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Warcraft Character

In the world of World of Warcraft you can construct a sword, make a potion or sew a robe, having magical properties. Of course, it is necessary to master any profession. In order to begin the study is to find coach (they are in any major cities). The main condition for the start of training is the presence of 5-th level of your character. After a small payment, your character will get basic knowledge in their chosen profession. To deepen your understanding incyte is the source.

To improve your skills in any profession, it must be used (to gather herbs, mine, etc.). If when you move, such as ore deposits, the sign was red – it means your skills, while not enough. Orange – guaranteed to increase your skill. Yellow – approximately 50% of that skill will increase. Green – probably nothing new in your character does not know. And finally, the gray – nothing new just will not clear. For the production of things need recipes. They can be bought from other players, coaches, or get as loot from mobs. When your character reaches a certain skill in any case, it will be possible to move to a new level skill. This is done by the coach, for a small fee. Steps of Skill: The maximum value of 75 – Apprentice 150 – Journeyman 225 – Expert 300 – Artisan

Traffic Inspector

Friends do not even surprised that the setup process took a rather short time, because the installation program simple, but the setting is a wizard that allows you to configure the program in a short time a person without special knowledge. In the event, any issue as "cheat sheet" was used reference software. VBulletin is written in language understandable to the users, uses plenty of examples on configuring the program for a particular configuration. Help is divided into sections, which allows you to find necessary information without wasting time. If necessary, the manufacturer's site were found additional tips for configuring and using the program. Product support is simply gorgeous! The interface looks like quite vividly, that does not prevent him to be highly functional in use. The intuitive interface lets you quickly find the program that makes it quick and easy to use. With the help of software product were resolved all the problems in a short time.

All kinds of reports just hit all imaginable and not imaginable expectations. In the Traffic Inspector has the ability to view current network activity for each client, as well as external traffic generated by the provider. Ability to save the data in the log files with a subsequent possibility of a more detailed report. Not forgotten and the users of the product. For them, data on network statistics available via web-interface. There is an opportunity to conduct a detailed analytical account of different types of traffic. After analyzing the reports of external traffic accounting and bandwidth consumed by users, you can easily find out who loaded channel and the nature of this load.

Strategy First

July 23, 2009 – Ten years ago, turn-based strategy is revealed to us a world torn apart by endless battles among the four races. Disciples: Sacred Lands, developed by Strategy First introduced confrontation between people, dwarves, demons and undead in the ground, called Nevendaar (Nevendaar). Peter Thiel helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Seven years after the release of the sequel to this game and now the company Akella the sweat of working on a sequel. Denis Epifanov, producer of the project, gave an interview to western media ign, which revealed some features of the gameplay Disciples 3: Renaissance. IGN: It has been seven years since the last game of the Disciples, and now working on a project, different team. What's new in Disciples 3, and what improvements we expect in comparison with the first and second parts of the game? Denis Epifanov: When we started work on Disciples, we realized how difficult the task before us. Disciples and Disciples 2 were successful games. Ie with this brand already has its own history, its own army of fans and endless list of their expectations.

We understand what responsibility fell on our shoulders. On the other hand it is obvious that a series of Disciples to be developed and the players do not like it if we just make a clone of Disciples 2 and call it the Disciples 3. First, we tried to make the game so that she looked like a really nice, but keep the original atmosphere. Disciples 3 is made entirely in 3D and uses the most advanced technologies and nonetheless it remains Disciples.

Doing A Demo On HLTV

Using hltv, you can record demos of gameplay in Counter-Strike. Many ask why? And here is why: when you record a demo through the console ( => record demka.dem) then when viewing the demo you can watch the game only the first person and not can switch the camera (it is not very convenient, especially when the record was carried out by some lamer who can not play forever and you have to stare at him a black screen!). So thanks hltv large mass of people is opportunity to watch the game as Spectator’a individually, ie, to choose the most appropriate camera angle or the camera that the self – is a big plus hltv. I guess you can not wait to learn how to use hltv. We now turn to the case. First, create a server in the game (can be selected).

