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Identity Protection

Currently, the user PCs without antivirus just anywhere, because the Internet simply keshit every kind of plague, various viruses, or early and late, but better of course too early, consider buying a good antivirus that would protect your computer, but then there is another question, but where can I get it, and what anti-virus to choose, because there are both paid and free versions of antivirus software, which of them is better? Our site includes the best anti-virus software as paid and free anti-virus software, so we have prepared an overview of different versions of antivirus software and compared with each other in performance tests for capture of virus and PC security, system resources, and the interface of antivirus and user interaction. We have specially compiled version of antivirus software free, free antivirus software, as well as paid versions, so you can compare the performance of anti-virus and choose the most appropriate option, one of which is the free antivirus AVG free edition (version) here is his opportunity: Surf, and search with confidence, while LinkScanner holds you in safety from unsafe web pages and offline Take Protection from germs, Spyware and other Nasties Enjoy succession fast PC with our newfound intensive virus scanner Automatic updates keep your protection current comparability with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 protection from theft of their own unique personal identification number according to AVG protection design assures, though, as soon as you walk according to shopping centers and internet banking details of his own bank account passwords and other home your own information, does not have to exist stolen. As a bonus, Identity Protection even protects you from the newest and most ignorant of the dangers still to have them all the chances crap damage. Protection from hackers Refined AVG firewall keeps the inquisitive eye of hackers out of your personal commercialization. Data deleted offenders are allowed to notice or stolen disk imaging, to take control of your computer for nasty purposes, such as botnets and debris. It connects to itself, including mode of entertainment to keep you cherished, not interrupting your fun.

Protection against spammers and crooks anti-spam protection AVG is cooking, if your mail box are preserved in aside from the unnecessary junk mail, orders of goods that you did not want anything you need, and petitions from scammy advertisers willing to divide you from your money. Protection for momentary exchange of news, uploading and Social networks AVG’s Web Shield for constant protection service, making sure if the various files that you have the Exchange with the introduction of MSN or ICQ instant exchange of news, downloads, or share with friends in social networks from microbes, spyware programs and other Nasties. Protection against rootkits difficult Wishing AVG Anti-Germ Free Edition is allowed to find a number of viruses, most of these dangers are so difficult and sophisticated, like the massive equipment needed for its elimination from the depths of your PC. so it’s up to you, good luck with the choice, do not give viruses to penetrate your computer and damage or steal valuable information for you!

Golden Rule Administrators

Computer virus – a type of computer program. Which, unlike other software has the ability to destroy and make a big change in the operating system. With respect to changes in the virus file Linux system, it is simply impossible. Further details can be found at Clinton Family, an internet resource. What does this mean? This means that the files belong to root (root), and these programs can not be overwritten, but can be read (read-only (read only)). Since the typical user works with restricted access to system files, something that belongs to root, to damage and destroy a computer virus that had accidentally entered through the system, can not. How can I get an infected program? Very simple. If you set by the depositary, the virus on your computer, be sure to be. If you picked up the virus from the depositary, the maximum that he can do is destroy your data, which are in your home root directory.

How does all this be avoided? The first golden rule of the administrator: Always install a program under the system Linux, a DVD drive, only from the official representative of Linux and the well-known firms drive manufacturers. The second golden rule of the administrator: Make backups of all important data and restrict access through the command chmod. In this case, an ordinary user can not remove the data and run virus. The third golden rule of the administrator: This work should be carried out in accordance with the root account only when absolutely necessary. The fourth golden rule: Install all programs on Linux, only with official depositories (which are computer programs), and consequently, the likelihood of the virus is reduced to zero. Following these rules, you'll save yourself from destruction and change data in your computer root directory and the operating system.

As for spyware, it is not entirely a virus, a program that sends your data to another person who created it. Follow the golden rules of the administrator, and you do not will be problems. To summarize, it must be said that the viruses in Linux, like all operating systems exist, but they do not have rights to change the system. And in order to penetrate and remove valuable data, it does take a user input or administrator, who will launch the virus. Although there are antivirus programs for Linux. You need them only for preventive purposes, if you have a server that interacts with other operating systems, to catch a virus or distribute them over the network. Antivirus software for home use, for Linux, in need do not exist.

Sensitive Files

Maybe someone from your case, such a situation that has been lost vital information from your computer or laptop. In this case, you can contact a special service that will restore to you all lost information slyubogo vehicle or must use special software to recover. I must say that all the lost files remain on your hard drive, but only until the top of them will not be recorded other information. Therefore, this situation must be clearly aware of and correct as soon as possible, yet the situation is not exacerbated by all, and no files are lost at all. Recover lost files directly depends on the size of the files themselves and number of recorded new files after the lost. The most difficult thing to work on the lost files from a flash-drives and cd drives. Required to conduct a very thorough work and be on time to forget about their daily work, example of such as the Stock Exchange of unique content.

Specialists to recover lost files use the most modern technologies, which include features prgrammnogo and hardware. Self recovery files depends on what files were on your hard drive or any other media, fragmented or unfragmented. The thing that unfragmented files can recover completely without loss, and files fragmented form only partially. But, unfortunately, no fragmentation of hard drive we can not do, because you must always maintain the health carrier and its speed of finding files, as well as their reading. Format the hard disk, you can program Auslogics Disk Defrag. If the formatting of the media has been made, but after this new information on the hard drive has been received, then the probability of successful recovery high. Be careful and make backup files.

Search And Removal Of Viruses On Its Own

While I do not know anyone who would not directly or indirectly affected by the actions of computer viruses. Antivirus companies want a lot for their products, which did not provide adequate protection. The question is, why bother then buy antivirus software? All that has been created by man can be destroyed, this applies to both anti-virus and to viruses. Human trick is much harder than the program. Therefore, this article describes techniques detection and deactivation of the viral software without having to install anti-virus. Preface Remember there's only one thing, the value that we can not ignore / break / trick – this knowledge, their own understanding process. Today I will tell you real examples how to detect and catch on your computer Internet worms and spyware.

Of course there are many kinds, but I took the most common and decided to write about what was in my practice, so as not to say something extra. If you are lucky to find tell you about macro viruses, backdoors, and rootkits. So before you start, I should mention in this article deals only with operating systems nt, connected to Internet. I myself is win2000 sp4, viruses catching on winxp pe. So we go to the fugitive, and then a detailed analysis of the system for worms and spyware. A cursory inspection, we simply obnaruzhaem a program and localize it, a detailed analysis already underway at the file level and processes. There I tell about a wonderful program petools, but all the time.