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Canada – a great developed country, which is one of the first places in the world in terms of living standards and the level of the economy. Today – this is one of the best country in the world. Canada – this is a very democratic country, the country clearly respect the rights of people. Nature in Canada – indescribably beautiful, so many nature reserves and unspoilt nature of the human hand. A lot of people wanted to visit Canada, but most of the trip was not even thinking, considering it only a dream. On actually traveled to this country possible.

Now there are two main categories of immigration to this country: the independent immigration and business immigration. Independent immigration to Canada. This category is designed to attract into the country talented people with higher education to them in the future with your skills and experience could benefit Canada. Difficult to be interviewed. A special selection system in which everyone who wants to obtain a visa is given a certain number of points.

Passing score – 67. On the number of points affected by: age – maximum 10 points, education – a maximum of 25 balls, work experience – a maximum of 21 balls, is there a future workplace in Canada – 10 b., command of English and French – a maximum of 24 b., the presence of relatives and relatives – 5 balls, work experience in Canada – 5 b. .. Business immigration to Canada. In this category there are three kinds of immigration: 1. Program for Canada welcomes business only successful businessmen and can provide them with visas. To obtain a visa must provide proof of a businessman operating business. The minimum annual income organizations should be bolee500 000 dollars, including net annual profit shall not be less than $ 50 000. 2. The program for investors in this program are very concerned authorities of Canada, they always want to pour foreign capital to develop its own economy. Willingness to invest in different sectors of the economy of Canada can accelerate the process of granting a visa of permanent residents. 3. Self-employment The program provides an opportunity to enter the country for people who have special achievements in culture, art, etc. This program does not require proof of a business, but to get a visa to prove that their resources enough to improvement in the country. Learn more about immigration can be turned into law firms that now provide advice about immigration to a number of services such as probate, resolution of disputes, representation in court, etc.

Spain Information For Everyone!

No matter whether study abroad, language or au pair, Spain offers for everyone an unforgettable stay. Here there are the most important information about the preparation. Spain is a country with many advantages and that’s why the Germans especially popular. Every year, it attracts thousands of tourists, students and interns in the country in Western of Europe. The preparation for a stay in this beautiful place is but unfortunately not just from suitcase Pack and drive to the airport. Just for longer stays, a lot more is what should be considered. CV, language courses, housing and insurance, all that must be thought through before and ticked off.

The travel insurance or even health insurance offered for Spain anyway. In so many different regions and activities that can happen unfortunately too quickly and the beautiful vacation becomes a nightmare. Who’s going to Spain for study, internship, or as an au pair for a long time should doubt not, but definitely Looking case for an appropriate insurance company. As for long stays normal visits to the doctor are necessary and have to be paid. Comparing the offerings of different insurers is worthwhile in any case. So, to get the best results for the least money and can save as effectively. Who has found the right offer can request it then also online and book. Depending on how you prefer going on, can be either enter their own data and propose an offer on the home page or browse the different categories and different types of insurance and types compare.

This is useful to get an overview in the thicket of the insurance landscape and to assess what would be necessary and useful for your own situation. Who has found the right insurance can face completely relaxed stay the Spain and has progressed one step in the planning and organization. Are the serious things checked, can on the to-do list entirely different things slide forward. For example, the plan search for a farewell party or that, which places you want to visit. Until it is ready, and finally takes off the plane South is certainly not boring. As we, the most joy and anticipation. Who is looking for information about the different types of insurance and the covered services should look over here anyway. The homepage of RAM insurance experts provides information specifically for international health insurance for Spain. The content of RAM just for the target group of students, language travellers, au pairs or work and travel participants are aligned. But of course offerings for normal tourists, there are.