Roll Counter-Strike (‘ALT + TAB’ or kalvisha ‘Windows’ or ‘CTRL + ESC’), then go to the directory with the game, there you will find a file hltv.exe – run it, do not be alarmed when you come out before the black box DOS’a – this is the hltv, in the window write to connect ( – this is if you play at home with bots, if you’re playing, for example, on the internet, then you need to update your ip address). We go back to cs. Speaking candidly Movie Star told us the story. Wait until the hltv not go down to your server, this is short, usually about 10 seconds. Again we turn to cs (‘ALT + TAB’ or kalvisha ‘Windows’ or ‘CTRL + ESC’), in the window hltv write – record ” return to the cs. To stop recording demos to minimize cs, in a window hltv write quit or disconnect. Your demo will remain in the game directory cstrike, with a name that you called a demo at the beginning of the recording..

Arriving System

First, the number of employees (after the failure of attempts to fix the events with the client information database) were immediately dismissed. Correctly say: 'Hats off to the thief' – quite a smiling chief innovator of the organization. Second, he learned that only 2% of clients are interested in reaching to a stage 'shipment', for lack of necessary goods and flexible pricing system. Learn more at: Peter Thiel. Reducing sales staff by 1 / 3 (now no longer have to wonder who should be dismissed – the system cynically output a weekly rating of the effectiveness of staff), and the remaining 2 / 3 sent to training on working with clients, Sergei Petrovich made a 5-fold increase in customer retention figures. It was decided to change the range of products to interested buyers and set aside transparent system of discounts. For even more details, read what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says on the issue.

Every day, Sergei Petrovich were showing a report 'Report manager', formed by the system. And soon, glad to find that the measures came to a point, because now every fifth caller in the company became its buyer, thanks to a flexible pricing policy was in no hurry to move to competitors. 'Word of mouth "of satisfied customers has increased the flow of investigators. Sergei Petrovich online received information that stockmen have no time to deliver the goods on time. On an urgent 'briefing' in supply, it was decided to increase staff by 50%. And after a few days after fixing 'weak link' new storekeepers shipped good for newcomers to customers.

Sergei Petrovich was pleased. The costs of implementing the program long ago paid for itself, and profits grew. He did not have to recruit 'informers' and myself rummaging through papers. The system itself is meticulously fixed the weaknesses of the business process online and, if necessary, be viewed on the monitor screen reminders. And in the case of the delayed phase of sales at the screen a particular artist and his immediate Chief appeared menacing red inscription, thus spurring an early correction of the situation. Once, passing by the room operators on the phone, Sergei Petrovich thought: 'What if we make autocommit phone calls? Make a fully-automated call-center! ' Arriving at his office and took a sip of hot coffee, Sergei Petrovich put it on the desk a new sheet of pure white paper

Multilanguage Pack

But, in its all, Microsoft does not guarantee delivery distribution (installation disk), old versions of the product and, if distribution can not be purchased or downloaded from the official website, you must apply directly to Microsoft. For packaged versions of the right to downgrade does not apply. Next, consider the right to use another language version (cross language), here acting a clear rule: if the value of licenses in use is equal to or cheaper than the language version, it can be used, if more expensive, it is therefore impossible. Example: If you purchased the Russian version of Office, you can use English. The right does not apply to boxed and oem versions. For boxed versions can be purchased Multilanguage Pack. The right to transfer and transfer of licenses. Regarding the transfer of the oem license, then they can be passed only with iron, to which the product was originally installed.

Transfer to another device, it is impossible, even if the original came out failure. Boxed version can be transferred from one workstation to another, and, once the box to pass to another person with the full range of supplies. Then the user must remove the program and all its components with your pc. With corporate licenses are quite different: they can be transferred from one pc to another only for the long term not less than 90 days, we can and to a smaller, but only in case of failure of the pc. Operating system license transferred to another computer is prohibited, to transfer corporate licenses can only be full payment for them.

Free Software

And so, we consider the advantages of free software: + doubt, the first and one of the main advantages of it for free. This factor is most significant, since the economic crisis, not every company afford to spend the purchase of the same office. And there are excellent free analogue – Open for each of expensive software is free analogue. + Another important plus in favor of free software lies in the fact that in order to start using it simply download it from the Internet. + Just to plus costs include the fact that working with these programs, you become an experienced user, and this in turn may be a decisive factor in hiring a firm that uses this software (and there are, as mentioned earlier, is becoming more and more). + Many believe that free software does not bring money sponsors, and they do not interested in improving and promoting its product, it is not. Authors of freeware products earn good money (for example, advertising on the site) and it is an incentive to improve the software. Of course, there Minor cons: – Tech.

