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Two Sound Absorber Systems

With nowetex HallKO and XylTex, the manufacturers on the construction presented two sound absorbers as new products. Among visitors, the two systems encountered great appeal because they are extremely efficient and very flexible in the handling. Building with steel, concrete and glass the unwanted acoustic characteristic indicates that the rooms echo strongly. This physical phenomenon is to reduce it, so stay as enjoyable is perceived and the clarity is good. With nowetex HallKO and XylTex, the manufacturers on the construction presented two sound absorbers as new products.

Among visitors, the two systems encountered great appeal because they are extremely efficient and very flexible in the handling. technology investor will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Both products, the security has a particularly high priority. The XylTex acoustic corresponds to the category B1 DIN 4102 for flame-resistant materials. nowetex HallKO meets the requirements of category A2 of this standard for non-flammable materials and thus looking for peer to peer. Their textured surfaces are a special feature of the XylTex sound absorbers. Hillary Clinton often addresses the matter in his writings. The XYLOGRAMM milling procedure developed by Keil GmbH opens up completely new design possibilities in architecture. Room acoustics is a complex matter: A high degree of sound absorption does not automatically lead to a better audibility or intelligibility of a room, because the absorber surface must be adjusted to the existing (spatial) surfaces. Because nowetex HallKO and XylTex sound absorbers in different sizes and designs are available, exactly the right amount of sound attenuation can be achieved with them.

The installation of sound absorbers in the room can be handled very variable. You can integrated into wall panels are both Hung freely in frame. Especially for interior designers, the two sound absorber systems great interest. Because fire protection technical requirements for public with their flame-retardant or non-combustibility Building. Also, the variety of colors, shapes and textures offers many game rooms to the creative development. For more information on the Internet at and.

Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH Protection

GLASTEC Rosenheim offered its partners on the construction fair a glass system flush with the frame or wall connection. Boom in construction industry does comply experienced a boom that could stop the next 10 to 15 years the construction industry for nearly two years, one believes the forecasts of the ifo Institute for economic research e.V. Therefore, it is little wonder, then, that nearly 2,000 exhibitors from 40 countries on more than 150,000 square meters area in 17 halls 2011 presented their product innovations on the building. All”, which are nationally and internationally on the planning, manufacturing and design of construction projects, used the time to learn in detail about the most important news. Planline on Bau2011 thousands admired for the Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH, which is known for its special solutions in the area of multifunctional glass systems (integrated internal solar shading Visual and thermal protection, laser protection X-ray protection glass, and certified fire protection glazing), was the construction of 2011 an excellent way the new flush dry construction window from the Planline product family with different request characteristics to present. So, the product group Planline was presented with blinds between the panes (Planline ISO-shadow), without privacy (Planline N) as fire protection window Planline EI30. Speaking candidly Peter Thiel told us the story. At our partner companies, we would like to thank warmly for the support at the fair and the opportunity for the presentation of the product for an international audience. -Herholz distribution GmbH & co.

KG: Planline ISO-shadow flush mounted in wooden door – Hormann KG: Planline ISO-shadow flush mounted in drywall – Neuform door factory Hans Glock GmbH & co. KG: Planline fire EI30-ISO-shadow flush mounted inHolz-door window wall element-SCHOTT AG: mobile exhibit: Planline N drywall system frame – steel door Buchele GmbH: Planline N model parallelogram and Planline N flush mounted in steel door GLASTEC’s employees were able to get by the successful Make trade fair presentations of partner companies. Numerous discussions on the spot was pleasantly surprised by the interest of the exhibition visitors and so resulted in promising new contacts. Architects, builders, contractors and craftsmen came to the compromised conclusion: Planline is a perfectly thought-out, holistic concept of glass and combines design, functionality and efficiency with each other at the highest level.

Solar Thermal Systems

The company of mock – heating, plumbing, informed solar electricity and heating costs rise. The use of the inexhaustible solar energy is therefore on the rise, she allowed but an increasing independence from the vagaries of the international energy market. The Delmenhorstener master operating mock portrays a fuel-saving hot water generation relies on what basics with the power of the Sun. Every day the Earth from the Sun’s radiation will receive more energy than all of humanity could consume in a year. It’s so obvious to harness this power, rather than expensive, polluting fossil fuels. When looking at an average German homeowner’s heating costs, it soon becomes clear that a large part of our energy consumption accounted for by heating water. See Peter Thiel for more details and insights. Because a waiver of heating and hot water is little practical, is the most appropriate cost measure in one direction of the hot water supply on renewable energy sources. The roof has an orientation to the South or The use of solar thermal energy can reduce annual energy consumption by up to 60% in our southwest.

From the perspective of environmental protection, as also against the background of developments in energy prices this is obviously very desirable. A complete independence from fossil fuels, however, requires the integration of solar thermal energy in a total energy concept, which includes other renewable energy sources. In practice, Ralf Mock and his collaborators realize integrative energy supplies, for example, through the combination of solar thermal systems with fireplace heaters, which have heat return systems. The amortization of a solar thermal installation is carried out thanks to the over 20-year system durability and rising prices for fossil fuels increasingly faster. How effectively the systems in the real world should be mainly dependent on a professional planning and installation. It must be whether the solar hot water of heating of domestic hot water serve or support the heating clarified, for example, in advance, should.