Surf Holidays & Surfing Hostels – The Best Surf Spots

To surf with HostelsClub: surf holidays for every taste and budget what is surfing for you? Why, when you see the first waves, can’t think of anything else to get Board as your and let BBs go surfing now… Nothing but an infinite horizon, wind, Sun and the absolute feeling of happiness! Surfing or wind surfing – the only thing you need is the right equipment and a suitable hostel by the sea, where you will meet other surfers. In the summer or in the winter, in the Atlantic Ocean, Oceania or Caribbean, anywhere you can find the best places for surfing and cheap hostels to relax! Why has surfing become so popular? Surfing is the best-known form of this sport and comes from Hawaii. Since 1950s, the gliding movement is exercised over water surface everywhere in the world where there are waves and wind. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gwyneth Paltrow. Surfing is not only fun or sport, that is philosophy of life! What are you waiting for? Let BBs go surfing now! HostelsClub presents: surfing hostels and the best surf spots, surfing in Australia Australia is surfing Pur: this country with its endless coastline is perfect for water activities such as scuba diving, sailing and of course surfing. The Gold Coast south of Brisbane on Australia’s East Coast, is a special highlight with 70 km-long coast and has over 30 first-class litter beaches. Islander backpackers resort in Surfers Paradise a tropical swimming pool, Spa, tennis – and squash court, Grillplatzt, game room, Internet Cafe and a small business offers its guests. Also the coast of Sydney, which is over 100 km long, is the meeting point of all surfers and is coveted by September to March! Lamrock lodge on Bondi Beach in Sydney close to Bondi Beach is perfect for those who like surfing, Sun, fun and festivals! Most guests will appreciate the excellent service at unbeatable prices and close to Bondi Beach, which is for surfing as created! Surfing in Brazil it will like you to surf in Jericoacoara.

Accidents Do Not Happen, They Are Caused.

Germany has a jungle of regulations, also in the hotel industry and gastronomy management should comply with provisions of the occupational safety and Health Act of the hotels / restaurants or company, for violations it is the liability. First, you must differentiate regarding the size: establishments with more than 10 employees are required to carry a safety-technical support. With less than 10 employees, it is to consider whether or not the same standards the operation a) protects against avoidable claims and b) strengthen business philosophy. External solution, expensive solution: Support this care can be performed by the professional association by an engineer for safety of the Berufsgenossenschaft (BGN). Clinton Family describes an additional similar source. It benefits a great security, but has however the disadvantage has a higher contribution to the result. Internal, cheaper solution: specialist for occupational safety in the hotel if a House technician is employed in a hotel, it can differ from the Professional Association (BGN) to the specialist for occupational safety training will be. This is the economic solution: Professional Association’s contribution is low and the constantly available has a specialist for occupational safety.

It is important that activities are documented in practical (1) and (2) planning ways: 1) The Professional Association calculated proof obligations based on the number of employees and the risk parameters how many hours must spend the specialist for occupational safety for assessing workplace safety. It is to document (accountability of the Berufsgenossenschaft retention of the data sheets of cleaning and disinfecting agents notice of the accident prevention regulations operating instructions to employees with increased risk (working with hazardous liquids or hot fat) plant inspections with documentation of recognized and common sources of danger proof of first aid forces (depending on the number of persons employed) inspection of working conditions (such as are) (Sink disposable towels available) check the first aid cabinets training of employees who work with devices such as espresso machines or slicers etc. training of employees, with hazardous materials work 2) Drawing up a plan for occupational safety assess working conditions: perform inspections, recognized sources of danger organize common occupational safety and health: by Berufsgenossenschaft obtain information, obligations define occupational safety in planning for renovations, renovations include, create contingency plans, preventive controls carry out occupational safety with the purchase of products and goods observe occupational health care make sure (inspection of premises by the occupational physician, putting down the defects, holding office hours in the company) staff regulations instruct: Plan, conduct, and document summary teachings: so the contact to the Professional Association, an accurate overview of the sources of danger, the capture is important by Preventive measures and planning of occupational safety: This ultimately saves money and the House or human character by adapting the operation! Publisher: HSI hotel suppliers index Ltd. Friedrich str. 5 21614 Buxtehude phone: 04161 9697000

Islamic Islands

On every island, you will plunge into the pristine nature. Of course, banana and palm groves, gentle whisper of rustling wind and white sand under the feet will give you a sense of tranquility and happiness throughout the holiday. It should be noted that the Maldives are no poisonous snakes and wild animals. Single Male populated island is located approximately in the center Maldivian island cluster. Interestingly, this island two miles long and 1 mile wide, but it placed the capital of Maldives. In fact, the island of Male ‘is entirely built up and covered with modern buildings roads. Did you know that travelers with closely spaced islands most likely to go on an excursion to the capital and see historical monuments, Islamic center, the state museum complex? Besides the natural beauty of the Maldives (Maldives) to conquer his own very old culture and history, originated much earlier than 5 centuries before our era all the more curious that the long-term while the state managed Maldives Sultan.

The main entertainment in the Maldives is the Indian ocean. Basically, this is a paradise for scuba diving. Maldives (Maldives) are known to what’s in each complex has a diving center Prof. highest level. Are trained how to have a predetermined cross-national category certificate and those who want to improve their skills and for young people, from scratch. Curiously, in the Maldivian island skoplenini placed hundreds of tagged items and having underwater cultural heritage, the majority of those who are near the resorts, which are carried out and diving cruises. You can explore the mystery of sunken ships.