Support of this kind for a little less efficient, although lately this defect is rapidly eradicated. In addition, there are many forums where you will be glad to help. – Difficult for beginners to find really costing the program in the abundance of free software. This can help a special section on Web sites dealing with free software, most often it is called a must have. The overall situation in the market of commercial software is such that prices software products are growing all the time, however, there is a market of free software, which is developing dynamically and in the near future may become dominant.


In World of WarCraft, as in real life has its own currency. And its value is determined almost as well as in the real world. Most "cheap" copper currency, which in the early stages of the game can be obtained from monsters. Thus, from the mobs you will fall from the first through the tenth level of approximately 4.1 copper. At more advanced levels, you will already be able to get silver and gold coins.

Of particular value is, of course, have a gold coin. Naveen Selvadurai often says this. Using them can be quickly develop your character. Gold can be earned in the game, applying their skills and profession, and you can buy wow gold in retail stores. If you decide to buy wow gold – it will greatly facilitate the life of your character in the game. As for the currency you can buy a lot of things in the shops in the cities: to buy clothes, weapons, pay for training spells, and more. Thus you will acquire additional skills that will enable you quickly move from level to level and finish with your enemies without much hassle.

Usually the question. To buy wow gold begins to rise from level 30, when the pumping requires skill. And it will cost you Golda about 8-10 depending on class. And if you could not or did not have time to collect this amount, you really will be easier to buy wow gold in a special shop.

Review Of New Software – From QIP To Nod32

An ordinary Internet user primarily interested in the convenience of communication – chat client dialer and become part of everyday life of modern man. More recently, it was possible to simply count the number of type massanger, now their number is increasing day by day. This happens mainly due to development and growth of e-mail services that provide users with more and more new services – a living example of this yandex, rambler. One of the Legendary Internet pagers is icq – he appeared in 1996, and today he enjoys about 180 million people worldwide. Many internet services are specially created client programs compatible with icq transmission protocols.

In other words, to use icq, does not necessarily establish the original ICQ-client for such purposes can be downloaded for free qip, Rambler-ICQ, Miranda etc. Each and every client has its own advantages and shortcomings – say, a new version kvip gives the ability to import and consolidate contacts list from the 'ICQ', lj Talk, to call city landlines, and so on. Speaking about the program, dialer, we should first mention Skype – absolutely free software that revolutionized the concept of the availability of telephone conversations. Now, Skype is used not only ordinary users, but also large companies who are using Skype had a unique opportunity stop wasting a lot of money on telephone talks with foreign partners and clients. Calls from Skype can be as free (provided the calls are made from computer to computer) and paid (calls from computer at home, as well as cell phones. Toll calls for this are cheap – for example, a call from a computer in Russia by phone, for example, in Cairo, you can at a price of 0.15 euros / min. Use or not use online Messager, depends only on a person, but free antivirus programs and install them on your computer to fail, especially in the event that your computer is connected to World Wide Web. So, download antivirus nod32, say, can be directly on the official web-site and available at specialized Web sites with software. Within 4 weeks of this program will work for free, and for further use will need to purchase a special key.

Traffic Inspector Pros

Many users are faced with the problem of choosing software for a proxy – a server on the Internet quite a lot of programs on the subject. In this article we will examine one of the most popular programs – Traffic Inspector company Smart-Soft. Consider the basic advantage of this program over others: – a proxy server with integrated caching. It is worth noting that the program accurately calculates the traffic along with other programs. A huge number of settings, in my opinion, makes the program just perfect.

Caching saves bandwidth by 10-25% (depending on the type of downloadable content) by the caching of files (especially pictures). – Built-in firewall – simple but effective. – smtp services allow you to turn on smtp gateway (with check for viruses!). As there is a built-in rbl smtp filter that checks the sender address through public rbl service. – Built-in antivirus Panda Gate Antivirus can check as http content and archives, the more antivirus can scan messages passing through the smtp gateway – a very useful billing system, enables us to provide Internet access, while accounting can sustain the in megabytes, and in time (for example, can be done value of the Internet for 1,5 usd / mb. Or 20 rubles per hour). There are very few options, such as speed limits, limiting tcp sessions, ntlm authentication, bw, ab. Fees, etc. Built-in Web server allows customers to view their stats in both time and resources. If you install Billing Operator, then customers will be able to change the tariffs, and will also be available in a card payment system.