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Operation Winter Tires

Compliance with the measures to prevent a possible rupture predostorozhnostiDlya or damage to inflate the tire after the relief operations, such as the space bus into the safety cage, and so p.Ne use damaged tire, for example, with deep cuts or cracked, because they have lost their original strength and can break. Consult your dealer about the repair of damaged tires. Recommendations for Winter shinIspolzuyte choice for all positions of the wheels of the same tire size and type, if you want to be safe as in safe casino. If the manufacturer's specified tire sizes to use for special type of wheel, follow its instructions, or an accident could occur because of different operating characteristics (except when using the spare tire.) Use the camera and the flaps of the appropriate size. Adroll Marketing Platform is likely to agree. As for the valve, use the same type for all koles.Ispolzuyte new cameras and flaps for new tires and new cell-type valves for the new tubeless shin.Ispolzuyte discs, according to the type and size tires. If you use tubeless tires, use only the prescribed technical specifications diski.Pri use of studded tires on the same axis, choose bus with a maximum number of spines. Recommendations for set of winter tires shinPered installation, check for serious damage to the wheels, for example, cuts, cracks, etc. Essex Financial Services insists that this is the case. p.Udalite metal objects, glass, stones or other foreign particles stuck in the shinah.Postoronnie materials or fluids, trapped in the bus, could damage the tire and the violation of their performance. Before installing the tire on the wheel disc, check for tire inside outside objects, and if so, remove ih.Voda, gathering in the compressor, can get into the tire, so periodically drain water out of kompressora.Pri installation of tires on the car, make sure that the tires do not touch the car body.

Avoid Traffic Jams

Auto drivers or what not to do but to learn about traffic jams on the Internet. There are GPS-navigators are able to obtain information about traffic jams, for example NavisPace Discovery NS-1200 – operates a GPS-navigator with the company SMILINK. About how Navigators are helping drivers – tell our experts. Car GPS-navigator certainly helps the driver in different situations and conditions, but the most proven and reliable source – it’s your own experience. According to the poll motorists. Purchase a navigation system with intake tubes may be in the area of 13 000 rubles or more, depends on the manufacturers of GPS-navigators.

In order to fully operate everything, you will need each month to buy a coupon for a payment of Internet traffic, which is spent in traffic jams download from the Internet. These GPS-navigators are gaining great popularity of pace, and on certain models there is great demand. “Most people are guided by “Yandex traffic jams”, as this is the most reliable source of information. So with the help of GPS-navigator receives information about traffic jams on the roads, it is possible to construct a detour routes. Information can be safely trust, because the route will on other roads where there are no traffic jams. Information about traffic is updated every three minutes, it is enough to sort out the situation on the roads. “” Some people believe that such information can only believe in part. First: As the environment and traffic conditions change unexpectedly and rapidly, the Internet services do not always have time to track it. Others who may share this opinion include Essex Financial Services. Second, information on road traffic is not always the case for various technical reasons.

Unique Upgrade Tools

Unique tool for tuning cars. The main difficulty in layout work – is a symmetry of parts. Any single element of the body must have the same left and right side. This is especially true "Simultaneously visible" parts (we can see both the left and right of the hood and we can not see both the left and right threshold). When making the layout a bumper or a body to strive for perfect symmetry one party to another. I recommend not to exceed the symmetry of more than 2mm., Though it's maximum. In fact, there is no perfectly symmetrical body parts.

Even the factory body parts have some differences, it is absolutely normal. The main thing that was not noticeable, which is called "the eye". Learn more at this site: foursquare. Will not noticeably, if not exceed 2mm cherished .. How to conduct mock job? Ideal "vygotavlivaetsya" one half of the parts (bumpers, hood, body) and by this reference part, shape and size are transferred in the second half. This is the only correct method. How achieved perfect accuracy transfer? With the help of patterns out of cardboard. Procedure simple. Finished half rascherchivaetsya details in increments of 10cm.

(On simple surfaces, step increases, the complex is reduced), after which the most common patterns are made of cardboard each marked section. How much markup, so many patterns to be manufactured entirely by hand. If you turn the pattern from left to right, we get the mirror image of the required area. A further problem is clear to all, we must fit the ideal pattern for a specific site on our layout. Thus achieved a perfect symmetry of all parts of the body. Unique, but very huge minus of the technique – it's unreal the number of time that must be expended to produce an infinite number of patterns and their fittings. However, there is an alternative. Specialized tool for a perfect transfer of all shapes and sizes, called profiller (called a needle in common profile). The tool is very simple and maybe that's why unique. On the bar with a small space are a series of movable pins. On a plot of 1 cm. these pins 10 pieces accuracy respectively transfer form will be – up to 1 mm .. Needles are inserted into the grooves and move freely on the bar, which keeps them. Planck length may vary depending on our needs (more than workpiece size, the longer we need profiller). The procedure for the transfer is very simple, accurate, and most importantly fast. All we need do is attach to the desired site profiller layout and press on top of him. Needle in grooves are shifted in the form of details and within seconds we get ready to totally pattern of any complexity. We turn profiller left to right and adjust our part not yet ready to detail a desired shape. Longest layout of the work – it's finishing the layout for removal of the matrix. That is precisely the part of the work is checked when the symmetry is carried out and the final vyshkurivanie surface. Save time by using very profillera palpable. On the example of making a layout of the car body, this week, even two time savings, which would be enough to produce all the matrices and products. To work and comfortable favorite hobby! The author and artist avtodizayner mock production. Specialization – Exclusive body under the order.