By the way, near the island’s most popular Huhule is their focus – ‘Maldive 5ictory’, which attracts fans scuba diving from around the world. By the way, however you can and do make a journey into the underwater world, just wearing flippers and a mask. As is well known that even completely off the coast waiting for you and tens of hundreds of bright colored fish and coral. In the evening you can return their forces with the SPA-procedures and various types of massage. Gorgeous night life of each of the islands will not allow Nochka miss and love young lovers aqua sports, who came in search of recreation. In search of romance go meet in the evening sunset cruise on the Indian Ocean. Everyone knows that dinner under the open sky in Maldives leave a great impression. You know, that even after a while you’ll remember kaloritnye star at the equator crossing the archipelago? As a keepsake to capture the islands T-shirt ‘No news, no shoes – Maldives’ -‘ No news, no Shoes – Maldives’. This funny slogan, and yet entirely reflect reality. Shoes on the islands – an excess of uselessness, and the news and not at all. No newspapers, no television. Is that the two radio stations, broadcasting in a strange language Dhivehi .

Motherland Museum

From Postal Square begins Sagaidachnogo street, on both sides which extend 3.2 storey houses, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. The weekend car traffic on the street is blocked, and it becomes a pedestrian – is a popular place for walks and guests of Kiev. Sagaidachnogo street displays to Kontraktova Square – the heart Hem. Its name was the area because in the 19th century, fairs were held here and were to "contracts" – transforms the current exchange transactions. In the center of Kontraktova square, dividing it into two parts, it is worth Seating yard. Across the street from him is the Kiev-Mohyla Academy, where I studied in different years such famous people as Skovoroda, Gulak-Artem, Pylyp Orlik and even Mikhail Lomonosov. Another small, but not less interesting area is the construction of the rotunda, under which stands the statue of "Samson tearing the lion's mouth '. A century ago there was a fountain, and a legend that all of the fountain water ispivshy will always live in Kiev.

Arch of Friendship of Peoples in November 1982 in Hreschatom Park (then Pioneer) in Kiev was built Friendship arch construction which lasted four years. Construction of the monument were tied to the anniversary of the formation Soviet Union, proclaimed December 30, 1922. Wait winter and did not open the memorial on the eve of the anniversary of the October Revolution. The ceremony was addressed by the head of the Communist Party of Ukraine Volodymyr Scherbitsky. This monument, dedicated to reunification of Ukraine and Russia (AP Skoblikov sculptor, architect I. Ivanov, SN Mirgorod, and K. Ford).

Arch of Friendship of Peoples consists of three elements: the arch itself as a huge rainbow, a bronze sculpture of two workers and sculptures made of granite scene Pereiaslav happy. The monument is made of metal workers, granite and bronze, and is working dvuhfigurnuyu composition – Russian and Ukrainian, who raised together with tape Order of "Friendship of Peoples." Some distance – stretched horizontally stele with multi-band, you can see the statue in the center of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and boyar Buturlin VV – the Russian ambassador. This group was created after the historical events that occurred on 8 (18) January 1654 – Pereiaslav happy. National Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 in Kiev is Memorial, located on the picturesque slopes of the right bank of the Dnieper on the outskirts of the Pechersk, a historical district. Kiev Museum of the Great Patriotic War, moved twice until it was unveiled at this place May 9 (Victory Day), 1981 Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, head of the Soviet state. June 21, 1996 the museum was given its current status of the National Museum of Ukrainian presidential decree Leonid Danilovich Kuchma. One of the largest museums in Ukraine (over 300 thousand exhibits) museum more often associated with a 62-meter monument to Motherland, who became one of the most recognizable species of Kiev. Over the years the museum it has had over 21 million visitors. Rent a car with a driver where the driver can be a guide, a great assistant, will also help – rent, rent housing

Turkey Turkish

If you have not visited a Turkish bath, you were not in Turkey! The Turkish bath is different from the Russian, although here too the steam basis. The Turkish bath typically has several pools of different temperatures and massage table. Men and women bathe in different rooms for tourists there are exceptions in some time. The interior is very luxurious Turkish bath, because even the Prophet Muhammad announced a campaign to the bath compulsory, saying: "The heat increases the fertility of the hammam and, accordingly, the number of admirers of Islam '! The main attractions include the Sultan of Istanbul Topkapi Palace, with its courtyards and famous Gate, St. Sophia (Hagia Sophia), where you will find a wonderful combination of Christian and Islamic religion, this building is one of the architectural wonders of the world.