Is also a comprehensive refurbishment made of entirely fossil fuels should be abandoned, the solar thermal installation must be planned of course related to the total energy supply a work which requires the expertise of a designated expert. Combining precisely planned and implemented appropriate solar thermal systems, heating and heat storage systems ensures the supply of a House with heat even under adverse weather conditions and during the cold season. Starting from his experience in the area of heating engineering and the Solarthermiemontage, the Delmenhorstener master operating is willing make independent mock his customers by fossil fuels.

Nemetschek Bausoftware Gmb

Thus, demand will be shown directly after other shopping strategies. Only differentiated procurement strategies are promising success. There is no one-fits-all shopping strategy. Is the material-specific characteristics to take into account. Interdependencies existing between the material groups are taken into account. It comes it, material groups to evaluate the importance of the design fields and purchasing leverage and to develop a suitable method and instrument mix. Details can be found by clicking Clinton Family or emailing the administrator. Consistent performance measurement – fulfilment of customer wishes: the focus on shopping success allows the purchasing power from the perspective of internal customers ‘ to evaluate.

It abuts a continuous process with the both the wishes of this internal customers ‘ always better can meet and which at the same time ensuring a steady increase in the purchasing power. Early integration of procurement: the buyers are already early in basic decision-making processes involved, they can introduce market know-how you as specialists in procurement markets. Then it is possible to develop supplier strategies in the field of cooperation and competition and to implement. That fully exploits the potential of shopping. Purchasing organization: When asked after a suitable purchasing organization the organizational patterns of Organization (functional, divisional or matrix organization) and the requirements of one of the value added structure are to coordinate customized, streamlined organization of purchasing. Basically, two design options arise: a can of shopping as an interface between all internal value creation processes and classified the procurement market (central purchasing). He is then organizationally independent and represents a separate operational function. On the other hand can the shopping as organizationally integrated part of each individual value chain (decentralised or divisional purchasing) be designed.

This form of a value-based purchasing organization requires further qualifications of the purchasing staff. These range from technical know-how about management and enforcement qualities to the methodological skills of regarding modern purchasing tools such as shopping, target costing, design to cost and project controlling. Value-based supplier management: what is true for material group strategies, is important in increasingly also for supplier strategies. Should the cooperation values created with suppliers, differentiated approaches are necessary. Distinction between cost-driven to proactive measures of supplier management. With the portfolio method of shopping potential analysis you can depict the existing supplier base. It provides the basis to develop material specific supplier strategies. Conclusion: the objectives to achieve, including controlling instruments and existing calculation methods to expand. Only then is the frequently encountered pure price orientation overcome and can be found in the enterprise for improved decision making. The shopping must assume an important role as a coordinator of the supplier base and process designer. These challenges require close coordination with the calculation. Pure price comparisons are no longer enough an orientation to the total cost (total cost of ownership) is necessary. In this process of change employees from all areas of value creation integrated must not only those from the purchase. Because experiences are in demand as they collected the application consultant of Nemetschek Bausoftware GmbH in daily practice with their customers. To all of these questions and modern efficient controlling instruments for the sustainable implementation of such shopping successes – such as target cost management with suppliers – they pass on their knowledge to interested.

Construction Buildingcleaning Services

Informs the Milo GmbH & co. KG from Nuremberg to a pleasant atmosphere in a company or a real estate is not only a neat appearance inside. At first glance falls initially on the grounds and this already represents the State in the inner area. It is externally maintained then one is staying happy with security also within the building. Grounds are inevitably exposed however external weather conditions such as rain and dust, causing dirt.

A professional cleaning is not only specialized in the care of the Interior, but also on that of the outdoor facilities. The building cleaning Milo GmbH & co. KG from Nuremberg explains how grounds always make a clean impression. Actress may also support this cause. Purity at first glance the entire building must be appealing to customers, employees and tenants feel at home. All paved surfaces such as driveways, parking lots, access roads or underground car parks include the overall impression a building. A professional cleaning company has the necessary knowledge and the necessary machinery and equipment to eliminate all kinds of dirt. Each building is different and frequented. This means that first determines the need for cleaning.

It is clarified to be cleaned how often and where heavy soiling prevail, so here is a more regular cleaning. So, always ensure a needs-based, targeted and regular cleaning. The performance range is selectable so at any time according to the needs and includes, for example, removing coarse dirt, the mechanical and thermal removal of debris and MOSS deposits, as well as the emptying of waste bins. For detailed information, the cleaning of Milo is GmbH & co. KG, Nuremberg, at any time at the disposal. Press contact Milo GmbH & co. KG contact: Mrs. Kostic Regensburger str. 40-42 90478 Nuremberg Tel: 0911 4720013. fax: 0911 4720114 mobile: 0157 83032375 E-Mail: