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It needs to prove that he is capable to be able to be successful. If she will be woman and black then, he is well more difficult to win the preconception (J.A.V.) ' '. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. When finishing, it contradicts itself, when affirming that the necessary black to prove that he is capable to be successful. white does not need this, but the necessary black to prove that it is capable. When affirming that if the professional will be black woman and has more difficulties, reaffirms the existence of the discrimination and preconception of sort. Thus, historically, ' ' it seems probable that the efforts made for people not-whites to cover certain social distance would have been bigger of what demanded for people brancas' ' (Hasenbalg, 2005). In the sequence the deponent continues emphasizing the idea on that the professional success depends, basically, of the individual, as space for all was had, also for the well-educated whites. This perception is part of the ideological model spread by the neoliberalismo, where it is enough to have force of will and ability to be successful in the competitive forest of the modern capitalism.

The studies of Pag and its collaborators (Motta, 1992) on mobility in great French companies identify that the positions in the top of the pyramid of the organizations are always busy for descendants of families aristocratic or very influential. Although the differences of mobility inside of the Brazilian organizations in relation to the Frenchmen, the speech of this citizen indicates contamination for the dominant ideology. During its deposition J.A.V it rescued some histories involving black, as of an Italian multinational company, in years 70 in So Paulo: where she perceived and she looked for to correct situations of injustice in function of the existing discrimination in the direction of the company, where black and women had inferior wages to the ones of the white men.

Set Goals

The first step is go to the stationery store and buy a notebook that would be convenient to carry around a few books or stationery books, diaries, several pens, one of which must be red. Purchased? I would like you I beg you to fulfill the remainder of the lesson only after you will be ready all the accessories that I mentioned in the preceding paragraph. Now take a blank sheet of paper and start writing down what you do not want to be in your life. For example: I do not want to be poor, do not want to wear old clothes, I do not want to ride on public transport, do not want to obey the chief, do not want to work at all, do not want to be a weak-willed, and so on. The list should be Your own. Pour out all I do not. We all complain every day. Here's your chance to vent their grievances on paper. J Do not stop until the end of the stream. Think again: nothing should be more written. Now go to Step two: turn over all of our negative statements into positive ones: "I do not want to be poor" becomes "I want to be rich" "I do not want to wear old clothes" becomes "I want to wear new clothes" "I do not want to go public transport "becomes" I want to ride on your own car "" I do not want to obey the chief "becomes" I want to be their own boss', "I do not want to work" becomes "I want to receive money, even when resting (NB not write "I want to earn money doing nothing" because this expression is the negation), "Do not want to be a weak-willed" becomes "I want to be a man of strong will, and so on

Carlos Castaneda

I In accordance with the description of the magical world as presented by Carlos Castaneda, recapitulation technique is one of the cornerstones of the transformation of man. Summarized the concepts associated with the recapitulation. All people divided into stalkers and dreamers. On this basis, for each category is a key technology that promotes the cardinal energy transformation. Naveen Selvadurai is a great source of information. According to Florinda Matus "recapitulation is the main force stalkers, as well as dreaming body is a force for the dreamer. " The need for a recapitulation was the result of discoveries of magicians, made as a result of vision. Don Juan said: "The sorcerers of ancient Mexico saw that the whole The universe consists of energy fields in the form of luminous filaments, these energy fields are structured in the streams of luminous fibers, threads, which are permanent, eternal forces of the universe. Magee named stream or jet threads related to the recapitulation, the Dark Sea of awareness, or Eagle. Expa addresses the importance of the matter here. He said that even wizards have found out – every living creature in the universe is attached to the dark sea of awareness round light spot, which was noticeable when these creatures were perceived as the energy at the time of death, the Eagle, is absorbed through the assemblage point to the realization of living beings. They also saw that the dark sea of awareness for a moment, hesitates when he met with mages who performed retelling of his life Magee discovered the truth about the tremendous power of the universe: dark sea of awareness need only our life experiences, not our life force.

Man Century

Preceding still the marcantes and deep alterations promoted in the Man in centuries XIX and XX, valley to register the inconstncia, (exactly that for small or average lapses of time in the historical line that we approach) same seno inexistence, of bases that allowed it to construct, or at least to search, the knowledge of itself exactly. The pretension does not exist here to affirm that the possibility of the existence of a presumption ' ' alicerce' ' it would favor this construction, but to stand out that, theories, practical, current ideological, philosophical and religious, became fragile until ends of century XIX and beginning of century XX the possibility of the Man ' ' to define and identificar' ' a central axle that allowed a critical development it on its proper fragility. IV? Century XX _ the existencialismo, discovery of the individual and the descerramento of its fragilities ' ' Century XIX started full of hopes in the man. It firmly believed the future of science, certain of the progress of a civilization enriched constantly for the discoveries techniques, whose nocividade alone would seem evident more to some informed espritos. It succeeded a century to it XX where the doubt, the suffering and desiluso.&#039 predominated; ' Ahead of the expectation frustrate and marked by the events of history until then, they take that it to live of form delinquent before proper itself, this moment takes the Man to search one better definition for itself, as it shows Giles: ' ' The individual is alive, active, autodeterminante energy, that &#039 appears from concrete situations of option (…); ' On the presented citation above, one becomes necessary to question which the intention given for the author when using the word option, a time that, until then, inexisted as, on, for, when and ahead ' ' of que' ' , now more to the Man, but to the Individual, not to opt or to decide for what it was conducive front to the proper life. .


E thus, without never cheating one measured conception of the existence, where the cambiante and the steady one, the material and abstracto, if harmonize. Some philosophers who had dedicated attention to the questions of the language, as Heidegger and Wittgenstein, and same some linguists, had understood that the controversy on the dualism in the truth if hides in the questions of the language, with its paradoxical nature and its power on the man (MARCONDES, 2008a and 2008b). Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) initiates in 60 years the desconstruo of the Philosophy. Taking to the limits the contrast between bipolar terms, Derrida invariably is taken to the necessity to create and to reelaborar new terms capable to surpass all simple the dialctica relation that allowed in them to reduce the thought to the order of the calculvel. In such a way, Derrida will go to take the handle an exhausting desconstruo of innumerable cpulas of the underlying opposites to traditional metaphysics, where it goes to always find, under the crystallization of the concepts, not only an undetermination of the limits of one in relation one another one, confiding in indecidveis quiasmos, as well as, seno over all, a hierarquizante subordination of one to the other, oppositions that if recognize in copulas ontolgicas first and its multiple declinations: intelligible and the sensible one, spontaneous and the receptive one, the autonomy and the heteronomia, the empiricist and the transcendental, imanente and transcendente, as the interior and the exterior, the founder and established, or phonetic and the writing in the lingustica, the reason and madness in the psychoanalysis, the precise meaning and the direction appeared in literature, the masculine and the feminine one in the theory of the gneros, the man and the animal in the ecology, the mule and the sovereign in the field politician, the theory and the practical one in the proper thought.