leave, say, on a visit. On the Internet, they can discuss issues that relate to children, motherhood, share experiences or get advice. Especially want to note that various forms of virtual communication, including forums, greatly expanded the scope of communication for people suffering from serious illness. This is considered important and useful factor in favor of online communication.