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Retrofitting LPG Perform

Well not only for the climate, but also the money bag, the Germans have in addition to the family and the profession, two other crucial priorities. This is a own vehicle and on the other hand the wallet or bank account. This is only too understandable. A new vehicle is usually not cost-effective and it is advisable to provide some savings for old age. It is therefore advisable to open up paths, where a lot of money can be saved.

And even if it costs money of course in the first moment, the LPG conversion is a good way, to do not only for the purse, but also some of our nature. Because LPG is not only cheaper than conventional gasoline, but pollute the environment of less! During the conversion, a LPG-system in the vehicle is mounted. Gasoline is used only for the starting of the engine or as a tank reserve. LPG conversion for your wallet! The taxes on motor vehicles are calculated from displacement and emissions of carbon dioxide. Who be Is vehicle on LPG, which can promote the vehicle tax until the year 2018.Only an EBE opinion (individual approval) is therefore necessary after conversion.

Second, a deployed vehicle is refuelled far cheaper. The prices of furFlussiggas or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) which then operated the vehicle, are in Germany at an average 0.75 cents per litre. Also, the internal combustion engine is used less frequently. What has a lower wear.Forget shouldn’t be here as well, that a vehicle equipped with LPG has a much higher resale value! LPG conversion for the nature! Dying forests and smog has become commonplace in some cities to the part. A large guilt of part of is of course also the road with internal combustion engines of operated Fahrzeuge.Fahrzeuge, which have been converted to LPG, reduce the burden on our environment. Soot and sulfur dioxide as well as do not join an LPG-powered vehicle, the emissions of other harmful exhaust gas constituents such as aldehydes and benzene is significantly reduced. Also, LPG vehicles emit far fewer greenhouse gas CO2. A LPG conversion, which of course costs money in the first moment, worth so so. In addition to the money saving on taxes and refueling, the environment is protected. The filling station network is well developed at the present time as well as in Europe. Also, applied technology for the LPG conversion is fully mature and tested. Depending on driving more worth the conversion to LPG. Click Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for additional related pages. And in the case of our nature the LPG conversion in any case always worthwhile. To our own well-being and that of our children!

Premium To Buy Winter Tires

Now have we already late September. The temperatures are always low, which means to get winter tires back out of your garage. Buying a premium winter tire, the expected top performance in all winter conditions. With the right tires, one is always safe on the road even in winter. A look on the side wall is usually sufficient to find out whether a tire is indeed suitable for the cold season. Firstly there should a M + S, or M & S logo are. What does this logo? The logo indicates that this tire is suitable of the rubber compound and the construction for winter conditions in its tread, the profile. In particular is the rubber mix on the operating temperature < 7 respect level and a similarly rough profile design.

Since the inscription M + S can not be protected, there are the exotic versions. Especially from the Asian region conditionally-pure summer tires, with the marking come, construction, tread design and rubber compound M + S on the side wall, in the trade. In winter use such tire life-threatening and probably only keep the car through the “Chinese wall”. When the next purchase of your winter tires on this symbol symbol offers more security when buying winter tires 3 peak mountain. Winter tires get this symbol only if they comply with certain guidelines of the American NHTSA and thus actually qualify for winter use. With improved tread patterns, the use of fins, and many other innovations, optimized continually in recent years, the quality of winter tires of. A good recommendation which person would like to deal more closely with the winter tires, not comes around to the numerous tyre testing.

Institutions such as ADAC and TuV automotive magazines regularly test the latest models of the manufacturer. While the tester as well as tyre manufacturers with much money and effort run particularly elaborate series of tests. Often they travel to in the warm season in the other part of the world where the winter temperatures, to test the latest tyres in the summer. Early in the ninth month of the year the results are officially announced. And you always look your profile, because this is the A and O of your safety apart from the fact it prefers What brand or how long to use a winter tire, should be abandoned never to a minimum depth of 4 mm. Although the law requires only 1. 6 mm, however it is missing in this tread on sufficient support. A low profile is important especially in snow, only the tire has the right grip.

Software House HaCon Optimizes

Timetable information HAFAS goes with real time information and door to door information in Poland at the start of Hannover/Warsaw. Passengers in Poland by any arbitrary starting point reach their destination, they see in the future with just a few clicks of the new timetable of the Polish State railway, PKP. The software company HCon from Hanover has implemented its HAFAS product as door to door information for Poland with detailed maps and real time information. Clinton Family shines more light on the discussion. Contracting entities in the context of the EU research project SITKol is the daughter of PKP Telekomunikacja Kolejowa. Travelers now as well as places and street names or places of interest from all over Poland can enter or directly on the map select the start / finish point for the pairing. As a result, they receive a detailed itinerary that contains the selected railway and public transport connections, and Fusswegrouting. Currently, the timetable data of the Warsaw traffic network in the information are included.

Other cities will follow. The entire route as well as the paths are graphically on request represented. SITKol platform to detailed maps deposited, which among other things about the location of places of interest, provide hotels and restaurants or parking, and much more information and help with the orientation, for example, at the destination. Travelers can choose between Tele Atlas and Google maps. For the first time, HCon has incorporated for its Polish customers in the timetable the exact history of all railway lines. So can travel routes or also the entire rail network visualized track for track. HCon was meet customer wishing to display trains on a map that delay information can be seen, with a live timetable map, indicating where a certain train on the track is located. \”A color indicator shows the timeliness of individual trains, HAFAS mobile: comfortable information in a handy format, it also allows the SITKol nawigator\”, the PKP version of standard software Hafas2go by HCon, a mobile timetable for mobile phones.

Classic Design Combined

Their new Volkswagen you find in the dealership Christl & Schowalter in Freising Freising, 10 September 2013: Volkswagen uses in the new golf variant as in the golf VII all benefits and innovations of the modular transverse box (QMB). The highlights of the new golf variant at a glance: new body proportions as well as comprehensive comfort and security systems, while profit of 100 litres of storage space up to 105 kg less weight, new chassis technologies and fuel savings of up to 15% through new petrol and diesel engines. In the new golf variant electronic differential lock is offered for the first time as standard XDS +. It prevents slipping of the inside wheel and enables a still more precise target and sportier cornering ability. In addition, for the first time the adaptive chassis control DCC with driving profile selection can be ordered (inpidual or eco). The / drivers /-in can thereby choose between normal, comfortable or sporty chassis tuning.

This is done by means of a button on the center console. In addition allows the Inpidual’s travel profile inpiduelle setting Persians parameter. Of course, there are also the tried and tested, lowered by 15 mm Sport suspension as an alternative to the DCC (with 10 mm of lower body). The new golf Variant can be ordered Christl and Schowalter at launch with seven gasoline (TSI) and diesel engines (TDI) at the dealership. It varies the range between 63 kW (85 HP) and ranges up to 110 kW (150 PS).

The stop start system and the Rekuperationsmodus are installed as standard on all engines. Variant, there are the golf with classic 5-and 6-speed transmission. Alternatively, when almost all engines, a 6 or 7-speed DSG are ordered from us on site in Freising. All four TSI petrol engines (77 kW/105 HP, 90 kW/122 HP, 63 kW / 85 HP; 103 kW/140 HP) are efficient.