Sultanahmet Mosque ("Blue Mosque") was built in seventeenth century and has six minarets covered with beautiful blue tiles, hence the name of the mosque. Grand Bazaar in Istanbul – is also one of the main attractions. It is best to take a stroll through the market in first half day, drink a cup of tea, watch the lively trade. Here you can buy all the gold, carpets, spices, jewelry, bags – everything is bought and sold here: but remember that there have to bargain and very easy lost. Best hostels in Istanbul in Istanbul a lot of youth hostekov, and it is very convenient.

There's a pleasant international atmosphere, young people from all countries exchange experiences and information, and you find employees who speak foreign languages. Art Apart Hostel is centrally located in the heart of Sultanahmet, you will find many bars, cafes and restaurants! Hostel itself has a spacious and clean room, and all you need for a relaxing pastime in Istanbul for only 600 rubles. Chillout Cengo located on the street Istikal (Istiklal), famous for its clubs and bars.

Best Sports Weekend

Prior to coming to rest in Demino. About this I do not know. Now, I regularly relax here. How is my acquaintance with, and what it is, for those who did not rest here. TSLS Demino – is a comfortable casual ski lodge recreation.

It is located in the Yaroslavl region, near the city of Rybinsk. (Distance – 20 km). Actually, if we measure the distance from Moscow, it is relatively close, you can get a few hours – longer collect things. Thus, enough about the distance. Ski Centre Sports and Leisure Demino (so it is full) can do much to compete with the Moscow Center of sports and recreation, and in many respects different from them. The main thing I knew, before traveling to, this is what passes here for World Cup ski races. Incidentally, on TV, constantly watching him. So, taking a companion, went out of Yaroslavl in TSLS Demino for the weekend.

Hour drive and we drove to a marked pointer in a wooden building with a bear. He by the way with a pair of skis, joy, direction. By car slid off the road and rolled down. There, because that is a recreation center Demino on the Volga river in the valley. We drove to the hotel I want to say that the pictures on the Internet did not disappoint – the rostrum, trails, restaurant, hotel and cottage complex on the site. In addition, Sport Hotel offered us rooms, as well as book Cottage. The place was small, all busy, should have been earlier booked through booking service. Okay, have room for 2 at the hotel for 2 days, farewell to five thousand. Comfortable room, but it's not the point. July in the courtyard – now they want to stretch their muscles and fat drive. Noon, we rode bikes – thank God, there, where to turn. Excellent rolling hills and mountain bikes. movies, tennis – all this we have tried. From the middle of the day to evening squeezed out of time, or rather of himself, all to the last drop. By the end of the day, terribly twisted stomach, I wanted to eat. Well in Demin, a restaurant and marina cafe Champion. Prices in the restaurant, it seems to Muscovites are satisfactory, in the same cafe – miserable. Supper and side, more on that day, we were not able to do anything. The next day, getting up in the morning to early to not waste time, they went to shoot in an interactive shooting gallery, but before breakfast. Never played like. Enough fun and modern, to shoot a steel screen with a pneumatic gun and airsoft gun. Competition in the ping-pong and movies waiting for us. Excellent! Foot-and-then already sore after yesterday. This day was the least busy, feeling tired, even though it is not clear came to relax. Lunch and to put off home. Again, work, work. Sorry to say goodbye to an active weekend, but it is necessary. I hope that my subjective very short story will interest you, and you follow my report. Just do not get carried away much.

Indicators Business

Information Retrieval System POI Radar includes elements of the industry reference catalog and social networking. Each firm will thematically appropriate place in our directory. High social value system due not only to free entry for non-commercial PRI: Monuments, parks, beaches, train stations, attractions, etc., but user feedback, which occurs as a result of writing the reviews by users sistemy.Nalichie feedback creates the necessary prerequisites for improving the entire system, since external evaluation of the quality of services and goods suppliers rating makes them dependent on economic Indicators of consumer opinion. The manufacturer, as a person interested in developing their business there are the following motives that drive him to the placement of advertising in our system: – Low cost of placing advertising, a fraction of the sentences printed – high visibility, because the system allows you to place an advertisement in one to five thousand characters and up to 30 pictures in which you can best describe as about their business history and on current benefits of the applicant in comparison with competitors – to find a companion or the scope of application of its interests outside the region and his country – opportunity to develop and improve their business, based on the needs and opinions of a specific buyer, and more. etc., in turn, for ordinary users the advantage of our system is the ability to choose the best among the variety of proposals, based on the basic principles of our system: thoroughness, the catalog contains more than a hundred different positions of human needs and interests. We provide direct, WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES, two-way communication between the supply and demand. clarity, the above is free for consumers of social publicity